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  1. well shoot that basically solves my problem. I had no idea this existed. Thank you much!
  2. We have the 400 speed service from Xfinity (speed test shows us getting near 500, actually).. but we've been with xfinity for a few years now and we've decided to stop renting a modem and just get our own. There isn't a problem with the one we've been renting and we have no complaints, but renting hardware for $14 a month eventually gets more expensive than just buying a good one outright and we are more than a few months past that point. I've cheaped-out on networking hardware before and to avoid that mistake again I'm willing to invest into a good one even if its on the pricier s
  3. I have one of those. I don't like it, the button layout of all 12 on the thumb is awkward for me. That's why I'm looking for the buttons to be spread around the mouse.
  4. I'm using the Steelseries Cataclysm MMO mouse, Linus actually did a review on it just a few weeks shy of 10 years ago. I got my first one almost right after they came available (I hadn't discovered LTT yet at the time) and loved it so much that when it died after 5 years of heavy use I replaced it with a brand new one of the same model. well it's about five years later again and the buttons are beginning to feel their age, but it's obviously discontinued. I have a little bit of life left in it still but I don't want to wait until I am fighting the buttons if an 'upgrade' is re
  5. It's not an unimportant issue, and it is not preventing necessary resources from other issues.
  6. this implies that this is the only thing they are doing right now. if it falls within their realm and it does not prevent other efforts then it is not 'wasting time'.
  7. Amen to everything here, including the first part. I've been to Portland, have family and friends that live nearby. It's a really neat city split across the river, but the culture there is incredibly toxic and undesirable in pretty much every way. I'm still glad they banned this tech, even if the timing is suspicious, but I don't want that tech anywhere near where I live either so I'm relieved there is already going to be some precedent.
  8. Diversity in the USA translates directly to "fewer white men." I'm not trying to be political here, that is a legitimate cultural push that gets you labeled as evil if you disagree.
  9. inherently impossible considering the nature of this.
  10. When you replace it, can I have your current screen? I've been on this 27" 59hz screen since 2011 or so. i'll pay in virtual high fives.
  11. I've been using the Cataclysm WoW mouse for about 8 years now, got my first one not long after it was released, but the buttons had lost their strength and became difficult to get to register, some would even get stuck if I didn't press them at a specific angle. I absolutely LOVE the layout though having all the buttons spread out over the hand rather than all on the thumb, and I use literally every button on the mouse when I play. When it came time to replace my first one, I got a brand new one of the exact same mouse (because it really had been an awesome mouse and a few years is respectable
  12. Next they will start posting things on your behalf! *we noticed you didn't update everyone on your visit to grandma in the hospital, nor let anyone know that she was in the hospital, let alone why.. so we went ahead and announced all the traumatic health struggles in your family and posted all the pictures from your phone that you weren't going to publicize.*
  13. "THIS BILL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING LIKE EVER WE NEED TO SAVE OUR PLANET!!! IT'S SUPER POPULAR AND PEOPLE LOVE THIS THING WE NEED TO MAKE IT LAW LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!"" Okay fine let's vote on it. *Fails completely* Even if a few people did happen to be absent, how many people voted yes on that thing again? Pretty sure it was a bunch of "No" and a bunch of "I want to say No but my friends would be mad." Also what does it even do other than give complete power over everything to the federal government as a socialist authoritarian tyranny under the guise of making people feel good about s
  14. something universally illegal (stealing) is banned? Let me get my "surprised" colored crayon and scribble all over my face. Conversing with people and sharing opinions is not and should not be illegal, and peaceful civil methods of sharing those opinions should not be banned, even if some opinions are absolutely disgusting. The actual actions of specific evil individuals should not incur punishment to the non-evil everyone else.