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  1. The new atom's are actually pretty damn good. I have one in my tablet and it flys through windows 10 64bit.
  2. I highly doubt that the chipset would be able to handle a completely different processor design....
  3. Why. What's wrong with the coloring? You mean the stuff that isn't even running? The stuff you can turn off? The stuff that likely is used to diagnose issues with the driver?
  4. I'd go 750w. Gives you options in the future if you wanted more power and will land in a better portion of the efficiency curve by putting less load on the PSU.
  5. No. That's not what he said that's what you are personally inferring. Preorders in themselves only sell due to Hype. You have no reviews of the product so how can you sell it? By saying it's amazing. He's saying not to buy into the hype AMD is saying.
  6. Jesus Christ. He said boycott the hype not the damn company....
  7. Wtf are you smoking? You kept using the word boycott and I called you on it. I have never said to boycott AMD I said not to buy a shit product, WHICH YOU AGREE IS BEING SMART WITH YOUR MONEY. You are contradicting yourself while trying to say that I am wrong. You said that it would end up boycotting AMD which is NOT what I ever said to do. I'm done here. You are the one twisting language.
  8. You appear to not understand what on earth a boycott is. Boycott - an act of voluntary and intentional abstention from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social, political, or environmental reasons. Me saying don't buy VEGA isn't a protest of AMD. It's saying don't buy a shit product. For god's sake I said to BUY POLARIS. That is a great product. That's what people should buy from AMD if they are gamers. If anything someone would buy AMD for their patents alone if they got to the point they can't do anything in the market. Who's fault would it be? It sure as hell isn't the consumer for not wanting a worse product.
  9. Yes people with Freesync montiors can also care but not even at VEGA 56. Fury/980ti/Vega56/1070 all perform at right around the same ball park and once you move up to Vega 64 you have an overpriced, high power GTX 1080. That still silly. Ok. Lets buy the overpriced crap that performs the same as last year. Just to support a company that isn't producing a good product at this range. The RX 500 cards are all super good at their pricing. Those are the ones that should be bought. Not these unless you fit some very fine circumstance.
  10. It also isn't in the best interest to the consumer to buy a worse product just so you can "keep them alive". Buy what is good and that certainly isn't VEGA unless you do OpenCL work.
  11. That has to be the dumbest thing i've ever read.
  12. And everyone said I was stupid when I said that this card would be expensive. It's a huge ass die with a very new and expensive memory tech. It it wasn't for miners then this card wouldn't even compete at all.
  13. Uh. There were two games tested with single and dual GPU's tested....
  14. I'll trust someone with a much larger track record than some russian youtuber. SLI : Again. It doesn't matter. They had to go to 4k Surround AND run the lowest settings possible to make it have any serviceable difference.
  15. It doesn't.