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  • Birthday October 23

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    God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Commercial Real Estate, Building Condos, Helping cure Covid19, Distributed Computing,
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    79 year-young Vietnam Vet, B52s, Electronic Warfare Officer, IBM Large Systems in Houston 5-years, Married 36 years, 6 Children, 8 Grandchildren.
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    Commercial Realtor, Condo Developer, Houston Texas


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    Windows 10
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    Dell Latitude E5550

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  1. Is there a FAQ on how to check your Badge accumulation?

    I should have at least a Contributor Badge!

    Thank you guys for letting us little guys contribute.


    1. Spotty


      You can check your stats in the Web Control in Folding@home. If you click on user stats it will take you to your stats page.
      You can also check on extremeoverclocking.com. Your stats page is here. https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=1040987


      There's a list of the requirements for each badge here and also where you can request a new badge:



      You have met the requirements for the contributor badge and I've added it to your profile 🥳

      It'll also show up next to your username & profile picture when posting on the forums (desktop). If you click the award it will take you to your extremeoverclocking stats page.


  2. Glad to be a part of this Team!

  3. Looking forward to being part of the Team that helps cure the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic!


    Bob Lewis

    Vietnam Vet

    B52s 1968

    Kadena AFB Okinawa





  4. I'm a 79 year-young Vietnam Vet (B52 Electronic Warfare Officer) and my Oldest Son, a Texas A&M Grad in Computer Science, just Emailed me about this Gr8 joint-effort to cure the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic!


    I about to start reading the Forums to find out out to start helping but would appreciate any advice that might enable me to jump into hyperspeed!




    Bob Lewis

    Vietnam Vet

    B52s 1968


    1. Gegger



      Here's the event thread:

      The majority of the resources you might want are on the first post and the myriad of recommended messages