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    UEE Soldier
  • Birthday 1997-05-21

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    Defending UEE Space
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    Gaming, Computers, Game Design, Tech :D


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    4x4 Kingston DDR4 2400MHz
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    GTX 750Ti
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    Be Quiet Silent Base 800
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    250GB Samsung Evo, 3TB WD Green & Black
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    EVGA 850 Supernova
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    3x BenQ VZ2350
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 3
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    Some 11 year old Dell keyboard that's OP
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    Razer Naga
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    Logitech 5.1 Surround Speakers / Razer Tiamat
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    Win10 Pro

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  1. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

    managed to find out it was Gigabytes "Easy Tune" software causing the massive temps and random shut downs. un installed that and havent shut down once, ambient temps are about 35c and load temps about 60c
  2. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

    i guess i can try swapping my psu in to the new comp, probably going to take a break for a bit but il do that and see what happens. still really not happy with the idle temps though as its at 61c right now but my comp is idling at 28c and its right next to it
  3. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

    still no luck, shut down again.
  4. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

    No, its only freshly put together and unboxed. And you sure, 50-60c doesnt sound like a good idle sorry you might of read that as Fahrenheit?
  5. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

    yeah good point, il make sure there all in properly, and nothing has tension on it
  6. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

    So you dont think the stupidly high temps are causing it? Not like a safety feature where its reaching a temp and turning off?
  7. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

  8. matto97

    Computer Randomly Turns Off

    Be Quiet Pure Power 700W
  9. So im building a new comp for my brother CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600x Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350 Heatsink: Noctua NH-U14S Now when playing games after about 5 mins the computer just shuts off. Looking at temps it idles about 50-60c and i cant figure out why. I have re applied thermal past twice, first time was with the supplied Noctua stuff, second time i re did it with the same stuff. third time i re did it i used my Be Quiet stuff. Im concerned and not sure as to why its running so hot and shutting off, i believe its turning off because of the temperature but again, im un sure. Even under full load the air coming out of the case feels cool, not warm at all.
  10. Shame it doesn't work for the 960
  11. Nope its to fast now.......
  12. ? Isnt Samsung Magician all you need? hmmm ok...
  13. My old 850 Evo Sata My new 960 Evo NVMe WTF is wrong...... -Edit Also why is the Sata SSD so fast
  14. matto97

    Intel RST cant set up cache drive

    WOH what is that, reading in to it atm..... seems a bit to technical and indepth D:
  15. matto97

    Intel RST cant set up cache drive

    Because my new SSD is a 960 Evo M.2 250GB and my old SSD is a 850 Evo 250GB i was going to set up a cache drive of 60GB for the HDD and use the remaining space for 2 of my most played games. Besides Star CItizen, thats on the C: drive.