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  1. Haven't seen anything from EVGA, they don't even register on my radar as a maker of good laptops. Razer is only on my radar because they're so terrible I have to make sure people DON'T buy them. As for OP's question, a P950HR or P650HS is probably up your alley for non-gamey-looking but good stuff.
  2. If anybody reviews a Razer notebook (or any product) and gives it a bad review, or even says they're not blown away by it, they stop getting products from Razer to review. So... good luck finding legit reviews.
  3. Can't say. I only know the compatibility list that's in the guide. But my suggestion is get rid of them and buy a 1080 or 1080Ti or something if you can afford. It'll do you better.
  4. He's moving to a new site sometime soon from what I know. I don't know all off the top of my head. I don't know if this is still the case; there was a big talking-out on a NBR thread, and I asked for them to just lay out what was needed and neither did. I would say however that Prema says personal mods STILL are a thing; if someone wants one they can still have one by contacting and donating if Prema thinks you're ok. But I won't promise anything. I'd still say getting from OBSIDIAN and trying to get a personal mod is better than trying to get from some other people.
  5. you're losing it, I'ma burn you at the stake. Plus, repasting voids your warranty with razer. Unless HID warranty overspecs Razer... Also, ICD won't work. It's bare heatpipe to die remember? You need something to fill the gap or the kind of paste they use. Repasting is pointless to the average user.
  6. Intel chips haven't had faulty sensors for a very long time. AMD is AMD and is almost guaranteed to have some program or other be incapable of reading the temps properly. But it isn't going to be a problem for his notebook. That's just Razer's shit cooling. I don't know what you're talking about, didn't you see this? they have world-leading engineering and design! And now support! Enterprise-grade notebooks like Thinkpads and Precision Ms with next business day someone is at your home/workplace to FIX your problem, eat your heart out! Razer's so good they solve the issues on the phone in 35 minutes! /s You should. That will rapidly hurt the life of the system, and Razer's cooling subsystem might as well not exist. The whole laptop is likely to die many years before it would have if Razer was not the creator. Thermal limits is not something any computer should be operating at out of the box, especially with, and let me stress this, LIGHT loads such as playing counter-strike. Thermal limits should be near synthetic tests designed to brutalize a CPU, such as prime95, or seriously heavy loads such as gaming + livestreaming using heavy-compression CPU-based encoding, or H.264/H.265-based video rendering, etc. Anything else and your OEM has produced shit. I implore people to not accept "shit" as a product they should keep and/or use. A reminder, that this is a 15W CPU, which includes the power the iGPU uses. You should try Gelid GC Extreme, or if your contact is particularly flat, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. I don't understand you. You basically described a completely broken laptop above, but you stuck with it instead of finding an alternative, yet just calmly say you won't buy another in the near future. I'd be a lot more livid if my stuff didn't work properly out the box and there was no known way to fix it. Correct, that "extended periods" bit is the important part.
  7. The article's been updated, this is the most complete form as far as I know: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Opinion-Nvidia-s-Max-Q-Maximum-efficiency-minimum-performance.232038.0.html By sunday probably we'll have it properly sorted out.
  8. Crap happened. My information is correct. They just don't like it. I want them to prove me wrong, not the other way around. I have enough evidence to back up my claims, they are going to need evidence to prove me wrong.
  9. My article has been butchered
  10. It's getting mixed reactions all over the net whoever sees it. OCN thinks it's all fine and dandy (as usual). NBR is loving it. Not a peep out of /r/GamingLaptops yet, I'm banned from /r/pcmasterrace and I can't post it in /r/nvidia so if you want to post them yourself and say X-Post from /r/GamingLaptops, feel free to do so for me.
  11. Likewise!
  12. Thank you, thank you Always wanted to do things like this.
  13. Fantastic article on notebookcheck, if I do say so myself. But that would be bragging. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Opinion-Nvidia-s-Max-Q-is-a-maximum-rip-off.232038.0.html @Pendragon @Dackzy
  14. wut He needs some Kryonaut Ain't nothing else I can say that I don't always say: NEVER buy an ASUS laptop second hand, and it should be one of your last choices firsthand. Also, thermal throttling a CPU at 86c is very low.
  15. Fixed your statement for you.