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    Overclocked Xeon Master Race
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    i7 2600k 4.7Ghz
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    EVGA Z68 FTW
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    2X8GB HyperX Fury 1866
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980ti
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    Phanteks P400s
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    120gb intel 330 ssd. 1TB WD black
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    Corsair HX 850i
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    Samsung 27'
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    Corsair Raptor K30
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    Logitech M510
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    Logitech somethinganothers.
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    Windows 7 Professional 64bit

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  1. Are you trying to compare an OC'ed i5 and a stock i7?
  2. Would be easier? Well no shit.
  3. My 980ti can max Crysis 3 dude.
  4. A 980 is like 180-220. 100 is a lucky craigslist price and should be ignored.
  5. Except for it to be anywhere near usable it would have to be massively parallel which most things are not. That 256 core chip only gets about 7 single core points. A Pentium 4 would kick its ass.
  6. 980ti. All day long.
  7. OK moved around the paste and retightened it as the paste seemed to have been pushed almost completely out in spots brought temps down to 80c. Should I get a different paste like IC Diamond?
  8. First off wrong forum as this is not tech news or review. 2. The only thing really worth anything is the q6600 bundle which might be worth $50
  9. Honestly no idea. It was in another system I had before I swapped it with my 980ti Hybrid that was a total dud. I remember redoing it about a year ago when I first got it but don't remember what it was like but I believe it is worse now. I think I used IC Diamond.
  10. Which is what I did tho....
  11. The way EK says on there water blocks. X with a line in the middle.
  12. So I redid the thermal paste with AS5 and it reaches 83c at max fan speed with no voltage added. I have overclocked the card with a +125 core offset and +450 memory offset.
  13. Now I am in no means backing SirFoch in the way that he acted. Most everyone agrees he deserved to lose his CC status but for them to go to threatening to remove his video is going way to far. They also did this to another popular Streamer/Youtuber by the name of Circonflexes who made a joke about a map being designed like a snot covered napkin of the map design lead. Jim Sterling earlier today released a video focusing on this incident. Any company who acts in this way deserves to be responded to by the entire gaming community as a whole showing our displeasure for those that abuse systems to censor anyone; even if it is in a way that is not the most professional. Also at this time Total Biscuit has noticed this abuse and has commented on it on twitter, albeit with some skepticism.
  14. G1 is still one of the best. Strix is pretty good. 980ti classified or any card that uses that style cooler.