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    Right now nothing xD


  1. yeah if i use them individual then 1 is jumping so high. if i use them in sli they are using both 200 watt per card but tdp is just like from a 1080ti 250 watt it is a little bit strange
  2. but, do you know something about it??
  3. yeah i know i have both running
  4. hey guy's i have a question i have 2x a 1080ti if they are working 1 of them is jumping in wattage from 150 to max 350 or even higher is this normal?? please help!
  5. okey thanks a lot i would test it! with 2 flex bridges
  6. Hey, i have right now 2 cards from msi 1 1080ti aero and 1 msi 1080ti armor, but the depth from the cards are different now i can't use a HB Bridge i need right now 2 flexible bridges. is that right?? and can i use it then just like normal? and i know i need to clean!
  7. i7-8086k 4Ghz, Asus PRIME Z370-A, MSI GTX 1080ti Aero OC and MSI GTX 1080ti Armor OC, Ballistix Sport L 2666Mhz, Samsung 970 EVO 500GB, 4Tb HDD 5,400rpm, PSU Corsair RM850x, CPU Cooler:NZXT Kraken X62 AM4, 1x NZXT AER 140MM - RGB FAN & HUE+, 1x NZXT AER 140MM - RGB Fan - Triple Pack, Case Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 6


  8. yeah you can just download at 10 gigabit but your storage must be just as fast as you download speed but otherwise it dont care!
  9. i'm not gona switch in 2022 the graphics are way better on pc than consoles and that would never chance!