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  1. i havent used BIOS for ages, where exactly is this in a Z97 Gigabyte BIOS? I want the lights on when the pc is running though. The LED I want to have turned off is the one on the Water cooler pump
  2. I am aware of the fact that you can somehow disable that in the BIOS, but i dont want to accidenatally disable a feature i want to have enabled and just swítching the PSU off also does the trick
  3. i switch off the psu because i dont want my pc to have lit up LEDs inside when i try to sleep
  4. From your DTOM pic thought youd like this...



    1. Tiwaz


      Hey I aint american but i like the whole idea of liberty which is still very important in in a few countries (especially in the US)

  5. did you try removing the battery and putting it in again`?
  6. I personally think that Dean Martin was a bit of a better singer and entertainer than Frank Sinatra, but Sinatra's awesome too

    deanmartin gif.gif

  7. y'all really need to shoot a Sharps Competition .45-70 Government if you ever get the chance to! so much fun

  8. thinking about getting a Savage .22lr bolt action to replace my older german 22lr ?

  9. Pewdiepie is sugondese :)

    1.   Show previous replies  11 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      man, we're all very high at this point.

    3. Tiwaz


      i dont take drugs, i just like to shitpost with other folks here :D

    4. TheRandomness


      We can lock status updates too. This was getting out of hand.

  10. found this beautiful pic on google ?

    91-30 Pu sniper forest.jpg