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  1. Yeah, @Pendragon has the basics down. - Gsync-capable GPUs (there's an extra resistor on them to denote them from normal cards) - Gsync-capable GPU BIOSes must be flashed to those GPUs - Gsync-capable BIOS must be flashed to the system - Gsync-capable screen must be attached to the system, with a BIOS key acknowledging its model number as Gsync capable
  2. As far as I know, Quadro exists in MXM. It's in MXM-B as well. But they're pretty TDP limited and stuff. Clevo and MSI paid R&D to make these out of their own pocket. They are not MXM-B nor any design of nViida's. If they did not do this, we would have no socketed mobile pascal cards. Period.
  3. Only 1 SATA slot (M.2 is *TERRIBLE* for recording to) Cannot overvolt RAM for the good RAM unless using default XMP profiles on ANY bit of RAM (it just resets to 1.2v). Even with Prema mod. Cooling needs a bit of modding too; I don't know if HID is doing the pad/mods yet like they do for the Clevos CMOS reset is an absolute bitch Only 3 USB ports I mean, don't get me wrong. It is a nice little notebook and all. But it isn't... the best 15"er. If we're considering top notch cooling situation vs top notch cooling situation, then the P750DM2 is better, even with the shared heatsink. Especially since when rendering he won't be using the GPU, so his CPU gets to share the GPU fan. As for the prema mod... damn. That's new. I wonder if Eurocom is offering it. Yeah they're offering "a" BIOS... I don't know if Prema.
  4. Yeah, I suppose. Though stock MSI paste isn't so terrible all things considered. That... is a whole other story. When did they announce it'll be Prema modded? Delidding needs relidding on these machines.
  5. Oh I'm not talking about the reviews from NBR. Just the forums. I haven't ever read a single review from NBR and I've been there since 2009
  6. Your better bet would be the notebookreview forums. Though, most of the knowledge-able people there don't use Optimus notebooks, but you may still find much better help. Honestly except for myself and a few others here, LTT knows jack shit about laptops. You find people who don't think a laptop can overclock, who don't know laptop CPUs are all bare die, who think Razer makes good laptops, who think laptops that sit at thermal throttle points are fine, etc. I mean I'm not saying not to use here, but if you have a very weird problem, you should try NBR first.
  7. No they don't. You're thinking of "Optimus/Enduro" where the iGPU runs the screen and the dGPU is a number cruncher (it runs nothing, it simply calculates the graphics and passes through the iGPU). What he is speaking about, is a MUX switch, where he switches from Optimus/Enduro to actual dGPU-only mode, complete with all the control panel and screen options present, as well as access to things like desktop shadowplay recording and whatnot. When he says he is turning off the iGPU, it means he's literally turning it off, completely. The reason he needs to reboot is because Windows is a piece of crap and M$ has yet to code in the ability to switch the primary graphics adapter without a reboot. Optimus/Enduro work because the primary graphics adapter is *always* the intel card. Probably, change it from being a slideshow. Unfortunately for you, Optimus/Enduro is pretty crappy tech. They "mostly" work and "mostly" is fine for people, but as you can tell it can cause problems. There used to be a way to run iGPU-only, but that was back in the M17x R4 days.
  8. Laptop CPUs are all bare die. If a thermal paste is only good over a wide spread of heat, then it isn't very good. Thirdly, you need to have a test that properly stresses the cooler for TIM to separate more than a couple degrees. The more the cooler is pushed to the limit the better the discrepancy is. Your posted lists are rather cool temperatures. Under 40c for all CPU tests.
  9. https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/bare-die-testing-a-delidded-3770k-an-h100-and-9-different-tims.2285595/
  10. To be fair, OBSIDIAN-PC is the best around. Standard operation for them is: - Thermal pad redone according to notebook enthusiasts on the Notebookreview forums for best temperatures - Shim soldered to CPU heatsink on P870xMx models to bridge gap for best contact between IHS and Heatsink - Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut on GPU and CPU - CPUs delidded with Liquid Metal inbetween IHS and Bare Die This is "stock". This is not anything you pay extra for. If you purchase from them, this is a STANDARD machine. They're extremely fantastic, I can't recommend them more highly, except for one very small caveat: They are legally not allowed to be a Prema Partner (yet). This means they cannot sell you the Prema mod, and the Prema Mod is almost completely necessary for these machines. They are, however, trying to get their own personal unlocked/updated BIOSes out, so that relying on Prema isn't necessary, since they cannot rely on him (they want to be a Prema Partner, I just want to make that clear, they just can't). HIDevolution is closely second best. Standard operation for them is: - Thermal pad redone according to notebook enthusiasts on the Notebookreview forums for best temperatures - Shim experimented; unsure of exact method used right now for P870xMx models. P7xxxMx models should not need one, to be fair. - IC Diamond on CPU & GPU - CPUs delidded with Liquid Metal inbetween IHS and Bare Die - Prema Mod - All desktop i5 CPUs overclocked to 4.3GHz out of the box as you receive them. - All desktop i7 CPUs overclocked to 4.7GHz out of the box as you receive them. They are fantastic, and also highly recommended, but they simply are not as thorough as OBSIDIAN-PC is. It's not that they are by any stretch of the imagination bad, but there must be a "best" and a "second best", and HIDevolution takes "second best". They are a Prema Partner, and that's an insane selling point. If you are in the US, these are the people to buy from. Do note, the P750DM2 can theoretically hold a 1080N in it. It's essentially the same machine as the P775DM3, which sells with a 1080N. But I don't know if you can convince HIDevolution to sell you one in it =D. I'd say if GPU power is what you care about when not rendering, 1080N is indeed worth it over the 1070N, but in the same breath, you are significantly better off with the P870KM1 using a single 1080N and the vapor chamber heatsink. I guarantee that. But it's going to be a lot bigger than the P750DM2 and likely more expensive, so that's a bleh issue, but I'm just letting you know your options. Also just to clear things up. Origin PC's EON15-X 10 is a "Clevo", not the other way around. Clevo makes them, and Origin buys them and rebrands.
