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    thornlands qld Australia
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    PC and IT


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    ryzen 7 3800x
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    msi x370 gaming m7 ack atx
  • RAM
    2/16 3600mh
  • GPU
    rtx 2080 super
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    o11 dynamic
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    2/ 500gb nvme SSD in raid 0 and 1tb Samsung 860 Evo
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    Silverstone 850 80 plus gold
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    Dell gaming 1440p 32i 165hz
    dell 1440p 32i 60hz
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    corsair h150i aio
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    Razer Huntsman elite
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    Logitech g502 hero
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    Logitech Z906 5.1
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    note 20 ultra and pixel 4a 5g

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  1. the aio is trash but if you read the original post you can see why he got the APU
  2. msi hasn't made a good case yet they don't make a lot of good stuff these days
  3. when it was new in 2012 is was 20k it's hard to find an actual solid number price but because it was only sold for custom orders https://hardforum.com/threads/extremely-rare-intel-slc32-xeon-x5698-4-40ghz-dual-core-12mb-l3-lga1366-cpu.1981529/
  4. I have had a personally bad experience with the MSI core liquid line but you might have a better one when they work they perform pretty well
  5. our the Western Digital yeah sn750 not bad right now
  6. the 500gb is stupidly overpriced you realistically you should just spend $10 more to get another 1TB but still Samsung SSD's are very expensive
  7. As you can see in the screenshot it was made for Stock Exchange so they need very high performance single core
  8. do not spend $600 on a GTX 1650 and that storage makes no sense and that case is pretty rubbish for the money
  9. Why are you getting the ryzen 7 5700g if you have a gpu and the gpu is not worth 400 USD and the storage makes no sense and
  10. Just been looking around at the Intel xeon 58 chips and I saw this chip pop up and people were talking about it costing $20,000 in 2013 seems a bit ridiculous for a dual core CPU
  11. if the old power supplies ok you maybe getaway of using a Molex to 6 Pin adaptor those prebuilt can be really weird around power supplies