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    born (1985) -> school -> army (Lt, Infantry) -> work (logistics, web dev) -> electrical engineering
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    2 × Intel Xeon X5680 (6C/12T per CPU), 3.33 GHz
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    EVGA SR-2
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    24 GB Corsair Dominators 1866 MHz
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    GTX Titan & GTX 780
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    Caselabs SMH10
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    40-ish TB server w/ ZFS
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    Enermax Platimax 1200 W
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    Dell 24" 1920x1200
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    2 × XSPC Raystorm Copper, MIPS block for EVGA SR-2, 2 × Aquacomputer Titan, 2 × HWLabs SR-1 560 mm, 2 × Alphacool Dominator RAM blocks, 2 × D5, 1 × Alphacool XT45 480 mm, Aquacomputer Aqualis
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    QPAD MK85 w/ Cherry Blues
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    Wacom Intuos
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    Arch Linux

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  1. LTT Storage Rankings

    Just a general heads-up: I was abroad doing a crapload of overtime during spring, which meant basically no private live in the past few months. The good news is that I get to take lots of time off during the second half of the year, so I was planning to get around to this in the coming weeks. Nice to discover somebody has decided to help out! Many thanks to @timdine (and, uhm, apologies for the messy code ).
  2. Is Tesla the "Apple " of cars?

    Oh lala, people. We already have GPU and CPU wars, let's not add this one to the list, shall we? I've done some slight cleanup in the thread. Nothing personal, please keep it friendly. Thanks.
  3. That does sound pretty freaking funky. I must admit I can't really help much with Windows -- I'm a Linux guy, mostly. It does seem a bit weird that these issues started right when the electrician did his thing, but it could always be coincidence, of course (or just something really weird).
  4. AMD or Nvidia

    While we realize that this is to many people one of the great existential questions of life, given that we have had many, many, many flamewars due to it, I'm going to go ahead and lock the thread before things get out of hand (again). Thanks for understanding.
  5. If you're still having issues, I would indeed suspect that something is physically broken. Reflashing with the same version sounds like the right idea, though you could always try another version just to see what happens. I would try to make sure that it really is the card and not the drives or anything else in the PC before you go and buy a new one, but I realize that if you don't have another machine available to test things, this will be rather difficult.
  6. Power losses are tricky beasts. Usually nothing terrible happens, but it could be that some piece of hardware actually got damaged. Reflashing doesn't sound like the stupidest idea though; could be that something in the card's bios or firmware got corrupted but the hardware itself is fine. I'd also try to make sure that the HDDs themselves are still okay (I would presume that they are, but one never knows). And maybe try out some other storage device on the LSI card; something which hasn't had contact with it yet. If you do, make sure (if you can) that you've tested the HDDs first and that the LSI card doesn't kill stuff which is connected to it (unlikely, but I have actually had that happen with a SATA controller which was defective back in the day -- fried three HDDs of mine). Running the card in another computer could also be useful, if you can find one into which you can put it. A diagnostics utility could also be of potential use. See if lsiutil gives you anything useful. Zip archive download with versions for major operating systems here: https://www.broadcom.com/site-search?q=lsiutil It even has an efi version if you can't get into your OS; never tried that though, only the Linux version. Make sure to be careful; you can do pretty much anything with it, including breaking stuff. Here's some guidance on the tool: https://www.thomas-krenn.com/de/wikiDE/images/4/44/Lsi_userguide_2006_20130528.pdf
  7. LTT Storage Rankings

    Ah yes, that bitter cost of sweet, sweet redundancy. Been there, I empathize. I'll update the rankings as soon as I've worked out the kinks in the script.
  8. WD80EFAX-68LHPN0 - WD Red?

    Terribly sorry, but I've been a bit out of the loop and haven't had time to keep up with hardware, so any answer I'd give you here would be mostly guesswork.
  9. LTT Storage Rankings

    I see you've uploaded them to LTT now. I'd actually forgotten that you could do that (just goes to show how long I've been absent ). Yeah, Caselabs almost certainly have something which can accommodate 26 drives. Ain't going to be cheap though. You could also look for something with lots of 5.25" bays, and then fill those with hotswap cages. Given that some of your drives are 2.5", something like the Xigmatek Elysium could accomodate your HDD combo: - one 8 × 2.5" -> 2 × 5.25" bay adapter - one 4 × 2.5" -> 1 × 5.25" bay adapter - three 5 × 3.5" -> 3 × 5.25" bay adapters This would give you 12 2.5" slots and 15 3.5" slots, but it would be neither pretty, nor quiet, nor cheap. So I'd probably still recommend Caselabs. Or a custom mod, obviously, but that's going to be quite a bit of work if you want it done cleanly (it would fit into my server's case for example, and that's not even a huge tower). All working for me now.
  10. LTT Storage Rankings

    How many do you have at the moment? *whispers* Also, the images in your post are broken...
  11. Cloning vs Copying Files

    If the files are mostly large, the difference in speed should not be too high, so it probably does not matter too much here. As an aside though: For many small files, this can make a significant difference. Copying carries more overhead, since the copy routine has to open a filehandle for each source file, a filehandle for its target, send the contents from the source to the target, and then close both filehandles again (and maybe do some other magic too, like checking for file path uniqueness on the target side, depending on what you're using to copy them). The smaller the files become, the larger the overhead relative to the overall volume of data. If you clone the drive, it can just slurp up all its contents and spew them onto the new drive without having to do any of that extra work (unless the cloning software does something extra, but the utilities I tend to use don't). Downside is that you have to trust your cloning utility as opposed to the OS copy routine (assuming you're going to use that).
  12. LTT Storage Rankings

    So... the reason I've not really been around much in the past year was because I was doing the final year of my degree and didn't really have any spare time. But the good news is: I'm finally an officially certified electrical engineer (albeit an unemployed one at the moment)! I will be updating the list in the near future (no, seriously! :D), but it turns out that there have been some updates to the Python libraries I'm using and the plot output is kinda broken (very nice of them, isn't it?), so I need to debug that first before I can update the rankings. Yay!
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