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    GTX 1050 2Gb
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  1. Are you using most recent windows version?
  2. unplug enthernet cable otherwise can't create local account
  3. those 2gb get saved to hdd/ssd
  4. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/msi-radeon-rx-5700-8gb-gddr6-pcie-40-graphics-card-7nm-rdna-2304-streams-1465mhz-gpu-1725mhz-boost
  5. I had same thought, but I would pay a bit more and get rx 5700
  6. you could have gotten 16gb sticks on aliexpress for 25 eur, have 2 of them and works perfectly
  7. Can you change your boot mode from AHCI to something else?
  8. I had similiar problem with TV, but I had to change setting in TV (TrueColor) You could trey if there are some custom display setting in your monitor, but other than that I have no idea what could help
  9. I think that drivers are trying to run wrong resolution, is there a way for you to get in safe mode. If drivers are bad nothing will change
  10. Go with AMD, check pcpartpicker they haev build guides and already ready part lists for almost all budgets
  11. It's coil whine, I don't think that you can fix it, you can try get another one from warranty.
  12. Ihave upgraded many pcs using software from microsofts web page and never had any problems, maybe some super random software will be uninstalled but other than that had no problems, just make sure to get ssd later on, or add more from if it has 4 gb
  13. I have 55 inch LG one 4k 60hz 10ms response , works great and I'm sitting almost a meter away and it looks great, would suggest running everything at 4k tho
  14. My main work programms are MATLAB, PYTHON and QUARTUS. in MATLAB and Python basic tasks utilize single-core but in my case I'm creating programms that use multi-core optimization. QUARTUS has multi-core and multi-proccesor support but same as MATLAB loves to eat up ram. Games I play War Thunder (good CPU optimization), 7 Days to Die (loves ram a lot), other than that nothing really, mostly because my GPU can't run them