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  1. Location Probably, My ambient temps are usually around 30c So I run much much hotter then everyone I know.
  2. Was DMG beginning of 2015, stopped playing competitively and seriously and just played around with friends. Started playing "Competitively" again with a friend and have gone from GN3 to DMG in the past 5 days(Like 40 wins, only lost like 3 and one was to a spinbotter). Out of town now till Thursday then I'll be back at it. Willl update once I slow down ranking up.
  3. Things I've come to realize from ready this entire thread. OP does a lot of bad research and throws tons of money at stuff he doesn't quite understand yet. Anyways good luck. Hopefully you stop shooting yourself in the foot repeatedly though.
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813130801&cm_re=MSI_Z97_SLI_Krait_Edition-_-13-130-801-_-Product Anyone have anything against this? If not I think this might be my answer. Matches my GPU color as well.
  5. Nothing in particular currently. White and black would be preferenced though.
  6. Alright so I got a 980 ti last week. I need to upgrade my old fx 6100 now. I've decided to go with a 4790k since 5820k would mean a good $300+ more for me. (More expensive mobo, new ram, cpu itself is $100 more) So what I need to figure out is what MoBo I should get. Anyone have any favorites? I plan on overclocking some, but also don't want to spend to much since the rest will go towards a AIO cooler. Edit: Or should I wait till after black friday and see if any pop up cheap then?
  7. Alright thanks for talking sense into me guys, just hate spending all my money on one thing even if it's worth it. Problem Solved.
  8. I figured, Welp here goes all my money Also I got your IQ beat by 1 point (Sorry I had to)
  9. I really really really need a new graphcis card (running a 650ti right now and have been for years and years. I was gonna wait till black friday and hope for a good deal, but I saw new cards are in stock on EVGA's B Stock. Should I get a 980 kingpin so I have more towards upgrading my CPU around christmas or just pay the extra for the 980ti SC+ now?
  10. A friend of mine needs to build a new gaming PC on a budget. He has $700 USD. No particular color scheme or anything like that, just best bang for the buck. He has keyboard and mouse.
  11. To everyone asking yes I would like to go with a 5820k over a skylake cpu. I do plan on doing a few things other then gaming where this would be a good advantage, plus it's not much more expensive Unless a serious advantage goes against this.
  12. Also storage wise I want to get a 1tb ssd for OS + Games, I have a lot of them, then I already have a 2tb HHD I can throw into it
  13. Also for everyone talking about getting a better GPU I was kinda trying to save now and get a pascal chip card when they come out, but I suppose I don't need to, in which case should I get a 980ti then?