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  1. I had a 2500 with my 980 for a few weeks, only noticed a slight improvement with my 6600k honestly So yes, it's still a very capable CPU
  2. Built my PC into the drywall of my house. Thermals are trash and I burned down my last house, but it's quiet
  3. Well shit, looks like I'm fake news now :^(
  4. Delete UPlay and reinstall Siege. When you install a Ubisoft game from Steam it's supposed to auto install UPlay for you. All you should need to do is log in and Steam should do the rest for you Games that I have that have done this : Far Cry 3, The Division, Siege
  5. A die on a CPU is a wafer thing that has circuits which make your computer do shit
  6. [Deleted] Turns out I'm retarded
  7. If this turns out well I'd buy one, but here's a few suggestions : - More cable management holes, like another below mobo next to other hole (for audio and usb on some mobos) - Cable management holes above mobo for fan and cpu cables - Cable management above basement like on S340 for GPU cables - A small strip around the edge of the case to hide LEDs and help case integrity - Shorten the front or add water cooling support area (reservoir/pump mounts)
  8. To answer your question, I think it's a cable or monitor thing. My old monitor always displayed BIOS over HDMI, but my new monitor doesn't show anything over HDMI until I get into Windows. I'd say try other cables or monitors, if you don't have those than someone else here is probably smarter than me :^)
  9. Dude nice link
  10. Search it on the Chrome store, it's called MyQuality or something. I used to use it when I had shit internet to load videos at 360p
  11. Pull up on your local Craigslist or whatever it is they have in Canadia land, do your research, and put together a rig using used parts. If you build new you're literally just throwing away money
  12. Toss your parts into PCPartPicker, it should show system power output. As long as this number isn't like, actually 360, you should be good. It's a SeaSonic unit, so it probably won't blow up soon Looks like you don't push your system too often so you should be fine No.
  13. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure YouTube already does this, although it's 480p -> 720p. There's an extension to autoset quality, but I'm not sure what it's called
  14. That's the point, the APU can handle quite a few games Didn't know if the budget was set so I threw something together in 3 minutes while I was in class that fit the budget
  15. I bought one for $200, my friend did, and I've watched several move for that price PC Hardware is crazy at the moment