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    Clevo P870DM3
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    4 x 8GB DDR4 2400MHz 17-17-17-39 (needs fixing)
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    GTX 1080N 8GB x2 (SLI)
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    P870DM3 chassis
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    850 Pro 256GB, 850 EVO 500GB M.2, Crucial M4 512GB, Samsung PM961 256GB
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    780W Eurocom PSU
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    AUO B173HAN01.2 17.3" 120Hz laptop display + 1360 x 768 Sharp TV (second screen)
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    P870DM3 un-modified internal cooling
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    P870DM3 internal keyboard
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Core
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    Corsair Vengeance 1500 v2 & Steelseries H-Wireless
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  1. Yes I know about the ones that do. I'm just saying if you try it don't get your hopes up is all. But if it fits it should work, good luck! For some reason Clevo doesn't offer each of their models to have the best screens, but most of them have similar sizes and connectors.
  2. All my time talking to people from the notebookreview forums gave me that information. Almost everyone who used MX-4 reported severely worsening temps after a few days to a couple of weeks. If OP used it and it lasts, then by all means he can keep it. But if he used ICD or AC2 or Kryonaut (with a flat heatsink; it's rather intolerant of warped heatsinks) or Gelid it should be even better, and last longer to boot.
  3. The listed panels both appear to be 30-pin eDP, however the N150RF uses the iGPU to run the panel, so I'm not sure if it'll work.
  4. The GL502VS though is an overheating piece of crap. Only the VM is worth anything. There is not much that'll give the same specs you listed for 1500 euroes. OBSIDIAN-PC has some cheap clevos though, but a 1060 model with what you're getting on that sale is going to be more expensive, sadly, so I can't recommend anything else.
  5. I guess. ASUS is the bottom of my list of recommendations but I believe that particular model is not bad for ASUS.
  6. What's the price you're getting it for?
  7. They're not the best in the world, not even close. I refuse to consider my keyboard low quality, however. I can function just fine on it and it works perfectly for gaming and typing. I can even achieve about 118 words per minute in typing with it on a good day. As for the P6xxHx series, the keyboard on those are considered to be better than what is on the higher end models, so I'd say you'll be ok.
  8. Probably a hard drive failing, but... it could be any number of things.
  9. This is one of the worst possible advice you could give a laptop user. MX-4 is absolutely terrible for the low mounting pressure on laptops, and it's also very bad with thermally dense heat sources. It's honestly not a very good thermal paste and only really works well between an IHS and a HS with higher mounting pressure. AS5 is pretty decent, but IC Diamond, Gelid GC Extreme, Kryonaut, and even Arctic Ceramique 2 are all better choices.
  10. If the contact point is copper, you could probably chance some liquid metal. Undervolt your processor too, get it to produce less heat. Find a way to force max fans under load. A modded notepal U3 probably might do the best job of improving cooling, but I don't know anything else that'll make a lot of sense for actually improving the cooling. Adding spiked copper shims helps slow heat buildup, but it will eventually hit the maximum temp as usual, and it'll be a LOT slower to cool down.
  11. Some of the AW15 and AW17 machines have a MUX, some have plain dGPU for gsync, some have optimus only. The machines are all fucked up.
  12. These are all laptop dependent. For example I don't have iGPU access on my laptop, but I have USB C/TB3. They're not linked to the iGPU, because that's hardware-disabled (I can't even turn it on). Clevo BGA and MSI tie the external ports to the dGPU (in fact MSI has been doing it longest). Previous gens like the Clevo P170SM-A did not; they all ran from the iGPU, making high refresh external monitors pointless as well as gsync/freesync useless. I don't know how the ports are exactly on the AW15 R3.
  13. You're wrong. Optimus runs off the iGPU ONLY. The dGPU is a pure number cruncher. External ports are either connected to the iGPU or the dGPU, and as far as I know, a MUX switch won't even change the external ports either. If his ports are using the iGPU, then they'll forever be using the iGPU. Forcing dedicated graphics only on an Optimus system without a MUX switch doesn't do a lick of anything either. Probably because the port is running from the iGPU, and you'll never get that port to run off the nVidia GPU.
  14. I've seen it is better than the Aero 14 by a mile but if you want solid performance I still would not take it.
  15. They're the same computer, both are Clevo P650HS models. HID offers international warranty, and outright prema mods when available, but the international warranty costs more. OBSIDIAN does more work on the systems (lapping heatsinks) and is basically the best company you can buy from on the market. Shit, I'd tell people to buy desktops from them, they're so top tier. It's up to you what to get, really. Determine the best place to buy from.