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  1. oh my god you mean the ones where you had to press down really hard to do anything? I find it ironic that the iPhone 6s is re-implementing that pressure-sensitive technology, but in a way that actually makes sense.
  2. all possible, just really annoying to do unless nothing else is possible. I have no knowledge of new m-dtx boards sry
  3. if its 5:30 and not at your post office, let alone out for delivery, then its not coming today.
  4. found this. might explain it- http://www.overclock.net/t/1345585/mdtx-motherboards tl;dr= ITX can get the job done at an even smaller form factor
  5. Kermit


    b-b-but the gold is so shiny
  6. I have a 10 year old IBM keyboard.... bae :wub:
  7. I'm planning on getting the 350D from my core 1000, so that should be fun.
  8. Kermit


    Or what about something like this? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153198&cm_re=750w-_-17-153-198-_-Product
  9. Kermit


    rip I have an i5 2400
  10. post it in the "fixes" thread (Idk the name of the thread but I know there is one for reporting stuff wrong).
  11. Kermit


    If i were to get another 280x Tri-X OC (which would be impossible to find ), what PSU wattage would I need to support the two in crossfire? thanks
  12. I was about to google image search a pic of the Z170, but the ad under your post saved me some time The only difference is that the Mk2 needs more than a 24-pin power cable.
  13. That worked, and since I only store stuff on my HDD, I didn't lose anything except like Google Chrome and Steam Thanks
  14. @TheSLSAMG what about this, which I found in colonel_mortis's troubleshooting guide. If you can't boot into windows at all: Get and boot off your Windows installation disk Enter your language and keyboard layout Click "Repair my computer" (I think it's at the bottom of the window) Open command prompt type the following: diskpart list disk Find the disk which you believe to be corrupt based on the size. Type:select disk <the disk number from step 6>exitchkdsk /F /R You may have to restart the computer for it to run.
  15. ^^^ For a 4k screen, is $730 really something that "won't break the bank"?
  16. I will try this tomorrow, too late now. You might want to follow the thread, but I'll also tag you on updates. cheers
  17. It wasnt a conventional BSOD But no, it didn't list anything. It just flashed for maybe 1/100th of a second (I had to record with slo-mo on my iphone to get that screenshot).
  18. 1) I'm fine with losing any data on my disks, but did you say connect it to anther computer just to save the data? and 2) doing SHIFT+F10 will open what? command-promt?
  19. NOTE: My computer was working fine until this. So my ROG Maximus IV Gene-Z mobtherboard came in the mail today, used (that shouldnt make a difference, as the seller said everything was working). I unplugged the cables from my computer, swapped the cpu, ram, gpu and cooler to the new motherboard, then putting it inside the case and wiring everything up. PROBLEM I go to boot my system, but I didn't have my front panel IO connected yet, so I pressed the "Start" button on the bottom of the board, starting the computer. After a few seconds the "No boot device detected, please insert boot device and restart" screen popped up. So I restart, going into BIOS. I changed my primary boot option to Windows Boot Manager (then the name of my SSD) and my secondary to just the name of my SSD. Is there a difference between just the SSD and Boot Manager??? Anyways, I saved the BIOS and restarted. This time, windows popped up and started to multicolor flag loading screen (windows 7). After it finished, it sat frozen at the flag animation, and then quickly flashed a blue screen...YES BLUE SCREEN... and restarted. I've tried loading my windows disk, clicking "Fix my Computer" and resetting my drives to a backup 4 days ago on the 7th, but it didn't do anything. Also, if I try to install a new version of windows, I cannot install on my SSD for some reason (it says it's a GPT partition and cannot be installed on that). So then I just insert my disk AGAIN and press "Fix my Computer", but this time it says that my WIndows is out of date (because I just fucking went back to a 4 day old backup, and I cant use "Fix my Computer" anymore... I do remember getting to a black and white screen that said: "Windows could not be launched because of a change in hardware or software"... no shit sherlock. Did I just fry my machine or am I missing something? I know this is a lot, you can ask questions. Thank you so so so much in advance, -MLGKermit
  20. I think this was a sponsored video lol. If this was legit, they would have chosen one of the $400-$500 selections on Amazon...
  21. uh... I have a T6 but it doesn't fit my laptop. I need someone who knows for sure what will fit and what wont. no need for sass in my thread