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  1. maybe one of sony´s compact phones? iv used one until i just upgraded and i really liked it, being a bit smaller made it fit in my hand great, and it has all those other things you look for as well
  2. probably better and possibly cheaper to just get a usb dac then, since they seem to have 3.5mm connector as well
  3. ok, first, optical sucks for high quality audio. No second needed
  4. ok yea curved glass is a bit annoying, but for me the most important thing for getting the 7t was not having a hole in my screen. oh and the speed is real, its amazing!
  5. if you start seeing massive slowdowns in the games that you dont think you should, there might be something wrong with the cards cooling, but if you get the fps then everything is fine
  6. yea, sounds normal while running heavy games
  7. ok, can only be the mouse then, since cs go doesnt have any hidden accel settings like some other games. I mean you can buy a better mouse, and if it wasn't the problem, return it for a refund Ask around here or go look up RocketJumpNinja on YouTube, easily one of the best mouse reviewers around.
  8. most stands cant do more than 1 that size and than maybe some 24" ones on the sides, like mine, i got my 34", then 1 24" on the side and one above and another at the other side if i want to. But really look at the foot of the stand and the length on the mount, my stand only says it works with 24" monitors
  9. yea, sounds like mouse acceleration, also look at your windows mouse settings and look and make sure mouse precision is off. also google mouse fix and download and run that if you want, it goes into the registry to turn off mouse acceleration on a much deeper level than window settings at least used to. Also adding that laser mice and cheaper mice has built in mouse acceleration and precision that cause such things.
  10. Ok will wait, just kinda annoying playing some games when it clicks away conversations :P I think my mouse is only about 2-2,5 years old and i can hear that there is some kind of rattle around the left click. But it being this old might mean i have to get a new one, just wanted to ask them first really since its still one of their most expensive ones.
  11. Its been 6 days since i sent in a support ticket to Logitech after my G900 Spectrum started to get even worse with its double click issue and since then i have sent in updated posts twice to them and still no answer back, really didn't think this would happen with Logitech, always felt that their support was good Not sure what steps i could take to try and get their attention, its a really expensive mouse so cant just go and buy another. Any Ideas?
  12. A online store here just dropped the price on the Asus PG348Q by 34% making it really cheap, so im sitting here with my finger on the buy button thinking.. will HDR come on one of these soon or not? there are HDR monitors on the way as seen on CES 2017 but will it come to these types and at prices that are sane?
  13. missing features i really like and looking at what i can find here(Sweden) very few are much cheaper than the Z34, about 100-150$ tops. and that one isnt 4k but 1080, the rest costs the same or more, there is a BenQ XR3501 for about 200$ less than the z34 with 98% adobe rgb as its only really selling point i guess.
  14. So, i had a Acer Predator x34 4k g-sync ultrawide, but it broke during a move... Now im feeling like have need to get something similar again, but there are others on the market and im also not sure about getting another with 4k, my pc runs games at 4k with good graphics without much problems (thanks to my 1080) but there are some ofcourse. There are 2 im currently looking at that and those are Acer Predator Z35 and the Asus ROG. The Asus ROG costs nearly 400$ more for 4k, 1 less inch of screen and worse contrast and lower refresh rate, tho 100hz is M
  15. normally yes, got a 4 monitor setup, including a 4k monitor, will be setting pagefile to 1gb, but i still found it strange and wanted to see if anyone maybe knew why its happening