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  1. Off topic specifically says to not post about TECH, is this a forum full of morons? <---- There, it has a question.
  2. Really mods? Really? Since when do off topic conversations have worthwhile purpose? What a bunch of wanker nonsense, I quit this forum too, such heavy handed mod bullshit.
  3. You brought up a very important word here, fear, sure don't fear someone coming in and taking your stuff when you leave the door open, fear is a state of mind, but don't be surprised if someone tries to come in and steal your stuff either. EDIT: And to be clear, it doesn't justify the action on the other person's part, but you should take precautions to make it more difficult to get stolen from.
  4. And at that point, you just have to stop debating the point because to quote Ron White, "You can't fix stupid."
  5. Also I never said I would just call the idea stupid and move on, I'd explain clearly and plainly why it's stupid and leave it to them to see it for what it is, after a while if they don't see that it's stupid you have to concede that not just the idea is stupid, but the person you're dealing with as well.
  6. No, I just think they're misguided and if I show the idea to be stupid, maybe, they'll not just dig in on the side of stupid.
  7. No it isn't, one is an ad hominem attack and the other is an attack on the idea, if you can't see the distinction I might be done talking with you at all.
  8. I'm talking about bad ideas, they should be mocked, no other way to stop it's spread to be honest, because the overwhelming majority of people tend to jump on a bandwagon of a bad idea if they think it will make them look cool. My purpose is to make that idea bandwagon look so bad that nobody would want to get on it. Bad ideas evolve into bad acts because nobody thought to stand up and point out how stupid the idea is when it was first purposed.
  9. Now you've said something I didn't. Mocking someone... no, I don't mock you personally, but if your idea sucks I will mock the idea, or if you say something stupid, I will mock that, but not resort to calling you stupid. I mean if the idea is stupid, that's enough for me, I don't need to make it personal. And let's be clear, I have no idea you opinion on anything, we may end up agreeing on things. I'm just saying as a rule, if I see something stupid, I will point out it's stupidity and mock it.
  10. Mockery is the best way to cull bad ideas from good ones. If it can be mocked, it wasn't a good idea. That's how good ideas evolve into great ones, they're scrutinized. It's why scientific theories have papers detailing them and then are published for peer review. So the idea can be picked apart for worthiness. In the academic world it's done in a fairly constrained and usually civil matter, but on a forum, it will have monkey poo slung at it if it's a shit idea.
  11. Can I just say, firstly, I have no idea what you think about anything, I really don't as I haven't gone to look up any posts you've ever made, this is the first I've viewed. Second, any opinion that can't defend itself from mockery, deserves to be mocked, just because you think it, doesn't make it valid or give the idea any validity at all. Third, it's incumbent upon you to either defend your position, or if you can't, don't state it in the first place, don't blame others for attacking your position on something when it was you who stated the position publicly in the first place. Can't take
  12. Ok just letting off a bit of steam here... If you're going to insist on calling a day Partly Sunny instead of Partly Cloudy, you have to go the whole 9 yards and call that same condition at night Partly Moony. Right, now you see how stupid that is, the condition has nothing to do with the sun nor moon but the clouds so it's Partly Cloudy.... optimists be damned as it has nothing to do with optimism or pessimism but rather REALITY.
  13. I'm just holding on for a framerate comparison like Linus did between 7 and 8, just to see if there's a marked difference between 8.1 and 10. If there's no improvement in performance I see no reason to upgrade, unless the rumors are true about 10 being free to Win 8.1 owners, that might compel me to upgrade as long as the performance is equal. But to pay, I'd want to see an FPS increase or it's just not worth it.
  14. joenewbie

    Logitech g430

    Ah, wasn't aware of that. Good info.