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    Clevo P870DM3
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    4 x 8GB DDR4 2400MHz 17-17-17-39 (needs fixing)
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    GTX 1080N 8GB x2 (SLI)
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    P870DM3 chassis
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    850 Pro 256GB, 850 EVO 500GB M.2, Crucial M4 512GB, Samsung PM961 256GB
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    780W Eurocom PSU
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    AUO B173HAN01.2 17.3" 120Hz laptop display + 1360 x 768 Sharp TV (second screen)
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    P870DM3 un-modified internal cooling
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    P870DM3 internal keyboard
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
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    Corsair Vengeance 1500 v2 & Steelseries H-Wireless
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  1. 65W, 95W. Useless naming semantics and basic TDP limits. Under most circumstances an 8700K will suck the same power as an 8700 and the same goes for an 8600K to 8400, unless you overclock them, which you're probably not going to do in the P950TP6. So, if an 8700K at stock needs a delid, then an 8700 needs a delid. Same for 8600K and 8400. So just assume you want to delid.
  2. The SLI information guide

    No, Pascal cards do not overclock well. I don't expect you to be very good at it as a beginner, if raising the sliders don't work I'd expect most people to give up. I recommend MSI Afterburner or NVIDIA Inspector for overclocking, over Precision X. But if you're in the high 1900MHz range already you should be fine.
  3. The SLI information guide

    It's not too hot. You may be able to divert air flow to the top card using case fan placement, I don't know. I have never tried to adjust SLI airflow in a desktop setup, but thinking about it, it should be possible. However with Pascal cards that's a significant performance dip compared to sub-60c. So good luck with it. Maybe you could run an AIO setup on the top card, would probably fix any issues (also why I recommend the Hybrid cards for SLI and top end pascal in general).
  4. You're gonna need a compatible cable, and a monitor that uses it. I won't recommend the converter route, and note that if you have gsync you're almost certainly gonna lose it.
  5. 6-Core No dGPU TB3?

    Erm... I am almost certain there's a clevo with it... the N350Dx successor. But I can't be sure. I know for 100% sure that it will never see the light of day in an ultrabook, those things barely cool 15W ULV chips.
  6. If you're wanting power and DON'T mind a ***LOUD*** (I cannot stress this enough) laptop when using maximum fanspeeds, the P870TM1 will be the ultimate unit. The other ones don't compare. It's expensive though, and I wish the build quality was a little better for the chassis and maintenance functions, but if you get it with solid work done from HIDevolution you should have no worries. If you're in the single GPU range where a GT75 exists, it's a pretty solid unit that doesn't need to be purchased from HIDevolution who are generally more expensive than other resellers like XoticPC, but you will want a Svet mod (which costs a few dollars aftermarket from Svet on the MSI forums).
  7. The SLI information guide

    Normal because your bottom card is blocking your top one's airflow. This is why hybrid cards are useful, and why some people wish for blower cards. Alternately, using an extra motherboard spacing (like slots 1 and 3) and picking a motherboard that will allow multi-GPU in those slots is a decent idea.
  8. Upgrade from 60Hz to 120Hz in laptop...possible?

    Not "similar", you need "exact". You need the same CABLE, same dimensions, same power requirements. Make certain.
  9. Upgrade from 60Hz to 120Hz in laptop...possible?

    I don't know a compatible replacement, but you can possibly use panelook to check for equal dimensions. Sorry I can't be of more help here.
  10. Upgrade from 60Hz to 120Hz in laptop...possible?

    What do you have? What panel is in it?
  11. Razer Blade 14 2014 - Heat issues

    And yet people would call me a clevo shill and a Razer hater for no reason. I don't even feel sorry for people with such stupid levels of buyer's remorse where they can't let themselves admit that kind of stuff is true.
  12. Razer Blade 14 2014 - Heat issues

    Yup went and checked There's no contact plate. Cooling is crap, and it needs a special kind of paste designed for all the gaps and whatnot. Traditional paste will fail miserably here.
  13. Razer Blade 14 2014 - Heat issues

    Doesn't it still use bare heatpipe to die cooling? Traditional paste won't work for that.
  14. The SLI information guide

    Sounds like your system setup, since our specs match and I don't get microstutters unless I'm in a window and media is playing on another screen?
  15. Is 250 dollars a good deal for 2 gtx 970s?

    I didn't address anything else EXCEPT what I quoted in your post, which was that games don't use above 3.5GB (I.E. trigger the slowdown) at 1080p, and rarely at 1440p, only really if you do it at 4K. My post disproved that, and nothing else. It's game-dependent, end of. Resolution of the game doesn't mean that much, it's the state of the assets you use that really does anything. I am aware of vRAM caching. I wrote the vRAM information guide also pinned to these forums, as well as the SLI guide. I'm simply pointing out, as I also do in that guide, that you cannot blanket-statement render resolution into a vRAM bracket, because it's completely different. I am aware of the FF 15 benchmark but it doesn't mean vRAM usage is inherently broken because it turns on hairworks. Nvidia Shadow Works is off in the benchmark unless you use a custom launcher as is VXAO, both of which should hurt vRAM usage quite a bit more if they are detailed shadow tech. Take my above post for what it is: a correction to your blanket statement about vRAM usage. I didn't comment on anything else about value or the 970s or anything to that effect, as I didn't intend to do anything else but what I did.