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  1. forgot about monitors and chairs
  2. i think rgb is just advertised more then non so it makes you think that there non good stuff with out. (you can still buy gentle typhoons)
  3. https://antec.com/product/case/nx210.php so some controllers that have a Manuel button for speed,mode,brightness may also alow you to use your reset switch to pick one of thows modes from out side your case and well this case adds another switch so you can now do 2 modes out side the case. only controller that comes to mind is corsair.
  4. ya i hear ya i do too like to keep my fan stock even if i water cool. but worst case sanareo i just add 2 rgb 120mm fans and make its even better.
  5. ok smart ass i dint say i wouldn't work just said THAT connector dose not fit any mb rgb header! jst-sm in not a thing with pc mbs. the strips that uses it are for using it ouside or around the room.
  6. keep in mind that a 2070 still is valuable so even if there is a "broken" on listed on ebay it still might me a hi prices as other's might try a bios flash or heating it in the oven to try and get it back working and there are electronic guys that have the tools to do soldering or trace fixing so they might me interested in too so the odes that there something mager that is unfixlabe its lower. but you never no. not to get your hopes up but it might just take time....
  7. oh i thought you were talking about the back plate...best place to find dead gpus is ebay but it still will be probly $100 to buy. gl
  8. you should look at my build and corsair guide is in the sig ya just need to find the pin out and then hook it up and see if it works. were it gets more confusing is the argb stuff as it runs off a pwm signal and some chips like a frequency wave and other like a different wave were some can meet in the middle and still work witch each other. but manufacturers would tell you what there produces pwm wave is so.....
  9. iv looked hi and low for anything rgb so ya mostly stayed away for the generic fan pack thow so don't no much about them. in my build i when corsair eco system and trying to hook lianli, barrow, bykski, to corsair....or thats the plan.....we will see.
  10. lamptron,, aquacomputer, thermaltake, corsair with a convertor,
  11. ok so i read the your other post and seems like you no some stuff about rgb. like i said there no program that dose it all. only thing you can do is buy stuff that is comparable with the mb software if you want it to all sink up. imo mb software is shit. i gave you what connectors you need to look for. and yes generic fans normally don't have 3 or 4 pin fan connectors like the name brands. the enermax fans will work just fine as it says it work with sync
  12. i guess people need to no what your budget is then recommend with in that. also how much you want strips fans other stuff what is all you want. that ennermax controller will have proprietary connectors on them so you will be limited to just that. if you wanted a strip too and cant fit that controller then you will need a spliter. (keep in mind you do have a limit on how many smds 1 head can handle) ya 12v rgb is the same on anything. as long as you have the right connector to attach to the mb header your good. ya ennermax are considers generic fans so you get what you pay for. might work and look good or might crap out in a week. ok i should add that there could be different smd that uses different amount of power so say you got 2 strips and one uses more power then the other they you could get 1 dimmer and 1 brighter. as some point if you have a really long or alot of smd you will run out of power so you will need a repeater but i don't think this is any ones case unless you go mad with rgb like me or do your room/ desk.
  13. you need a 4pin 12v connector for rgb and a 2+1 pin 5v argb connector for argb
  14. i don't think any mb has that connector so you will have to cut it off and use a standard connector or get an adapter. or you can get a cheap controller for it. the connector on your strip is a jst-sm 3 pin 5v argb
  15. anything rgb coolermsater is broken so just get your money back
  16. i own this and it was dead on arrival. also many other people have the same thing so.....i highly don't recommend buying this or any thing coolermaster rgb anything..... if it did work its cool that it has both argb and rgb in one that the reason i got it. had to pay $120 for the aio to get it. ya if you cant find a mb you want then sell it and buy something different or look at another option for usb controller.
  17. rgb is 12v 4 wires and argb is 5v 3 wires. rgb all the leds are the same color and argb each led can be a different color. rgb easier to sync up other brands but harder to add a lot off one header argb harder to sync up with other brands but easier to make long runs of leds.
  18. are you looking at argb or rgb? i no corsair can have other mods to use other stuff with it. i think nzxt it little more complicated to mod. as for soft ware i don't no witch one is better. i don't think nzxt has Peripherals well corsair dose. other option is aquacomputer that can uses both nzxt and corsair fans atleast.
  19. there no program that can do it all. you have to charry pick parts that can. rgb would be easier to get to all sync up. gl
  20. so i think i get what your asking that your mb header and anything attached to it all get the same mode. if you have 2 mb headers you might be able to set 1 to 1 mode and another to another 1. if you want more than that then you have to use a usb controller. like nzxt,thermaltake,corsair,coolermaster,aquacomputer,Lamptron, maybe ek down the road. i think asus has a controller now too. your other option is to go maul but i dont no of a multi channel maul controller thow. trying to get different connectors and different company products to work with each other is another task and most of it is trial and error.
  21. ya seems they all go thru there problems.....but hopefully they will come out on top. but ke dose like to over price there stuff so......we will see
  22. well with out noing what fans you have and there for the conetor i can only guess. but yes you can get a Manuel controller to usb there are options.