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  1. The data that is going across that link is slower than the link's maximum bandwidth. So the chipset is switching all this PCIe 3 info and putting it on the PCIe 4 bus but the data is still going to be PCIe 3 speed. You can't just magically make it go faster. The fastest those drives together can deliver data to the bus is ~8GB/s.
  2. I understand that. The chipset is basically half a PLX chip. But if your drives run at a PCIe 3 speed then the switch, in this case the chipset, is going to be switching PCIe 3 speeds. Which when running them all in a raid like the picture shows would net you half the bandwidth that would be possible.
  3. My question is more of how is the chipset functioning. You can't just combine lanes unless that is something new. That should be half the bandwidth as you have half the lanes to the CPU than the drives want.
  4. Tell me if I'm wrong but i'm 99.999% sure that you can't just chop lanes down like that. It's still 8 lanes to the CPU but it has the bandwidth of 4.
  5. Just saying. The kids using the chromebooks even know they are crap. Our schools use them because they are hilariously cheap pieces of junk that are easy to integrate into the network. The kids would rather use the horrible old dell laptops that run an actual OS and not some jank Android clone.
  6. You tearing apart another one just for kicks made me so sad. Even if it was an early kinda garbo model.
  7. Oh now you use a PVD coating you cheap shits. My X looks like crap with the coating coming off.
  8. The cameras have a separate bump from the rest of the bump lol
  9. May want to fix that title. I thought they were releasing a 27" that was 120Hz when it's only the 32 and 55 that will be high refresh rate.
  10. I still would like to know why RDS wasn't considered for this project using Windows Server 2019. It can do some pretty sweet utilization limits nowadays. Of course it requires either Tesla's or Quadro's to enable the hardware acceleration over remote desktop but it works extremely well in my system.
  11. They fit better for sure but you get really close between the PSU and the motherboard unless you put it to the side. I'm interested in seeing how this goes.
  12. Just saying right now that you are going to have absolutely MASSIVE issues fitting all the stuff you want an a G5/Mac Pro case. I has a 7PESH2 in mine and it only barely fits. I also have my PSU custom fit into the original PSU shroud. It might work slightly better in a Mac Pro given the changes that were made but if I remember right, only M-ATX boards fit well in them.
  13. Memory bandwidth will be quite a bit higher on threadripper but overall performance and feature set (outside of ECC unless these also support it) goes to the new chips. Threadripper boards are also expensive as all hell. If you don't need the memory bandwidth then the new 12 core is way better.
  14. I very much doubt they will keep the 8 core's from the 300 and 400 series platforms just given their similarities to what already exists (unless the current has increased past some arbitrary threshold they have deemed to be safe although it shouldn't be enough to matter). The 12 core is a different beast which could definitely cause issues on some boards.