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    Overclocked Xeon Master Race
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    Gonna Code your shit


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    i7 5820k @ 4.5GHz
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    MSI X99S SLI Krait
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    4X4GB GSkill 3000MHz DDR4
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980ti
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    Phanteks P400s
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    120gb 850 Pro . 3TB Toshiba
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    Corsair HX 850i
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    LG 27UD68, Some Acer 1080P thing
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    Razer BlackWidow
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    Corsiar Gaming thing
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    Logitech somethinganothers.
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    Windows 10 Professional 64bit

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  1. This was worked on and tested on my own hardware. Gigabyte 7Pesh2 Intel E5-2680 x2 64GB ECC DDR3 1066 MHz Nvidia Tesla K20m I have been working on this for a couple weeks now after receiving a Tesla K20M to help accelerate my Remote Desktop sessions. I had the idea of trying to figure out a way to use Parsec to stream into a remote desktop session. This does not require the expensive Tesla driver set or even the Enterprise trial. It works with the freely available Tesla drivers. You may use either a second GPU or do all this remotely. How ever you chose. THIS IS ONLY TESTED TO WORK ON WINDOWS SERVER 2019. It is possible this may work on other versions of Windows. No guarantees. 1. Install Nvidia Telsa drivers. Just go to the driver page and install the appropriate driver. At time of writing this (https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/140697/en-us) is the latest driver for Server 2016. It works just fine on 2019. 2.If your card has a GOM mode, make sure it is in All-On mode. Some Tesla's are locked to compute only mode (K20c for example) so make sure you do your research. Launch CMD and run this line as an admin. "c:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI\nvidia-smi.exe" --gom=0 This will require a reboot. Do that now. If you have multiple cards run just the application to find the BUS-ID for the card you want to change. Use the -g *YOUR BUS-ID" after the end quotation marks to select the GPU to change GOM mode. 3. Now the card will need to be put into the WDDM driver mode. Do this by using this line "c:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI\nvidia-smi.exe" -dm 0 If that does not work, use -fdm instead of dm. Reboot again. 4. Enable RDP if you haven't already. RDP by default in Server 2019 using the new remote desktop session manager that gives lower level driver support to RDP. No RemoteFX needed. 5. Install a VNC server of your choice. TightVNC has worked for me very well. 6. Install Parsec and enable hosting. If you are RDP'd in you may not be able to select a monitor and if you can hosting will still not function. 7. VNC into your server. This will create a virtual monitor. On my board I have an ASPEED GPU I can not turn off so the monitor is created there. It is possible that VNC may create the monitor on the Tesla if no video outputs are found. 8.Set the monitor in Parsec while in VNC and then close the VNC. 9. RDP back into the server and make sure that Parsec is still set to use the monitor you chose before. 10. Go to client and begin streaming. Everything should work. You can't use full screen apps as far as I can tell but anything running in a window should be fine. Every time you reboot you will have to do the last 4 steps. You can not close or minimize RDP as that will screw with some of the hooks that it is using to create the virtual session. If anyone knows a way to close the RDP app but keep the session open without affecting the hooks that would be wonderful. It is possible this work around will only work on systems with IGPU's and it is also possible that the windows graphics selector (under Settings->Display->Graphics Settings) may be all you need to make this work. My ASPEED graphics support absolutely no API's well so that did not work for me. As to why someone would do this. The Telsa K20m is $60 on eBay with the performance of somewhere from a 780 to a 780ti. Overclocking is locked on this card by a VBIOS flash should allow you to clock the card at 780 clock speeds fairly easily. Bonus as you get 2GB more vram over most 780's. 780's are mostly >$100 on the second hand market. You also gain ECC support although this will take away some of your vram (something like 512MB). There is a possibility that if you do use a card with graphics outputs that skipping to the VNC step and seeing if the virtual monitor is connected to the GPU would be enough. No RDP required. Obviously swap out the Telsa drivers and settings when using other cards such as mining GPU's.
  2. Hunter259

    Should i fix my screen on my 6s or upgrade to an XS?

