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  1. i payed like $185 for a rx 480 8gb Sapphira a moth a go off of ebay. so its ok price. look at your local buy and sell can find a cheaper deal thow.
  2. well i guess lets price out a copper loop first to see if you even save much. (i guess the more rads to the loop the more saving) so i got a 360 copper rad for $35 + shipping say $40-$45, cheapest d5 pump i could find was $40+ say $5-10 shipping, cpu block probly get 1 for $15 or an rgb 1 for $30-$35, and hybrid gpu block is around $15-$20, fittings are $1-2 each, res well you dont need it but say $10-$15. so say around $125 to $150 for a copper loop with 1 360 rad. only cpu i could find is the cheap one around $5 (they do make ones with fins in them but they cost a bit more) , $28 for a 360 rad, and dont no about the gpu block i guess just use a cpu block as well so $5 there, if you got the rad with fittings on it and the cpu block have fittings on it save money. as for the pump i personly only like d5 but maybe there a way to set it up if a cheap pump fails it will shout down the pc or something so i guess as long as its plastic it should be fine. i no the d5 some metal in it and uses an magnet prop. still if you can find cheap aio and hack em up to make a full loop that's probably the better way to go.
  3. so i got 2 orders form frezemod and formulmod. but im not good with math and i want to add the shipping and import charge to each item but don't how to divide it. sorry for being a noob haha thx hope this is the right form to post in.... Freezemod order: 1x $28 D5 transparent pump cover ( 2 free FREEZEMOD end plug valu at $0.61 each ) 11x $1.90 each $20.90 10*16 pvc hose fitting 1x $20 FREEZEMOD CPU block intel (2 free 10*16 pvc hose fittings valu at $1.90 each) 1x $19 FREEZEMOD GPU block ( 2 free FREEZEMOD end plug valu at $0.61 each ) 10x $1.52 each $15.20 FREEZEMOD Brass 90 degree Rotary Fitting 10x $0.61 each $6.10 FREEZEMOD end plug 3x $2.50 each $7.50 FREEZEMOD pvc tube 10*16 3/8 Transparent 9 feet $64.06 DHL shipping $26.57USD DHL Import charge Formulamod: 1x $27.10 Barrow LTYK3A-04-V2, For RyzenAMD/AM4/AM3 CPU Water Blocks 1x $25 FormulaMod 360 Copper Black Single Row Radiators, 29mm Thickness 1x $20 FormulaMod 240 Copper Black Single Row Radiators, 29mm Thickness 2x $8.24 each $16.48 Barrow 5v 3pin LED Reservoir Lighting Strips 255mm 1x $4.20 FormulaMod Sata Powered 5v 3pin RGB Hub 3x $2.00 each $6 FormulaMod 5v 3pin Split Cable 1 To 3 5x $1.30 each $6.50 Bykski 5v 3Pin RGB Header to 5v 3pin 1x $2.65 Bykski RBW 1 To 8 5V hub $37.19 DHL Shipping $16.18 DHL Import charge
  4. up right health Guerrillazenfitness he stopped posting on youtube but now on fb. ya you got the right idea. just bad posture. working on releasing the neck will help and straining your back will also help keep your shoulders a line. also your pilow could be doing something also.
  5. ive bean fallowing lootboxes for some time now and its kinda the reason i don't game much anymore. i never can tell if a company is good any more... now it looks like games come out with no boxes but a year later there in there.... and i don't get hyped about trailers anymore ether as there 99.9% render or played on a super computer.... even diablo 4 im going to be skeptical about. just makes me sic. on the other hand there's big opportunity for Indy games like gow that nailed it. so there that. the phone killed gaming....
  6. oh i forgot about ek gpu block...hmmm. ya your right i guess using car coolant dose degrade the parts that's why every so often you have to replace the hoses. good point. my question is then why is there SO many aluminum rads? there designed around the pc because the use g1/4 and stander fan spacing but if you cant use em why so many? i no aio wil keep w/e coolent they use a secret but is there any good antifreeze that works for pc?
