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  1. Anyone Interested in HD800s?

    1. Octavialicious


      Have you tried head-fi.org? It's the best place to sell headphones :)

    2. WildTurtle


      I'll give it a shot

  2. WildTurtle

    What size is the MSI xpower X99s?

    By looking at the PCI layout, its dimensions(12" x 10.7"), it falls into E-ATX.
  3. WildTurtle

    Personal Whole Room Water Cooling

    Im still wondering, where you found waterblocks for GTX 480s...
  4. WildTurtle

    Need new case for build.

    define r5 in white?
  5. Check out my classified for some deals on watercooling essentials ;)

  6. WildTurtle

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    Would finally upgrade to x99 with that.
  7. Selling 10 AP-15s, Sleeved, connector changed to Black. $25 USD each. if you buy 10, price goes to $225. Shipping may be included.

  8. WildTurtle

    Would a 6m ethernet cable reduce internet speeds?

    Try using a different cable, may be damaged. CAT 5/5e/6 typically don't get signal degradation until ~100 metres.
  9. WildTurtle

    ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY

    Personally, Im digging the addition of a nice IPS panel over a TN panel.
  10. WildTurtle

    LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!

    My favourite aspect of the LG G3 is the button layout. Feels more nature when using it to unlock and use volume controls since my finger will naturally be there.
  11. Doing a new build for single 2.5k panel gaming, could use your guys input on builds. I Currently own the monitor already so do not include that into the price. 1. Budget & Location Budget: $2300 Location: Canada 2. Aim 100% Gaming and nothing else Edit: Would like to be able to play at 60 fps at 2.5k. 3. Monitors Currently single 2.5K Panel (OWNED) 4. Peripherals I DONT NEED ANY (ALREADY OWNED) THE 2300 IS JUST FOR A BUILD. OS IS NOT REQUIRED.
  12. WildTurtle

    $2300 Build ( Need Input & Advice )

    Currently own the monitor and all perpherials
  13. WildTurtle

    Can I use my External Drive as a Internal?

    You can pry it open, and you will find a standard 3.5 inch drive inside of it, with a pcb attached to it to allow the USB interface. You can disconnect the pcb from it and there, you can not install it into your case as a typical internal drive.
  14. WildTurtle

    ASUS Maximus-VII-Gene

    Theres no performance difference between the two ( In terms of overclocking capabilities ) I dont believe that sound card thing they include is worth $80. Would rather put that money towards upgrading GPU, more ram, SSD, etc.
  15. WildTurtle

    $1500 AUD 760T Boss Build

    Seems like you overspending on the case. Personally, I would get a much cheaper case and invest the rest to other areas of the build, preferably the GPU. But, If you deem it necessary to spend $259 out of $1551 on a case, thats your call.
  16. WildTurtle

    Cannot set a 1080p display

    what kind of cable are you using to connect your gpu to your monitor.
  17. end of july and around $300
  18. WildTurtle

    Corsair MIGHT start making air GPU coolers?

    You can Find Gentle Typhoon AP-15s for around the same price. GTs just destroy everything else.
  19. WildTurtle

    Stealth CD drive 900D advice

    If your really limited on USB ports, why not just USB Hubs?
  20. WildTurtle

    Which is best?

    The one that has the greatest aesthetics, colour scheme, features to your liking. They will all perform the same.
  21. WildTurtle

    Modis Geekstakes Sponsored Giveaway

    good luck
  22. $400 off, looks pretty decent considering it comes pre calibrated to a Delta-E<2. http://accessories.dell.com/sna/products/Gaming_Accessories/productdetail.aspx?c=ca&l=en&s=dhs&cs=cadhs1&sku=860-BBCD
  23. Coolbeans has a good build for you, however, to match your case more you may want to look at the Asrock z97 extreme 6 or 4. The blue on that board is a near match to that of the case.