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    i7 2600k 4.7Ghz
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    EVGA Z68 FTW
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  1. Then why did you buy this garbage in the first place?
  2. Eh. The minecraft server might put some strain on FPS but nothing too bad unless it's modded to hell and back AND everyone is making it generate objects/chunks like crazy. You have the best gaming CPU out there. I don't think you really need to spend the money.
  3. Some games do that. Some don't. Won't matter how many cores you throw at it. How hard is that server getting hit? What is it doing? Sounds like you don't really need the extra cores unless you do more video editing than you are making it out to be.
  4. Just use electrical tape and then remove it before putting the heat sink back on. Liquid Metal doesn't squeeze out like normal paste.
  5. What does that sentence even mean? The iMac 5k STILL has the best 5k display on the market and this one will be even better. What more can you ask of them? And actually cost for the machine is near 3500-4000 and now it uses and even more balls to the wall server level stuff. Excited to see where this goes even though I'm for sure not buying one.
  6. They all perform the same. Just comes down to looks and acoustics. I prefer the EVGA FTW 2 fan and 3 fan cards.
  7. Because all high end gpu's need HBM... /s Faster GDDR5X or GDDR6 will be able to supply the GPU's just fine. Stop freaking out about it.
  8. ati radeon 4870 hd mac

    Which was kinda already pointed out by the fact we are even talking about work arounds.
  9. ati radeon 4870 hd mac

    Apple doesn't actually care if you run the OS on unsupported Mac hardware. They only somewhat care about hackintosh's. It will work fine. My Mac Pro 1,1 is flashed to a 2,1 and ran El Capitan even though the last OS that would officially "Work" was Lion.
  10. ati radeon 4870 hd mac

    Who cares? It will work fine.
  11. ati radeon 4870 hd mac

    All Mac Pro's 3,1 and newer can run it. Pretty much any CPU that is late Core 2 and later can run it.
  12. ati radeon 4870 hd mac

    You both are incorrect. A 4.1 flashed to a 5.1 can run it OR using that tweak can also allow it to run.
  13. Except the entry level MBP has a worse screen (Kinda objective but it is worse when it comes to pixel count), lower base storage (FFS with the 128), worse clocked CPU. However. It does get Iris Pro graphics which is a pretty big step up and has faster ram but less standard. Very VERY close but I'd have to go Macbook.
  14. ati radeon 4870 hd mac

    Try installing sierra onto the hard drive after applying that hack and then putting the hard drive into the machine. That should also boot.
  15. I love how no one has said 16bit support. There are still thousands of companies, and this includes the US government, that use equipment that need 16bit support. Nothing newer than XP will work. "But why not just rebuild the program morons". Because the companies that made it went under years ago and why fix what already works. Some of this stuff is worth millions of dollars. This isn't laziness. The reason XP is still so used is because it's damn expensive/impossible to replace.