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  1. P650HS from metabox with the 120Hz panel sounds like it's up your alley, really.
  2. Because nVidia let it be. Now it's not. They don't want people using Pascal GPUs beyond 2-way, because their driver team is focused on adding crap we don't need and not fixing/improving their existing stuff.
  3. Here is the thread in question: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/316320-the-hell-is-the-difference-between-the-venom-blackbook-15-and-the-clevo-p650se/ This is the point where I said I got Linus to start talking about the turbo clocks etc more in depth for the notebooks.
  4. I told Linus before he should specify when these rebrands are a Clevo and he said "everyone already knows that" and made a comparison to a brand of power supplies that are just rebranded from some other company which he also claimed everyone knows (which I didn't). He probably won't touch anything but Clevo high end, and from Sager (with overheating issues).
  5. Don't buy the LGA models from them, they won't work. You need to buy those from OBSIDIAN-PC or HIDevolution. The BGA models like the P650HS though, those are just fine.
  6. No, there's no reason for the blade, period. No, if Clevo had such low standards as the blade, nobody would touch it with a 10-foot pole. Blade only gets sales because every mainstream reviewer lies about it being good, places review weight in how it looks and feels in the hand which has nothing to do with performance/qc/overheating, hides overheating/throttling, and their brand followers are a cult that defends them to the death. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/772751-new-gigabyte-aero-15/#comment-9752949 https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/668791-new-razer-blade-2016-gtx-1060/#comment-8628901 Here, look through the above and tell me you think blade is even close to being good anymore.
  7. every gen*
  8. Know nothing about it at all. Hopefully he does his own stuff properly and doesn't just cannibalize prema's mods and call it his own. Which happens more frequently than you may imagine.
  9. svl7's vBIOS hasn't been updated and nVidia drivers now need a newer driver base or it'll pretty much break. Prema vBIOSes are well-done but they have a somewhat high voltage for compatibility; it's possible your chip could use a lot less voltage than his standard free mod would grant. If you want, donating to him for a custom vBIOS mod would likely be the best method if you need a lowered voltage etc.
  10. ugh, this forum is totally broken for me now. So much freezing. If the person is going to grab the N850HP6 I'd suggest using a SSD-only set up, if possible. The 5400RPM HDDs aren't anything you really want unless it's PURE raw data storage going on them.
  11. I haven't seen something like that in a long while. Usually it's a Dell problem. But even so, there's no way a 960M is holding 60fps in GTA V without being on like the lowest settings with a mobile i5 (esp ULV).
  12. Mobile intel CPU information guide: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/246907-how-mobile-i7-cpus-work-information-guide/
  13. Buying that would be a bad experience. Eurocom does not do extra quality control to the machines for temps etc. No delids or anything like that, something needed because intel skimps on everything. If you want the workstation-grade laptop from somewhere, buy it from HIDevolution here: http://www.hidevolution.com/evoc-clevo-p770dm-custom-built-gaming-desktop-replacement-laptop.html http://www.hidevolution.com/evoc-clevo-p750dm-custom-built-gaming-desktop-replacement-laptop.html
  14. Ok Ok. Why? This is a literal waste of money. Ok Ok Ok You're going to have a rather difficult time considering the number of ports on available laptops, as well as the maximum number of supported displays. That should be fine. Why? Understandable. Why did you pick a super thin model? And from ASUS no less? They're probably the worst company after Razer to purchase anything from since you want a tightly working machine. After everything here, I can determine that your only real choice is likely a P775DM3 . But that's going to be rather close for your budget. And you're not getting raided NVMe drives, and those are still a waste of money even if you could afford it. You're gonna need to make some compromises here. You can't get silent, powerful, high end. Gotta choose which one. I suggest making one of your 4K monitors be the laptop display, because the laptop 4K ones can be calibrated to 99% aRGB or thereabouts. Unless your editing monitors are 10-bit there's no benefit to using all three of them.
  15. It's not that you can't get it working, as you say. But it's pointless. The latency is through the roof and unlike where using multiple cards worked on Kepler/Maxwell, most of the time you attempt forcing multiple cards above 2 in Pascal on games the games themselves outright crash. nVidia is pretty much stabbing SLI behind its back while still saying it's a good thing.