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  1. If one of the tubes gets hot and the other one doesn't, the flow is restricted. The motor can run at whatever RPM it wants, if the fins on the hotplate are clogged up the water won't be able to go anywhere. Cleaning or fixing an AIO simply isn't worth the hassle, just replace it. Be sure to check if it's still under warranty, the tech specs for the H80i and H80i v2 mention a 5 year warranty.
  2. Normally I'm all in favor of bands going indie because they don't want record companies forcing them to make generic music. But not in this case. Used to love their older stuff, but for some reason I just can't seem to enjoy anything they made in the last couple of years. Anyway ...
  3. Disconnect all other drives. Windows often puts the bootloader on another drive, which could be a problem later on when you decide to upgrade your data drive(s).
  4. Unless you plan to use the server for crypto mining or folding, there is literally nothing that it will need a GPU for once the basic setup is completed.
  5. November 5th? They'd better have a Guy Fawkes mask as a pre-order bonus then.
  6. Indeed, that's the weakest link. All the trust is in a single company which has been known to happily comply with government requests. Personally I'd store the passwords in an encrypted file or spreadsheet instead of doing it in a note. That way only you can read it and it looks like a scrambled mess to whichever provider's cloud that you put the file on. It never hurts to put it inside a Veracrypt container for added security, but that will reduce the amount of machines that you can open the file on.
  7. Brabant? Nja, dat stukje is inderdaad misschien nog goed genoeg om te annexeren. ?
  8. No way of telling. It differs from person to person. Some people's skin simply heals faster or slower, but it usually takes several months. If you tan that easily, by all means do consider wearing long-sleeved t-shirts and something to protect your head next summer.
  9. According to pcgamer.com the minimum requirement is a 2500K at stock speed, so a 2400 is pushing it. If you have the multiplier maxed out it should be possible ... unless the game simply refuses to boot if it detects the 2400.
  10. I remember having HDD-related issues with a highly modded GTA:SA. On HDD it was a mess of missing objects, low-res textures etc, on SSD it ran just fine. If the object's data can't be read from the storage device fast enough, the GPU can't render it. That being said, I don't think that's the problem here. @whitZ : open the task manager before launching the game and go to the "Performance" tab. You'll see a histogram of the CPU usage there. Keep the task manager open and launch the game. Play a bit, and when you notice an FPS drop quickly alt-tab and look at the histogram. I'm suspecting that you're hitting 100% CPU usage most of the time, which would be a textbook case of a bottleneck.
  11. This could be a very good thing. With some luck the end result is a ban of Fortnite. Worldwide, preferably. Then they can ban the rest of the games for being addictive as well. Once that happens, the prices of GPUs will drop and mining can become profitable again.
  12. I've had my Sharkoon SATA Quickport Intern Multi since early 2016 and never had an issue. If you still have bays to fill, by all means consider a 5.25" storage drawer.
  13. It's grammar nazis. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, a couple of degrees will usually not make much of a difference. Yes, a CPU or GPU that runs cool will last longer than that same part would last if it were hotter, but it doesn't matter because you will almost always be upgrading long before it breaks anyway.
  14. If having enough for a day is a concern, "The Coldest Water" has bottles up to a gallon.
  15. In use : 3 desktops (main rig, folding rig, NAS) 1 laptop Lying around : 1 netbook, but that's in the "electronics for the recycling center" bin right now and will be gone shortly. I hate to throw out stuff that still works, but even with Puppy Linux it just isn't usable anymore. Time to get rid of it.
  16. Looks like the cable was plugged in correctly. I see standoffs as well in the pic you just posted, so that's not a problem either. Looks to me like there was a problem with the 4+4 connector on the motherboard, but it could also be a problem with the power supply or the cable itself. If you bought the parts in a computer store, I'd take it there and let them verify that the power supply and cable work as intended and that the CPU still works. Once they find out which part caused the problem, that manufacturer should be liable for any damage to other components. If you bought everything online, I'd go to a repair shop anyway so they can identify the culprit and tell you the extent of the damage. It's better to pay $50 or so to a professional to get a proper diagnosis than to spend days on it yourself and possibly spend a lot more money on buying replacement parts you don't actually need. Once the shop has had a look at it, take it up with whoever you bought the parts from or get in touch directly with the manufacturer.
  17. From the article by The Intercept, which The Daily Mail links to : So the things you quoted were a) PR damage control and b) not even remotely effective at stopping the problem. The only positive thing about the whole situation is that Amazon at least seems to have tried a little. Even if Amazon would have been successful at stopping this, that doesn't change the fact that it happened. And it also doesn't change that Ring under Amazon's ownership started something that I can only describe as bribing police departments to get them to advertise and sell Ring's products. That is not the behavior of an honest company. You might have better luck getting in touch with him on here. Any input on this matter @nicklmg? I'm surprised we haven't heard anything yet. Normally the staff is rather quick at replying to such topics and taking appropriate actions (Synergy comes to mind), so I assume you simply hadn't noticed this topic yet.
  18. Barracuda. As you mentioned, the Skyhawk is more geared towards surveillance use. It's great at writing, not so much at reading. The latter is kinda important for desktop use. @seagate_surfer will probably be able to explain the details a lot better than I could. I wouldn't be surprised if it's because of the (very) bad reputation that these drives got back in 2011-2014. Even if the modern 3TB Barracudas have different internals than the ST3000DM001 of back in the day, the name is tainted.
  19. Nope, Steve had charisma. ?
  20. They can demand all they want, doesn't mean they'll get it. Even if they can create laws that force companies to build in a backdoor, nothing stops people from creating their own means of end-to-end encryption. The genie is out of the bottle.
  21. Nah, that was nothing compared to this : This whole account thing is Microsoft deciding that the peasants should make it easier for Microsoft to personally identify them.
  22. If short-term moisture would cause mold, you wouldn't be able to boil water for cooking anymore without the kitchen having mold problems. And forget about taking a hot shower too. It really takes lots of moisture over a long period of time for things to become problematic.
  23. If you need to temporarily get rid of dust (like for instance to apply a screen protector to a phone or tablet), water vapor can help. Cook some water in that room and as the air gets humid the moisture will cling to the dust, which will then become too heavy and fall down. As for permanent solutions ... forget about that. Not going to happen.
  24. Can't wait for the far right to start using ? as a symbol. Let's see how fast Facebook removes the "like" button from all over the internet then.