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  1. I like that the version with the 3.5mm jack behind the phone instead of sticking way out the bottom is exactly 3.5mm thicker.
  2. I use a program called GlassWire to record my usage, but I don't know everything it's available for. I just have it on my PC to make sure I don't hog my family's data cap.
  3. A little bit deceptive, though probably unintentionally: the link leads to the CANADIAN PlayStation site, with the MSRP being 699 CANADIAN dollars, and that price also being the price for the full bundle with headset, camera, controlers, and a "game". The headset alone is also listed there at $549, which is the price in CANADIAN dollars that they said from the start. While Linus and plenty of other users may find Canadian currency pricing relevant, there are also plenty of people (like myself) who will remember the announced price of 400 US dollars and think Sony is ripping us off with the much higher price here, while also comparing it to the prices of the Rift and Vive in USD ($600 and $800) and thinking it's incredibly overpriced for lower quality hardware. TL;DR: please state that the price is $699 Canadian dollars, because it matters and people will assume it's US dollars otherwise.
  4. I thought of something very different when I read "parallel expansion slot". Anyway it doesn't seem bad, but this will only be better than normal ITX boards if there are cases specifically for it; otherwise using a riser with a regular board gives a ton more flexibility with layout and intercompatibility with larger cases.
  5. It seems really weird to allow uploading videos that (presumably) would be available indefinitely, after previously removing the ability to store recordings of broadcasts permanently.
  6. I don't know why people get so salty about this. There are huge arguments over it being a "scam" or a "revolution", and right now it's basically neither. Even if it's not real, it's only a scam if they start asking for money. Even if it is real, it's not a revolution until it's complete. If they start a kickstarter and still can't prove that it's superior on identical hardware then don't fund it, if they try to prove it but it turns out to be fake then it's a scam; for now it's a company that made a video and posted it for free online. Even if it's literally 100% fake and they've done nothing it's still not a scam and there's no reason to be mad about it.
  7. Add-on for one specific car. I guess there might just not be a reasonable way to add it to any car, but I'm just not going to bother buying a car to put self-driving into it rather than just buying a self-driving car.
  8. Like, I'm all for having advertisements be something other than horrible steaming piles of shit, but are they in some way having the new replacement ads still support the sites? Otherwise it's just... really scummy imo.
  9. With all the other times batteries have "doubled" in capacity without significantly increasing the capacity of batteries actually in things that can be bought, I have to assume that we'll eventually get like, 8x battery capacity all of a sudden with some company going like "Seriously, why did nobody do this before." Or it's way overblown and we'll keep getting small incremental improvements over time.
  10. I like this approach of "Give everybody all your information all the time without questioning anything. I'm sure somebody will do something with it that benefits you!" Previously it was all about providing relevant advertisement, which never happened. And now they're going to serve low-power versions of websites if... No wait, that would require extra work for no profit. They're going to use it to track you instead. Did I say "like"? I meant the other one.
  11. So... Is there really not an option to just switch to an actual opt-in payment rather than a convoluted fuck-up? Like, it seems like almost anything else would be a better option then "make it available to everyone then spy on all the houses because even though we specifically made it possible for those people to use, they aren't allowed to use it".
  12. It's something, but it's still not going to get close to the prices possible in basically-no-taxes land (a.k.a. America).
  13. I wouldn't be getting too excited until they actually announce a price. The only real reason people want this is because the Razer Core is overpriced, and if this isn't significantly cheaper then it's just an ugly alternative. Competition is great regardless, but the purpose is to encourage innovation and prevent price gouging.
  14. That source was added later, it was not part of the original topic and, in fact, wasn't there when I checked. This is not a duplicate post just because another post added the same information later.
  15. They don't have the same source, the source for this post is from the same site as one of the other post's sources, and those two sources have the same image in them, but the titles, publication dates, authors, and content are all different.