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    Crucial 8GB
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    EVGA 980 FTW
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    NZXT S340
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    1 TB WD Blue | 240GB SanDick SSD Plus
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    AOC i2476vwm, Dell 19", HP 4:3 trash
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    Hyper 212 EVO
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    Corsair K65 RGB
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    Logitech G303
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    HyperX Cloud | Blue Yeti
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    Winblows 7

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  1. A New Type of Ransomware - Rensenware

    fucking weeaboos
  2. Monitor Mount + Ikea Desk

    Fellow shitty Ikea table user here, I wouldn't try it. Currently have a hole in mine because I set my PC down a little too hard and one of the feet went through the desk
  3. Squad

    So I guess you could say, you're looking for a squad
  4. alcohols to use for cleaning computer parts

    Literally you just use rubbing alcohol. You can buy a giant bottle of 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol literally anywhere for like $4.99. I think you're really overthinking it, you aren't drinking your CPU. Rubbing alcohol != Jack Daniels
  5. Blue Yeti Microphone help needed

    I can't speak for that arm, but if my $10 Newer arm can be tightened to hold the Yeti I'm sure it is fixed. As for the adapter, I can't see your picture (school proxy) but I'm assuming you mean the threads? They make plastic thread adapters for the Yeti so it fits other stuff.
  6. Blue Yeti Microphone help needed

    The falling down issue is because the Yeti weighs like 9000 fucking tonnes, the hole size issue can be fixed with an adapter. Source : Yeti owner and Yeti-hating enthusiast
  7. Help my friend save some money!

    I don't think moving it over will work, if they have an 860 then it's likely a laptop type motherboard using a mobile CPU and RAM which will both be soldered to the motherboard or not fit a standard desktop motherboard. The hard drive should work though. CPU might work, depends on if it's in a standard desktop CPU mount or not.
  8. NZXT S340 Elite

    S340 user here, I've never had any problems with cooling, and I only use the stock fans. The only time I had even close to too much heat is when I had 2x R9 270s in Crossfire Current 6600k @ 4.2GHz only gets to about 70c with a Hyper 212 EVO
  9. Is an i5 2500 non K still good in 2017?

    I had a 2500 with my 980 for a few weeks, only noticed a slight improvement with my 6600k honestly So yes, it's still a very capable CPU
  10. Where do you put your PC?

    Built my PC into the drywall of my house. Thermals are trash and I burned down my last house, but it's quiet
  11. TDP? Wtf

    Well shit, looks like I'm fake news now :^(
  12. Delete UPlay and reinstall Siege. When you install a Ubisoft game from Steam it's supposed to auto install UPlay for you. All you should need to do is log in and Steam should do the rest for you Games that I have that have done this : Far Cry 3, The Division, Siege
  13. TDP? Wtf

    A die on a CPU is a wafer thing that has circuits which make your computer do shit
  14. TDP? Wtf

    [Deleted] Turns out I'm retarded