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  1. I've owned it for about a year now, The fan probably wont even be spinning most of the time. Will probably be running the AP-15s @ 5V if there's not any strange motor noise.
  2. Table of Contents Update #1: February 27th, 2014 Update #2: February 28th, 2014 Update #3: March 1st, 2014 Update #4: March 3rd, 2014 Update #5: March 4th, 2014 Update #6: March 25th, 2014 Update #7: April 13, 2014
  3. WildTurtle

    Win 8.1 OEM?

    Yes there is a difference. Retail: You can use the Key on I believe 3 PCs at any given point in time. OEM: Once you change the motherboard of a Rig you will need to re-enter the key due to the hardware change.
  4. WildTurtle

    Noctua NH-D14 vs Corsair H80i

    CPU overclock-ability is never guaranteed with Haswell. Welcome to the Silicon Lottery, Good Luck.
  5. Replace the acrylic with glass and you wont have the micro scratching problem that has plagued everyone.
  6. For 400 quid you can go on amazon.co.uk and get a 4770k and get a decent z87 board ( gigabyte z87 ud4h, msi z87 gd65, etc) and still have around 20 quid left over.
  7. WildTurtle

    Titan black confirmed by evga with specs!

    Signature edition usually includes a shirt, mouse pad, poster. Also, this really isn't 5 different versions of the Titan Black edition. There all reference, 2 have waterblocks on them, 3 don't.
  8. For 120mm on a Rad: Scythe Gently Typhoons, Silverstone AP-123, Noctua NF-F12s, Noiseblocker E-Loops, Noise block PL2. For 140mm for Case fans: No idea
  9. WildTurtle

    4 GPU Motherboard and Silent Case

    You really should be going with LGA 2011. You will have double the native PCI lanes which will reduce latency as apposed to going through multiple PLX splitters which just increase latency to give you a perceived level of bandwidth increase.
  10. WildTurtle

    Corsair 750D VS NZXT h440

    Build quality of Corsair cases lately have seriously been below par.
  11. WildTurtle

    Completely Overkill Watercooling Rig!!!

    You cant put 2 4960x CPUs in that board. If you wanna do dual CPUs you will need Xeons.
  12. You can Try either Icemodz.com or lutro0-Customs.com
  13. WildTurtle

    Ultimate 900D Build - TTG

    If you really need all that bandwidth for your PCI-E lanes, why not go for LGA 2011? More native bandwidth > PLX chips I would also recommend you look at other cases than the 900D, while it is good, The QC issues that corsair has and build quality issues I wouldn't go for that case in a higher end rig. Personally, I would recommend you look at cases from Caselabs. There build quality, QC, and options is not surpassed by anyone.
  14. WildTurtle

    ncase m1 offer

    If you really want a iTX case in that price range, I would recommend a Caselabs Mercury S3. Its 100% Aluminium and way more functional but however is bigger in size compared to the ncase m1.
  15. WildTurtle

    What is your drink of choice?

    Other: Water.
  16. WildTurtle

    Best 120mm fan?

    Gentle Typhoon AP15s and undervolt them.
  17. WildTurtle

    Inwin get crazy again with the 901 mini itx case!!!

    The lack of functionality doesn't excite me.
  18. WildTurtle

    Problem Contacting Corsair's Customer Service

    They do have a toll free number ( 1 888-222-4346 ). Give it a shot.
  19. WildTurtle

    At What Time Do You Go To Bed?

    The master race doesn't need sleep.
  20. Have you gone to the Asus support website and downloaded the latest drivers for your LAN? Im not sure what you can do for the audio light though, I think it looks pretty.
  21. WildTurtle

    Custom Sleeves cables

    May want to take a look at Icemodz
  22. The case has every single stand off you need for an ATX/ETX motherboards pre installed.