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Hans Christian | Teri

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    Devil's Advocate

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    Computers, music, cars and photography.
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    Computer Science student at Aarhus University

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  1. Hans Christian | Teri

    International phone repairs

    I'm no professional, this is all I know. I fear your attempt to repair it may be futile in any case though, and for a phone this cheap, I would probably rather call it a loss and get something new, than spend money to attempt a potential repair.
  2. Hans Christian | Teri

    International phone repairs

    The LTE frequency bands in Europe are different from those in the US, but you didn't mention which country the logicboard is coming from?
  3. Hans Christian | Teri

    I just got my PS3 Slim (used). Got questions....

    1) Why wouldn't it be? 2) If the console isn't factory reset, use the "Restore PS3 System" option.
  4. Hans Christian | Teri

    Old msi mobo bios update

    Are you having problems, or why do you want to update the BIOS?
  5. Hans Christian | Teri

    Apple cinema display 23inch Led short-short-long

    Could be a bad power supply, but it could also be a broken backlight, in which case you're probably out of luck.
  6. Hans Christian | Teri

    Should I buy this monitor

    https://pcpartpicker.com/product/scM323/aoc-ag271qg-270-165hz-monitor-ag271qg seems like your best option as the only 27" G-SYNC IPS monitor with no reports of vertical line problems
  7. Hans Christian | Teri

    Your opinion on RGB

    I really hope the rainbow days are over soon.
  8. Hans Christian | Teri

    How to hook up 12 drives w/ no mobo?

    You will always need to use some sort of motherboard to control anything, that's the entire point. They may not be to ATX specification, but you will always need one.
  9. Hans Christian | Teri

    Will my ethernet card make Crossfire run in 4x PCIe lane mode?

    Interesting, never thought of the GPU as the limiting factor in that regard. You learn every day.
  10. Hans Christian | Teri

    Will my ethernet card make Crossfire run in 4x PCIe lane mode?

    Why in the world would you think that?
  11. Hans Christian | Teri

    Do little dust destroy/wear off case fan?

    Sounds like they're just shitty fans to me.
  12. Hans Christian | Teri

    Ryzen "hyperthreading"

    Aha, as I understood it there was some trouble with scheduling on Windows 8 and 10, guess this may have been misinformation.
  13. Hans Christian | Teri

    Ryzen "hyperthreading"

    When something was developed is hardly relevant to anything. Now that's a little more detailed. The scheduling issues are going to be a tough problem to overcome, not something you fix from one day to the next.
  14. Hans Christian | Teri

    Ryzen "hyperthreading"

    How is it better than hyperthreading?
  15. Hans Christian | Teri

    MSI GT83VR Titan SLI Review

    Good luck with that, for a UPS that's capable of running a gaming system for more than an hour, an ITX system, screen, cables, peripherals etc you're not going to be very portable.