  7. so i got some cheap rads from FormulaMod cost $25 usd for a 360 rad. the question is was it a good idea or a bad one. any one have problems with cheap stuff vs the expensive stuff or most people just gues that its cheap so it must cause problems. i have payed $120 for a thin alphcool 360 rad and there painting job is not the best. i also got the really expensive Aquacomputer airplex 360 rads and found them made cheaply as well. not having protection stoping the scews from going in to the rad, the threads were the fans screw in to can spin, the side aluminum cover is cheaply attached to name a few and i payed like $350 each.... so my question whats your thoughts on the topic what cheap parts have you got and have any problems with them or problems with expensive stuff. also a bonus topic is its head to see aluminum rads soooooooo cheap and was wondering if there a way to use em. i no aio all use em but why not in a custom loop. i no the only aluminum d5 pump and fittings (that i cold find ) are form ek but weird how there nothing els. i guess you could use plastic fittings if you can find them still (seems like they just gone one day?) i no cars use mixed metals and then work just fine why cant we use car coolant in a pc?
  8. looks good . oh i guess you connected the dark flash to the deepcool dint think of it that way haha. by bad. as for the psu it might just be a red led fan but i dont no im guessing. only way i can think of it opening it up and putting your own fan in to but that voids the warranty.
  9. well my imo an internal usb rgb controller is way better then the build in rgb software that comes with some mb. i have corsair but othere are thermaltake, nzxt, aquacomputer, (ied stay away from coolermaster there stuff is garbage) if you have infant amount of money then ied say corsair or thermaltake or aquacomputer. i would pic parts that are addressable rgb 5v argb (means each led can have a different color in sted of the stranded rgb were all the leds are the same color) dint say anything about water cooling so i don't no. ek has good quality stuff so dose aqua computer for the most part.
  10. i heard that that was a think with corsair the ram stays on when pc off. same with some mb. im my pc when ill ever get it done ill have all rgb hooked to its own psu so i just turn the 1 pus off an all the light go with it. rgb is kinda a mess right now there half assed and hard to get it to work or wont work at all. but i guess is "free" mb software for controlling rgb stuff so they don't really care i guess.
  11. you have 2 4pin 12v rgb header on the bottom of the mb. the deep cool fans are 5v argb with a jst-sm connector. so you need need a convertor to got form 5vargb fan to 12v rgb header. https://www.amazon.ca/DEEPCOOL-Convertor-Transfer-Motherboard-Products/dp/B07QPYSC82/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3ESKIRWC3HT6Y&keywords=deepcool+rgb+convertor&qid=1567217329&s=electronics&sprefix=deepcool+rgb%2Celectronics%2C239&sr=1-1
  12. will not work with the dark flash controller. number 3 in red is were you connect your 5v Argb device. number 1 in red is were you connect your 12v rgb device. at the top is were you connect your 5v argb device with the 3 pin connector with a lock on it (called the jst-sm connector) rgb strips, deep cool, phantech, i think silverstone, lianli, ezdiy-fab, all use that connector) the cable that has the sata off of it gos to sata form psu and the other part to your 4 pin 12v rgb connector on the mb.
  13. only think that works is this. https://www.amazon.ca/DEEPCOOL-Convertor-Transfer-Motherboard-Products/dp/B07QPYSC82/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2S44BWHS06AUQ&keywords=deepcool+rgb+convertor&qid=1567102241&s=gateway&sprefix=deepcool+rgb%2Caps%2C221&sr=8-1
  14. funny i seen this before dont no if its really doable but funny. takes a case that has native support for 6 480 rads and 1 360 rad and steps it up a notch because he can... and that's with out buying extra mounts for more rads space....i have this case. go to 10.39 in the video. caselabs magnum th10 build the only rad i no if that build to be stacked is the aquacomputer airplex rads.
  15. hmm i was looking up argb connectors on google and found this programmable rgb controller. so i guess its like an Arduino with a rgb controller i guess. gelid argb controller
  16. ya that's what ied do too or at lest some fans on the bottom. and ied put another on the top.
