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  1. @GabD Please update your thread to follow the Tech News & Reviews Posting Guidelines. Edit: Oh, and welcome to the community.
  2. Thread moved to PC Gaming section.
  3. You can also send PMs to myself, I'll mostly be the one handling the badges going forward.
  4. Alright I've cleaned out this thread. This topic is not for arguing about fiber, duplex, ethernet or anything else; help the OP with his problem or don't bother responding. If anyone starts arguing here again or throws more insults around, your posts will be hidden and you'll receive warning points. Keep it civil, keep it friendly and help the OP. If you can't help, don't post.
  5. @DeaD sh0T I have split your post into its own topic. The Community Standards thread is for discussing the forum's rules, not for troubleshooting things.
  6. I have quite a few problems with Windows 10's UI too. The first example that comes to mind is the notification popup; why does it have an arrow icon for the button to dismiss the notification instead of a traditional X like it used to have before the Creator's update? Visually the arrow would indicate an intent to act upon the notification, not to dismiss it.
  7. You're stating your opinion as a fact. You might not like them personally and there's nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn't dictate that opinion to others. Their skins are made of fairly high quality materials, certainly compared to the majority of other skin manufacturers. They also put their skins through a testing programme to ensure they don't in any way damage the device they're applied to; this is why they don't sell skins for the Nintendo Switch as the Switch's paint is damaged by the adhesive used by the skins.
  8. A proper, home-cooked toad in the hole is brilliant. You're missing out if you've not had a good one yet.
  9. Thread moved to "New Builds and Planning" section. Please check to see if there is a dedicated section for your topic before posting it in General Discussion; GD is an area intended for generalised tech discussions which don't currently have a dedicated section on the forum, such as discussions of abstract technologies or of the tech industry itself.
  10. Thread moved to "Laptops and Prebuilt Systems" section. Please check before posting a topic in the General Discussion section that your topic doesn't better belong somewhere else. General Discussion is a catch-all area for any tech threads which don't belong to a specific section; abstract tech discussions, discussions of the tech industry etc.
  11. Indeed. I'm not trying to dismiss your experiences @Drak3, I just don't have any explanation for them I'm afraid.
  12. If you've experienced a USB C male connector being more flimsy than a Micro B male connector then my guess would be it's a result of a poor implementation of the standard or poor luck rather than the design of the standard itself. Micro B was always a very fragile standard (especially the male connector), and as far as I know one of the core principles behind USB C's design was to create a more resilient connector type than both it and USB A (which whilst featuring a very resistant PCB for its terminals always had an easily damaged / misshapen metal casing). And from my understanding and analysis of them both, USB C certainly looks like it'd be a lot stronger (rounded edges instead of square, thicker casing material, considerably thicker PCB than that of Micro B, reversible).
  13. Thread moved to "New Builds and Planning" section. The Off-Topic section is for posting topics which aren't directly related to technology and don't belong to another section.
  14. It might collect lint, dust and dirt more easily than MicroUSB - but on the flipside at least it can be fairly easily cleaned out. MicroUSB could also accumulate things, but was much more difficult to properly clean out. It was also much more fragile for cleaning, as the connector prongs in the middle of the port were somewhat delicate. Design wise, USB C is better than Micro USB on every level. But as with any connector standard it can suffer from poor implementations of the standard.
  15. I find that a little difficult to believe. Microsoft aren't known to waste money on a failing project; if the Surface line were so unreliable or undesirable it would make no sense for them to not only keep the line going but substantially grow the range of products within it. It would be tarnishing the brand they're so badly trying to establish and would lose them a lot of money. That's not to say they're free of issues altogether of course.
  16. This post belongs in a status update. Thread locked.
  17. Gay bars tend to have a different vibe and atmosphere to other bars. There are plenty of straight people who enjoy going to them, and there's no rule about needing to be gay or anything.
  18. Thread moved to "Troubleshooting" section. I see that you've fixed your issue, but please post any threads for troubleshooting problems here rather than in General Discussion. The General Discussion section is intended for posts which don't fit in a specific section of the forum, such as abstract discussions of technology in general or discussions of niche technologies which don't currently have a dedicated section.
  19. Thread moved to the "Troubleshooting" section.
  20. Welcome to the community.
  21. Not sure I trust the validity of this claim, at least not yet. I just ran a Geekbench run on my iPhone 7 Plus, and scored a single core score of 3495 and multicore of 5923; within margin of error of my previous test results. I'm currently on iOS 11.2.5 beta 5, too.
  22. I suppose that ultimately until we have more information on the quality and scope of the remaster we can't really judge its worth either way. If it turns out to be just a minor enhancement of the existing game (technical enhancements improving framerates, fixing gameplay bugs previously present when the framerate was unlocked etc) then I'll agree, it won't seem to be worth the price - at least not for those of us who already own the original. But if it's a fairly substantial upgrade over the original with higher poly models, higher resolution textures, improved shading, better lighting, perhaps even somewhat redesigned levels which were previously poorly received or felt constrained by the limits of the hardware available at the time... then I don't think it would be unreasonable for them to charge us money, even if we owned the previous game, because they'd have put a lot of time, effort and money into it.
  23. For the price, they're both pretty damn good to be fair. Even without the current GPU price problem it would be tricky to build a comparably capable 4K gaming PC for a similar price, especially for the price of a PS4 Pro. And the Pro's checkerboard rendering technique seems to work deceptively well in certain games, appearing only a touch blurrier than native 4K would. Neither are perfect by any means, but it's nice to see the console industry finally pushing for higher resolutions. The Xbox One X in particular is pretty compelling because of its ability to render Xbox 360 titles in 4K through its backwards compatibility capability. Granted not all titles support it, but the fact that even some do is quite an important move forward for the console gaming market which has traditionally been all too willing to abandon compatibility with older systems and titles.
  24. Why? The price you pay for the original game covers the development costs for the original game. The remaster itself costs money to develop; where would the logic be in them spending money to make this new version if they wouldn't get money back from it? They don't owe you a remastered version. If you want it buy it, if not don't. They're not forcing you to buy the new version after all.