  11. > good stuff > MX-4 LUL No, it really is not the good stuff. AS5 and Arctic Ceramique 2 are better, far less GC Extreme and IC Diamond. MX-4 is trash-tier, but for some reason very popular. It also only works on high mounting pressure heatsinks, otherwise it pumps out/evaporates. Thermal paste is not a gimmick. But it may be depending on where you buy it from. $35 for ICD repaste is... less than optimal. You could buy yourself a tube of ICD, a decent multi-bit screwdriver set, and a bucket of KFC with that budget, and you'd be able to get the same paste on. But that requires taking the thing apart, so you're more paying for convenience. Of course, some places like Eurocom, Mythlogic, HID, etc use IC Diamond as a standard paste, so the extra payment isn't necessary (though their prices are higher than Sager). If you're buying a Clevo socketed model (P7xxDM2, P870xMx), there's only two places you should be buying them from. HIDevolution (US & worldwide; has Prema mod) and OBSIDIAN-PC (EU/UK, no Prema mod). Yes, only those two places in the world. Because these places delid the CPUs with liquid ultra inbetween the IHS and die, and use optimal thermal pad placement for best cooling on the GPU heatsinks, have the best selection options, and give you the best out of box experience possible. You could of course get it from another place and do all the fixes manually (like I have had to do; still waiting on my thermal pads actually to finish the cooling upgrade process) but I suspect you aren't comfortable with delidding your CPU and whatnot. If you're buying the BGA (soldered) models (P6xxHx) then the place you buy them from matters much less; the machines don't need delidding or any special thermal pad placements to keep themselves cool. I'd still suggest liquid metal on the CPU, which you can get from GentechPC or HIDevolution, though HID will offer the Prema mod and Gentech will not. Prema mods are jesus. You want them if you like even a little control over a system at the BIOS level and for it to be nice and up to date with all the latest fixes from intel etc. MSI and Alienware need repastes done manually. Don't bother getting them from sellers. ASUS needs repastes BADLY. I've heard of 10c drops just repasting with normal paste there. The problem is most of their laptops take so much effort to take apart that it's often a 2-hour endeavour. I'd suggest taking it from a reseller site like XoticPC or HIDevolution or Pro-Star computing if you see it as an option, because you DAMN WELL DON'T WANT TO DO IT. If you thought ASUS was bad, Gigabyte is worse. 20c drops reported from adjusting paste. I would also only buy Gigabyte's Aorus models if you had to buy a gigabyte, and they're only useful if you need something to be thin and function at stock clocks. I would take them from GentechPC and get the Liquid Ultra upgrade (it's $0.01 for it, at least as of now) and they'll function decently. Just don't overclock them. Everyone else makes too weak machines to make sense buying for a serious video editor. Also, since I mentioned "clevo" throughout this, I should clarify. Clevo is the ODM that makes the machines that places like OriginPC, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, iBuyPower, Sager, Mythlogic, HIDevolution (EVOC systems), Eurocom, etc buy and rebrand. So the EON17-X 10 from OriginPC IS the NP9172/NP9173 from Sager, which IS the 17.3" Harker from Digital Storm, etc. Same system. As I said before, I would only buy the socketed CPU models from HIDevolution and OBSIDIAN-PC, however I want to specifically state that it's an especially bad idea to get them from Origin PC or Digital Storm or iBuyPower. If you must go a cheaper route, then Sager (through LPC-Digital) or Eurocom (with student discount) is a much better idea.
  12. They're GPU power viruses. Their objective is to shove as much possible power draw and load at a system.
  13. I haven't even opened it to get it to boot with XMP cuz lazy honestly. I really should
  14. It's coming. I'll have enough storage and the shims and thermal pads soon
  15. 6700HQ is 300Mhz slower than 7700HQ, and pascal notebook cards are much better than maxwell ones (in a decent laptop anyway)... just find one that cools better. I would only suggest Skylake if you're using a 6820HK or 6920HQ and not using windows 10.