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  1. I just noticed Linus Tech Tips has an Amazon page, and the "ABC's of Gaming" book isn't there. 2020 just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Heck if I know where to get one. "Damn it Jim. I am a corrupter of impressionable children, not a doctor!"
  2. From https://torrentfreak.com/ "VPN provider OVPN has emerged victorious from legal action initiated by movie companies hoping to get closer to the operators of The Pirate Bay. After a back-and-forth process, the court agreed with OVPN's claims that as no-logging provider, it had no useful data to hand over." https://torrentfreak.com/ovpn-wins-court-battle-after-pirate-bay-data-demands-rejected-200911/
  3. I can't remember... In regards to a hard drive swap... You switch out a hard drive for an SSD, you've completed the cloning process, and made the swap. Once the computer is up and running on the SSD, can you plug the old hard drive back into the system, or is the windows boot manager going to get confused? My intent is to reformat the old drive and use it for data storage, of course.
  4. +- ST2000DM006-2DM164 (/hdd/0) | +- Temperature : 36 35 36 (/hdd/0/temperature/0) | +- WDC WD4002FYYZ-01B7CB1 (/hdd/1) | +- Temperature : 42 42 42 (/hdd/1/temperature/0) | +- WDC WDS100T2B0A-00SM50 (/hdd/2) | +- Host Writes : 13959 13959 13959 (/hdd/2/data/0) | +- Host Reads : 9773 9773 9773 (/hdd/2/data/1) One is the SSD boot drive...btw.
  5. I copy video files from one drive to another [D: to F: 1-3 GB in size] and the process seems on the slow side. After the initial spurt, the transfer rate settles down to about 60MB/s. I'm thinking it should be faster. I'm using an Asus® PRIME Z270-P Intel® Z270 based chipset, ATX Motherboard. (SATA III) Assuming it should be faster where do I go from here? Could my SATA cables be crap? Could these two particular drives be sharing a controller slowing everything, and how would I know? I've included the benchmarks for both drives, to see if it is the drives th
  6. I running a ASUS PRIME Z270-P motherboard with 4 SATA ports. They're all used. Disconnecting the internal DVD is not my first choice. Looking at using a PCI-E SATA controller card to give me some more SATA ports. I won't be doing RAID, but running a [non-boot] SSD/HDD is my intention. Looking for something Windows 10 will recognize and no "flakey" behavior. Anyone got a buying suggestion, and a link?
  7. A Forbes article is stating that Windows 10 needs Microsoft server support to search for files on my local machine. https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2020/02/08/windows-10-warning-serious-failure-provokes-questions-and-anger/#47b49bd37169 Now Linus knows why search is so bad. I can see a lot of third party search software being written, because of this.
  8. What was the file system you used, in this case? Are there certain file systems you should use [or not] to insure recovery, even if you must recover with 'dissimilar' hardware? Also, is Unraid compatable with UPS units that send a signal (probably over USB) to allow a graceful shutdown? I would likely only use a UPS that has enough capacity for a shutdown, not one of the larger ones. How does Unraid handle a power outage, assuming the drives are not being actively written to at the time of the outage?
  9. At one time, I was hot to get a NAS device for my home network. Nothing professional just my stuff, probably a Synology product, or similar. But then I heard compelling arguments that stopped me. 1) If the box itself fails (not the drives), your data is still just as gone until you get the box replaced due to some of the proprietary raid'ish solutions offered by some of these products. (Maybe not even then.) You need to back up your data elsewhere, in case that happens. 2) If you use a backup PC with multiple drives and "standard RAID implementations" {huge gain of salt},
  10. I just saw the opening of gamers Nexus NAS video. Computer cables in a pentagram, sacrificing computer chips, and Linus Sebastian shows up as a demon. That's just funny right there. Although I'm pretty sure it wasn't really Linus, it didn't drop anything. Lol!
  11. Long time fan, but... I have to say that I am rather disappointed in LMG's recent endorsement of the Ring surveillance system. The potential abuses of the subsidized giveaway by law enforcement [in America] are staggering, considered actual abuses perpetrated already without it. I hope LMG reconsiders their position. This is endorsement money they could easily do without.
  12. Recently, the Nvidia Gforce Experience In-game overlay won't stay off. I used to be able to turn it off in the settings, and it would stay off through re-boots, what have you, until I manually turned it back on. Now it seems to turn itself on either with a game start, of a reboot. Anybody else seeing this behavior? Any way to reestablish total manual control? I not talking about the overlay interface inself poping up on the screen at random, but the In game overlay switch (shown in the screenshot), will not stay in the 'off' position. I haven't [yet] found any "start when windows s
  13. Thanks. I'm just looking for an OS (besides Windows), with a file system sane enough to reboot itself after after a power failure and run. But I would still like to know which distros have what file system, but that information isn't as available as I thought it would/should be.