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  1. there are alot of fan boys on here. i love my Noctua d15 but its big and wont fit in some case. there probably an cheaper cooler and profroams just as well. i no some aios for the pcie can do better thow
  2. case sucks nuts btw electrical tap will have dust stick too it...i use to do it as a poor mans mods for ketchup and mustered cables back in the day. also it will unravle it self over time so i used zips to keep it there.
  3. the only reasons to have a bigger case is to install aios or rads. thow good air flow is really imported. having a small case and putting an atx mb in it might not have problems with air flow the closer the fan is to the pcb with in reason say an inch. how ever there are other problems like building in the lianli 011 the bottom fans would block the mb connectors on the bottom. now there is an 011 mini but i dont no how much smaller it is thow. the problem with block the mb connectors was fix with an bigger case the 011 xl. there are really g
  4. imo case that dont have bottom mount fans to get gpu air is importented. the front of the psu box is closed so the bottom front fan dose nothing at cooling the gpu. the middle front fan some might make it to the gpu and some sucked in to the cpu fan and the top manly for the cpu. so gpus intake from the bottom and out the sides. some air will get pushed at the mb, some at the side windows and some will make its way up well some will get pulled down back in to the gpu. you can try putting a fan on the pci slots. not only that the front is glass and not vary g
  5. i found it fast too. i could daily drive it for everything and the games i play. but even if you dont play games. i think they come with the 800wat psu.
  6. mostly techno like 600gbs of it.... like almost anything that sounds good. a lot of synth wave past few years. today listings to SHIKIMO also like rock as well like ossy acdc metelica i have a lot of chip tune because i use to listen to nectarine radio hated it as it use too cut out alot...but i herd this one song and i wanted it so...i downloaded all the music in the end i asked for the name and found it. found out that winamp can convert mp3 in to wave witch works with rpg maker 2000. i still use an mp3 player too some
  7. case has 2 120mm fans in the front and 2x 80mm fans out back thats it and like an inch gap between the fan and the heat sink were you can put a 80mm fan on it. there are also 2 different heat sinks one of them bad the other a tower cooler. the second cpu looks to have a blower fan that takes the heated air from the first cpu and "cools" the second cpu.... the second cpu looks to have a blower fan for the ram and get it air from the fist cpu.
  8. well i think there only 2 programs that i no of. the x5670 and x5680 are unlocked and only work with the programs to overclock it. having an name brand mb you can oc the locked cpus like x5650 to 4.0 ish just depends on how cheap you get it. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29183/Intel-Extreme-Tuning-Utility-Intel-XTU- https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-throttlestop/ ya cheap mods is add fans, cut grills, cut holes to add more fans,
  9. thats an btx so still doable to mount in an different case it would be a pain, cost more then it probably worth, look janky. they do have 2x 120mm fans in front witch you could replace i guess, space to add a 80mm fan to the cpu heat sink, and an 80mm fan out back. mods you could improve the flow buy cutting grills out or fitting bigger fans in. as for the second cpu i dont no what space that has as its an add in card. still cost like $200 on ebay to buy.... i have a dell t5500 but no second cpu. i when to 3.8 on my x5670/x5680 with an oc program thread
  10. no you have 2 controllers so you can only have 2 different fans want 3 different fans you need another controller
  11. well we found out that different sp fans would not work on the same hub so im going to guess no. i dont think you can buy the aio fans speritly.
  12. if you got 2 controllers then you can do 2 different fans but they cant be mixed on one controller or hub. so if you want a 3 fan you need another controller. each controller can do 6 fans. each hub and do 6 fans. the pro can do 12 fans with 2 hubs. the core cant hook the hub to it so max 6 fans.
  13. core? the lnc connects to the mb by usb. the fans lightning connects to the lnc the lighting node pro and commander pro have a hub that connects to the node or commander pro and the fans connect to the hub.
  14. you still need to pay at the post office for a tracking number and that cost $20 can for the cheapest smallest package. bigger will cost even more. i might get my money back for the item but i wont get the shipping back. some times the item is cheaper then the $20 shipping...
  15. between the cpu block and ihs? or between the diy and ihs ? between the diy and ihs is the right way to do it the other way will get good temps but over like 6 moths will decrees and pit the copper plate.
  16. the fans the come with the case are 3pin most cases do this to cut cost.
  17. each time the air bends it losses performance. only time you want it to bend in on a fin.