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    Everything that requires electricity and then some xD
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    Student. Trader. Modder


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    E5 2698 V4
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    Asrock X99E-ITX
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    32gb 2133
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    rx 480
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    Silverstone SG05
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    random 256gb nvme m.2 + 2TB seagate
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    Corsair SF600
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    Cheapo USB Monitor
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    Seidon 120V with NF-F12 LTT Fan
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    Steelseries cherry MX black
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    Mionix Caster
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    None. Denon Envaya Mini
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    Windoge 10 pro

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  1. If you are planning to have long export times and will be hammering both cpu and gpu simultaneously then either go for a lower powered T-sku cpu or move into a slightly bigger case like the sg13/sg05(smallest volume wise with AIO support), or flat ones like the RVZ01(not that small) or if you are feeling rich the DAN Case A4 I personally find that the sg13 fits in backpacks easier than flat cases as they tend to get very wide/long. But i am currently working on a VT01 case with a gpu slapped on top of it still waiting for parts.
  2. The PSU Spec http://www.hd-plex.com/HDPLEX-300W-Hi-Fi-DC-ATX-Power-Supply-16V-24V-Wide-Range-Voltage-Input.html they will probably ship it with a 330 Ac-DC adapter and has a 94% efficiency on the DC-DC part. which means, as long as you use a T-sku cpu, u can actually use your 1070 But this will be stressing the PSU quite a bit. just dont try to run a server load or 3d rendering or something too heavy for a long period of time Sadly i have no experiance with this brand wish i can give it a test run and torture tests.
  3. yes , it will work just fine. without the need for T sku cpu.
  4. I think you got the efficiency backwards. thats only relevant at the wall.. the psu itself is capable of 300w continuous. As long as the AC-DC power adapter can provide up to 353W. Main problem is actually the 12V rail where its peak at 25amps with cont. of 20amps. With some tweeks its definitely workable.
  5. It will be cutting it very very close. u can get urself a T cpu version and maybe(if needed) undervolt your 1070 by 6% (its normally 150W tdp by the way). Its not recommended but will it work? yes. but really just get a bigger case like the sg05. or diy one mini STX yourself, and two power adapters (1x 12v for gpu and 1x 19v for the stx) it will definitely be smaller.
  6. 300w is enough for your spec, no worries. The GPU might power throttle at times, but you will only see that if you are hammering it maxed out.
  7. turn off the pc, remove the card. turn on, download and run DDU and unsintall ALL graphics drivers. turn off. insert card. turn on, install fresh drivers again. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  8. I have owned all of the said cases and more actually. Other overhanging PSU designs like the SG05 or SG13 are reversible as to initake from inside or outside and taking air from the mobo area actually helps he airflow since OP is going with an AIO. I have tested this exact build with an overclock 5820k. Im sure pictures are somewhere on the LTT forums. The FT series are bit of a pain in the ass to work with and still have a lot of space wasted. both FTZ, node202 and RVZ01 cant handle AIO, not easily atleast, and they are alot bigger than the SG series. Dear OP, for your build i reco
  9. The cooler master ITX cases doesnt really have good airflow. try to stick with Fractal or Silverstone. Much better.
  10. Then all the more reason to get something light 1kg less is alot atleast to me haha. and long enough batter life to not need to bring a power adapter( which adds like another 500-600grams) Good luck with your hunting
  11. AT ATH M50 -- 110usd(refurb) Denon DN-HP700 -- 88 (dj style) AT AH-D1100 -- 75 (new) Aurvana Live! 2 -- 99 (good sound, not so good built quality) Superlux HD668B -- 40 (not so comfy but sounds good) Koss ProDj200 -- 75 (overall good, punchy not boomy) personally i recommend to get a good portable headphone thats comfy enough if you plan to bring it outside. The m50 and d1100 are rather bulky, check out the hp700 or Koss ProDj200
  12. I meant in what way, will it be in the room mostly, do you have to move around alot? if so, how many hours of battery life do you need, ect2
  13. Real world performance, barely noticable unless you have very large data, like 4k RAW footage. You could just use that one as your main OS drive.
  14. im from malaysia actually, but living in germany, and working in netherlands but yeah i thought the prices here are bad. im spoilt with malaysian pricing anyways, there a http://www.wallashops.co.il/מחשב-נייד15-6-80NV00QNIV-Lenovo-16GB-1TB-i7-WIN10/pi7LS80NV00QNIV?cfm=7e05afd1 good price good spec, only problem is its heavy. Its still hard for me to recommend you a quadcore over a mobile chip. really depends on how much you are going to move around and such. Needs more info on how you will be using it