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Status Updates posted by -CLASSIFIED-

  1. soooooooooo my pc is now leaking fluid :/ guess nows the time to upgrade to some open loop stuff (only been procrastinating that for awhile )

  2. well , guess i named my pc Achlys. 

  3. dat new pc lifepkpJKZ4.thumb.jpg.3fa9142ae8ffd3a362ce6e4ae19ccd7b.jpg

  4. made the amd switch , r7 2700 lyf now. just waiting on mobo to arrive ._. , and case ... 

    1. themaniac


      pleb, everyone knows its FX or nothing

  5. that face when your titan Xp will compute at 2100mhz / 6106 all day long , but wont game past 2025/5702 

    1. imreloadin


      My 1080 Ti does that too with folding and gaming. I can fold at faster frequencies and remain stable but if I try to game on that same OC it'll crash.

  6. back to my delided 7700k , delid life is nice but i dont have any liquid metal on it still. havent been able to source any for cheap enough at least up here in canada 


  7. got a logitech g810 , really like the roamer g keys 

    and the rgb 

    and RIP coolermaster quickfire tk , you lasted well till the noodle incident LOL 

  8. that feel when your 980ti's are starting to smell like their melting their shrouds :D 

    1. DimasRMDO


      Can you smeeelll what the rock, is cooking.

  9. i friggin hate how windows will randomly just restart outa nowhere and then update 

  10. rebiult pc , now have 1080ti , i7 7700k , and msi z270 board


  11. i uh bought some planar headphones ... ive jumped into the most expensive hobby minus my car

  12. latest victim for abuse : asus 1080ti rog , i mean .... latest thing to cherrish and not kill ... yeah 

  13. ~pops in~ "hello" ~walks back out~

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      no , i  will not anounce the buggered 980ti mem controller

    3. themaniac


      you just did



      i also didnt mention the temp diode on the die is fucked. randomly reads 108c then hard-crashes. then goes back to norm. then reads 108 , rinse repeat. but it happens intermittently. only reason i caught it was from a sensor log i had running.

  14. 980ti listed for sale in ma local CL kek , wonder what stupid offers ill get ...

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      I'll give you 5 rupees and a goat for your 980ti :D 

  15. got a free battery bank from ncix ... here's hoping it doesn't explode lel



      so far so good , ~knocks on wood~ hasn't gone note 7 yet lol


  16. so I did a thing and kinda maybe ordered another x99 mobo .... 

  17. http://valid.x86.fr/qtlhna sorry not sorry 

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      im deffs pinning down instability with my old mobo . it finaly shit out on me and i upgraded/downgraded


  18. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

    1. Techicolors





      ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

  19. that moment you pc is as big as the bar fridge 

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    2. themaniac


      so no plans on getting a 1080/1080ti(when its released)



      nope another 980ti. i can aquire one for a good price now so might as well. and a new psu is in order as well 


    4. themaniac


      damn, i guess depending on when i get enough money, i'll be getting a 1060 then

  20. pc storage upgrade time