    Or just buy an X off eBay or Reddit. They aren't that different.
  3. Hunter259

    Get a Job. - Radeon VII Review

    Tesla K20's are even cheaper for Steam in home streaming purposes.
  4. Hunter259

    This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...

    I mean they just assumed that DDR3 was the cause of the performance loss instead of checking the damn core clocks like a normal person would. Absolutely lazy.
  5. Hunter259

    This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...

    Did you guys actually check if the CPU was boosting properly? Sure seems like it very much wasn't.
  6. Hunter259

    The $100,000 PC LIVES!

    Wouldn't this have been simpler by just using Remote Desktop Services with USB Passthrough? There are settings for limiting each remote sessions maximum hardware utilization.
  7. Hunter259


    The only argument that really makes sense is that cores are heavily time and context driven. A CUDA "core" is very different than a general purpose CPU "core" but in their contexts both are cores. A modern CPU "core" is also quite different than a CPU from 1989. At the time AMD released the FX series, the basic design of general purpose CPU "cores" had floating point and integer compute units in each core. That's the only reasonable argument I can think of against AMD.
  8. I don't ever watch these showcases because they are really just fancy ad's. I understand they pay the bills but they are truly terrible. What I really don't like is not knowing that it is an ad before clicking on it. I thought it would be a review but the title was JUST long enough that it cuts off the word showcase and makes it look like a review when in my sub box. I really REALLY don't like this. It feels deceptive.
  9. Hunter259

    The 2018 Butterfly Keyboards still have a problem

    The worst keyboard to be put in a high end laptop in the last 10 years dies by dust. Just brilliant Apple. Grade A.
  10. Hunter259

    Sorry, Apple.. "The Notch" is DEAD!

    I never watch them in full screen. Notch annoys the shit out of me. Only place it does. 2:1 videos do wonders. Gets the video RIGHT to the edge of the notch. Of course coming from an iPhone 6, even in zoomed out mode I have quite a bit extra video watching area.
  11. Hunter259

    Sorry, Apple.. "The Notch" is DEAD!

    Or I can move that info up into it's own part of the front so you have some extra real estate. It does make it look more uniform. If the screen just STOPPED on an edge it would look weird.
  12. Hunter259

    Sorry, Apple.. "The Notch" is DEAD!

    I will never understand the hate for the notch. You get used to after less than a week. Also you talk about dual front firing speakers but where on earth are they going to fit a halfway decent speaker when you have to also have the stupid slider in the way?
  13. Hunter259

    The Best-Smelling Laptop of all Time.

    I can't help but disagree. I have the last gen Spectre X360 15t that has the Intel G chip in it. That keyboard is by far the best I have ever used and much better than the Surface line and the old Macbook Pro (Pre Butterfly Shit). Now it is possible they changed the design of the keyswitch but mine are pretty easy to press down and have no inconsistency. Also HP loves using synaptics touchpads. See if you can get one of those Precision drivers for it. Helps a ton.
  14. I don't get why Apple would even build "Budget" devices. It goes against their current branding as a fashion/premium device company. Don't even get me started on iPad "Pro".
  15. Huh? MCE was on both AMD and Intel systems and would vastly exceed the extended power limits on both systems. That has since been rectified. Intel never changed how their TDP has been rated. It has stayed consistent since Nehalem. MCE and systems like it had been a thing for YEARS. It was just not nearly as noticeable until Intel dropped the base TDP and upped the core count. The only place you would ever see a stock Haswell drop below turbo due to TDP limits would be an AVX load. Of course if you had a MCEesq system in place you could get around that. HP designed a shitty VRM that would only be good for an extremely low turbo. Linus even mentions that he doesn't know why they are limiting in this way just to not speculate in an already 20min+ video. HP knows what the board would need to do 4.3GHz all core turbo. This is their fault for not designing it correctly. It's also very possible HP was being lazy and the board CAN do it but they have incorrectly setup the power limits which has been true for a quite a few of their products, including my Spectre 15t.