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  1. funny i no a guy that has both... ya there are nuts in price. i got mine for a steel $60 but is was as is. sadly i sold it...for $100 with water blocks and mb cpu ram and cpu water block....oh welll
  2. hmm i dont get it there is a pci voodoo 5500... i no i heard there agp needs 3.33v agp slot.
  3. i dont think you can under volt with an non k like i said but i dont really no. pluse they keep there value when you sell it. but that is up to you to decided. Antec GX202 2whight led fans Cougar MX330-X no window slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Cougar MX330 acrlic window slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Cougar MX330-G temperd glass slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Fractal Design Focus G 2whight led fans black,whight,blue, red RAIJINTEK PONOS MS (1fan,Side mout) Cougar MX331 MESH-G 1rgb fan slim 120mm fans only low cpu cooler hight Rosewill
  4. oh my bad https://masterplus.coolermaster.com/
  5. the non k is not overclock able. meaning you cant get "free" performance all amd cpus are unlocked thow
  6. corsair fans needs its oen controllers and your need another controller for your other fans
  7. you need a corsair argb controller. and there icue software.
  8. there's a link on the page to download its software.
  9. well in this case looks like there no bending of anything just state cuts... so anything will work.
  10. ya so you have to get the stander 2+1 pin connector and solder it on.
  11. https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/argb-led-controller/
  12. you are right. tt fans have to use there controller or make our own cable
  13. question is if you fit 3x120mm fans vs the 2x 200mm fans the 3 would out preform
  14. not all 140mm fans are quieter then 120mm fan just depends on fan and at what rpm.
  15. ya but it reused the gpu performance doing that. as the air has to go at an 90 degree in to the gpu. i got the JONSBO UMX4 case open box on amazon for $117 dose seem good quality but that case looks a bit too low air flow imo. i got the case thinking i was going to put a vertical gpu mount in it but i found out that it lowers the performance so i dont no ill probably just water cool it. but i got many other case.....and not enough builds...
  16. can you look on the strip to see any wire labels?
  17. you can reduce the performance of the gpu by a vertical mount and hope you can find a cpu cooler that can go from bottom to top.