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  1. it would kinda look weird. You would have a gap between the two monitors. Put the curved monitor as your main the the straight one as the secondary that will look better
  2. Specs: Ram: 2, 8 gb sticks. 16 gb GPU: ASUS Dual radeon RX 5500 XT 4gb 500 gb m.2 drive 2tb hard drive 550w 80 plus bronze certified psu Motherboard: Asrock b450 amd am4 CPU:Ryzen 5 3600 3rd gen Then I have a aio water cooler for my cpu Case: Rosewill mid tower
  3. i bought the phone icloud locked then lost it and cant find it.
  4. So i lost my Iphone 11 that is icloud locked, i know weird story. Its in my house somewhere and my house isnt particularly small.is there Any way I could find this easy or find it at all.
  5. Should i get the iphone 13 or just stick to my iphone 11?
  6. my budget is around like 60 to 70 dollars. I bought a micro atx motherboard by accident so i wanted a micro atx case to.
  7. I need a new micro atx case for my build. Any good suggestions?
  8. I have a iPhone 11 that is iCloud activation locked. Its not stolen. It was given to me by a friend. Any way to fix it without contacting the last owner. Apple isn't helping at all either. THERE HAS TO BE SOME WAY TO GET PAST THIS.
  9. All just depends on if you wanna wait? Personally i would, just to get the best.
  10. The reset switch could be the cause for not booting for some computers, but for mine I remember I didn't have the reset switch plugged in and it worked just as fine. Is the problem you cant find the reset switch cord, or the location on the motherboard where its supposed to be plugged in?