  17. so i look at the diagram on what port is what and how to hook it up. looks like the 12v is pulled form the mb header witch makes sense. so the 12v max amps will be w/e your mb allows. as for the 5v is pulled from the sata. i don't no if its pulled form the psu or if there's a max amps for that port. a question to ask deep cool.
  18. asuming our talking alike usb devices? if so should work on any pc. if your taking rgb fans strips and stuff yes the mb will need a connector for it. but there are controllers that hook up by internal usb if your don't have a port on your mb.
  19. there's only one way to convert argb to rgb. https://www.amazon.ca/DEEPCOOL-Convertor-Transfer-Motherboard-Products/dp/B07QPYSC82/ref=sr_1_4?crid=36SEI7U2ZPSX8&keywords=deepcool+rgb+convertor&qid=1566969208&s=electronics&sprefix=deepcool+convert%2Celectronics%2C224&sr=1-4
  20. ya a res is more or less for looks. i did notice at the top only holds 1 fan. i would mod it for 2 but that imo. how does it get air in? is there fans at the bottom? i have looked in to this case befor but forgot how it works. i decided on the thermaltake cor 200 wpp and has 4 loops.... with 4 res and 4 rads and 4 block so 4 complete loops. i only will be filling 3 of the loops but we will see about the 4th. i could get my water cooled mb back from my dad to hook 1 loop to the mb for over kill cooling haha bet no one done that. a loop for just there mb blocks sothbridge and vrm....and thats a d5 too... anyway haha
  21. ya i no what you mean i just think with some planing and testing you wont need 4 res 4 rads. (well don't need a res at all but that's beside the point) 2 res or even 1 res with some planing is fine. could do even 1 rad but i think you could be pushing it thow haha. so how i see it is the res feeds the pumps dosent mater how many pumps its just takes for the res. then form the pump to y just before the block. after the block it can go to a rad then back to the res. (with some testing it might work) the normal way 2 pumps is done is 1 pump feeds in to the other pump but if the front pump failed then it blocks the pump feeding it. now if the pump feeding the second pump dies then there first pump just continues as normal. at least thats the way i see it. i think there are a dual pump top that adds 1 res for both pumps and 2 outputs. or there a dual pump top that has 1 res that feeds both pumps but only has 1 output. i belave that's how the two work. one gives more flow rate the other can speed up flow if there are restrictions.
  22. funny a guy on here is looking for a 6 fan rgb hub and they seem to be out of stock and there normal sold at $10 + tax shipping. and the node is differently worth $40 to $50 easy. but if you don't care about saving money then w/e sory for trying. ya i posted that link to show what 9 corsair fans look like in that case and i removed it and found a another link were the guy has 9 ll120 fans but i guess the link dint show up for w/e reason. maybe i for got to save it haha. i also added that there's a dac that can go from corsair 5v argb to 12v rgb but its costly. corsair to 12v dac 9 ll120 in lianli 011 oh and the commander pro and lighting node pro can have 2 6fan hubs plugged in as they have 2 light channels on it. technically there a way to save even more space and need less node pros or commander pros but that will probably just confuse you. unless your want to use rgb strips. in that case the strips don't plug in the the 6fan hub but plug's in to one of the channels on the commander or node. keep in mind is pulls power from the commander and node were as the 6fan hub has a sata power on it so it dose not pull power form the node or commander. if that makes scene.
  23. i think what he means is the water is going out of 1 pump and in to the in lite of the second pump the pump head not spinning will cause a block anyway. you might be able to squeezes water passed it but i don't no. if you wanted a redundant setup then you would have to probably split the water with a y so its 2 loops that comes together in to the cpu block or gpu block and then splits to a y to go to ether or rad. or something along thows lines. there was a cpu block that had 2 in ports and 2 out ports. basically you would need it so if one got blocked the other can still flow. i mean there are controllers and programs the can be set up to were it you pump stop it shouts down your pc.hitting a thermal limit dose this already.
  24. once you go ssd you dont go back. i wish i could get read of my two 2tb hhd but i need it and dont want to spend $300 for a ssd or nvme but one day. how many bays dose it have i don't remember? i guess if you making a a water cooling loop then you could do water cooled ssd in the bay.
  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KU6vIDpNaxw