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  • Birthday Jun 06, 2006

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    PC hardware and gaming
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  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 3200g
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte b550 gaming x v2
  • RAM
    2 x 8gb 3200mhz corsair lpx
  • GPU
    Gtx 690 FE most beautiful card ever
  • Case
    Coolermaster h500
  • Storage
    2 x 1tb seagate barracude 7200rpm hdd + 500gb corsair mp600
  • PSU
    Some kind of 750w 80+ gold
  • Display(s)
    1080p samsung syncmaster
  • Cooling
    Be quiet Dark rock pro 4
  • Keyboard
    Some coolermaster keyboard
  • Mouse
    logitech g502 hero se
  • Sound
    corsair hs45 surround
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 pro
  • Laptop
    Lenovo thinkpad t500
  • Phone
    iPhone 7 128gb

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  1. I’m not buying a used psu I’m not crazy I’m getting a brand new rm850
  2. And the guy used it with a rm650x
  3. I don’t have a psu yet I’m getting an rm850
  4. I think it’s a Corsair kit I got it second hand the guy used it with a Corsair psu
  5. So i got some sleeved cables because I’m getting a modular psu and this cable has 28 pins and goes to a 24 pin I’m so faking confused
  6. So as the title says is a pro tech tool kit worth it or should I get a cheaper kit
  7. So I decided to get a screen protector for my iPhone 7 because I’m done with the scratches what is a good screen protector that you don’t notice that much and is from good quality and doesn’t scratches a lot thanks in advance
  8. So I’m getting a new psu and I chose the rm850 because it’s just €6 more expensive then the rm750 should I get it or not
  9. So I I’m gonna buy a Corsair h110i capelix to put in my nzxt h210 and I was wondering if I’m able to put the fans that come with the case (I’m getting rgb fans for the back of the case) and put them in the front of the rad and the included rgb fans on the back and then but some 120mm dust filters in the front of the case because the dust filter won’t fit then the dust filters I want to get are these SilverStone SST-FF125B thanks for any help
  10. For the optimal config in my opinion I would get some 140mm air filters I think Silverstone makes them and use the fans in the front and I would also recommend getting at least another fan for in the top of the case
  11. So I’ve heard that people put like the kracken x63 or something in the nzxt h210 but I want to use a Corsair h115i capelix will that fit aswell or I’ll get a h110i but I want the extra cooling
  12. Nvidia cpu I got a early sample
  13. I know it’s a joke I’m not serous