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  1. that will only increase the cable from the mb to the controller. something like this
  2. no just wont look super clean. that's the risk you take buying a pre set length strips. i mean id you no how to solder you can extend the cables. you can buy solder less connectors as well i guess. if you buy rolls of 16 meteor strips then you still would need to cut and solder on connectors anyway.
  3. ya looks like it its the far right cable, but it looks like the strips hook to the controller then the controller to the mb. so you have 1 exstion cable. i cant see doing it and hiding the controller. 1 strip and controller probably bottom and then extension to the strip to the top
  4. i think phantec uses jst-sm connectors on there strips and adapts them to 2+1 mb headers. i dont no if it come with an extension in between the 2 strips.
  5. its probably 1 cable from the fan that has both argb and fan power going to the controller it came with. unless you get a pin out of thows fans cut and solder on a 3/4pin mb header then you probably cant. there are 5/6pin adapters for argb but i never seen then for fan power.
  6. the problem with these kits is they normally dont come with long enough extensions to be able to put them w/e.
  7. linus did a video on m.2 cooling. as for ssd if its on the outside on the case its probably find. w/e team group did to there ssd was bad and ya that many leds is nuts.
  8. there are lots of rgb argb m.2 heatsinks...
  9. if the case controller is indeed argb and its 2 wires its probably data and ground and gets its power from the psu from sata or molex. the 2+1 connector is (1 pin missing ) is argb 4pins is rgb. 5v device to 12v mb header
  10. these are adapters if you have a 4 pin 12v rgb motherboard header and you have a 3 pin 5v argb device. the convertor will make the argb act like rgb. and its never guarantee to work. i recommend buy rgb device, or usb controller or manual controller. Convertors: EZDIY-FAB RGB Convertor 12V RGB mb to 5V ARGB device gamer storm Deepcool Convertor 12V RGB mb to 5V ARGB device
  11. why do you commit if you dont no what your talking about?
  12. you can screw and standoff in the bottom hole but not attach it to the case.
  13. so your case is the Zalman Z1. well it dose look like some kind of mesh on the front. but mesh can also be restricted same gos for a dust filter. lets just say if you removed the dust filter and front panel you will probably get the same temps as taking off the side panel. yes better fans can help but no way to no. so we no best air flow is an open case with a fan blow across your cpu and gpu for temps but most people dont want an open case. others stated that 200mm fans in front well they can push alot of air they also can be cheap, non adjustable, dont have stander m
  14. if you keep watch you can find them cheaper with open box on amazon. also look on (ebay newegg) has sales on there too (these cases are based on having an mesh front for max air flow) Antec GX202 2whight led fans Cougar MX330-X no window slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Cougar MX330 acrlic window slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Cougar MX330-G temperd glass slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Fractal Design Focus G 2whight led fans black,whight,blue, red RAIJINTEK PONOS MS Cougar MX331 MESH-G 1rgb fan slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler high
  15. TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta there fist few gens cough fire dont no about there last gen but at this point i won't trust em
  16. i feel i keep saying the same thing over and over so my last post. gl with w/e you decide.
  17. thows ssd also catch fire
  18. temps will be fine... its a water cooling case... besides your temps are fine too so.... since you dont game there no point.
  19. oh your running a 8700k on that cooler omg...ya you need a cooler badly. i would say case and cooler are need but i dont think you need an massive case.
  20. ya temps can go to like 80c and be fine i think most have a cap at 90-95c then it starts to down clock it self. if its a pwm fan and hooked to the cpu header then it should ramp up when you game and low when not gaming that is normal. you may even be able to replace the fan if you wanted too. but it sounds like you need a bigger case witch is fare. but that big of a case i dont no. but at the end of the day it up to you and you only. so that case that YouTube revered they never paid for it and they only did it for a promotion. they all dont use the case even j. and the
  21. oh its an older case. i mean its up to you man you do what you want. like i said you can get good small coolers bigger is not better. beside we dont no what your temp is to even indicate if your having temp problems. also dont no what your cooler is. i own the Noctua NH-D15 and i run it with the low rpm connector that runs them at 800 rpm at idle i cant here it but that is a big cooler and wont fit in some case. the Noctua NH-U12A is small and probably cools ever better.