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    Overclocked Xeon Master Race
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    Gonna Code your shit


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    i7 5820k @ 4.5GHz
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    MSI X99S SLI Krait
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    4X4GB GSkill 3000MHz DDR4
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980ti
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    Phanteks P400s
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    120gb 850 Pro . 3TB Toshiba
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    Corsair HX 850i
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    LG 27UD68, Some Acer 1080P thing
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    Razer BlackWidow
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    Corsiar Gaming thing
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    Logitech somethinganothers.
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    Windows 10 Professional 64bit

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  1. Ah. Never heard of it. I'd imagine that would be most of the 10mb of "cache". That would be a massive hamper for some applications.
  2. Can everyone stop saying stupid shit about instruction sets? That doesn't determine how well a chip is going to perform at all. It means literally nothing. Modern x86 processors even convert their more complex instructions down in the pipeline to microOps as it's simply faster to process it. The hardware is the issue about performance. Nothing else. The only thing that I would imagine would be different is that ARM would have a shorter pipeline but need more cache due to have more instructions to do the same thing. Outside of that it's completely down to design of the chip. Yes. ARM could match x86 if the right chip was made. Currently they don't exist. Stop using instruction set ideology as the be all end all of performance metrics. What exactly is "System Cache"?
  3. 80+. It's either a typo or a variation of the 85+ version. http://www.gwoversea.com/T-series01.html Appears to be a cheaper version of this. https://www.chinahao.com/product/25254748456/
  4. You don't have to have the sticker you do know that right?
  5. Hunter259

    Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

    Because not all controllers are built the same? Not all NAND is identical. Yada yada yada. The vast majority of modern SATA ssd's are with 10% in every category available. Just because you are saturated doesn't mean everything is going to be identical every time.
  6. Hunter259

    Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

    TIL 4 = 10. Every bit of a modern SSD is saturating SATA. Period. Full stop. There's a reason why the NVME drives are faster in every single benchmark. It's called extremely higher bandwidth allowing for it combined with NVME also has lower overhead than SATA which helps for all those random read and writes.
  7. Hunter259

    Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

    Overhead is a thing. Most SATA SSD's hit 500-550 btw....
  8. Hunter259

    Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

    Those are lanes from the chipset not the ones coming from the cpu directly. Lol. SATA 6 has been saturated by every ssd made in the last 4 years.
  9. Hunter259

    Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

    Yeah no. This thing is garbage for it's price. There are other prebuilts at a similar price that are just simply better built.
  10. Hunter259

    I'm not reviewing this.

    And you were saying it wasn't a rebrand. Which it is.
  11. Hunter259

    I'm not reviewing this.

    You do realize it shares more in common with the 5 than it does the 5s to the point of being nearly identical to the 5? It's not an alternative. It's a definition rebrand. Don't tell me it's a cheap alternative when it didn't come out at a price that the 5 wouldn't have anyway. Every single top end iPhone has dropped down in price when the new one was released except for the 5 and the X. The 5C didn't share nearly enough with the 5S to call it a different phone. A slightly different camera and some extra LTE bands isn't enough when everything else is the same. The XR is a true "Cheap" alternative.
  12. Hunter259

    I'm not reviewing this.

    5c had the exact same rear camera as the 5. It gained the newer front facing from the 5c. It gained some more LTE bands and the minuscule 70 mAh increase. That's it. Otherwise it got bigger in all dimensions and it got heavier. Instead of a slim metal build you get a fat plastic build. It was a retarded "rebrand" that might have lost more than it gained mattering on whether those LTE bands were useful for you.
  13. Hunter259

    Was Windows Vista THAT Bad?

    If 7 was released instead of Vista at the same time you would have had very similar backlash. Vista was pushed on absolute garbage machines that could barely run on XP with Vista Ready stickers. Biggest mistake ever. That combined with the new driver type made Vista into a mess. It really wasn't THAT bad.