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  1. I mean it's not a CPU. It's pretty much they made a SOC than a CPU. It's an Intel CPU with an AMD GPU.
  2. Liquid metal on a Mac. Is it possible??

    I mean. It's a computer. With heat sinks. If you can take it apart, without breaking it, then yeah you can.
  3. Apple May Ditch Intel CPUs In Favor Of Their Own Chips

    This is literally the oldest rumor on the planet with the introduction year for these chips always being 2-3 years away. Every since Apple started designing their own chips for the iPhone and iPad this has been a rumor. No one has built an ARM chip at this size. Comparing the two in Geekbench isn't enough to tell me the performance is there and losing the incredible amount of software support that x86 has is stupid. Tell me when we see these in the wild because otherwise it's just another stupid rumor to add to the pile.
  4. Ok sure. Lets play this game. With your logic no one should buy higher end components because then something else will fail before it. These inductors are poorly spec'd and are causing premature death of the cards. Most well built computers will last much longer than these cards do.
  5. I'm willing to pay the whole $1 more that higher spec inductors would have cost.
  6. Apple Mac mini

    I haven't personally but have seen plenty of benchmarks and opinions on it and yes it does seem to run pretty well on just about anything but it does still benefit from more CPU cores and GPU horsepower. If he needs to pump out videos or is using high levels of effects he will need more power to be able to pump them out. If hes just doing a video every now and then, then sure a MacBook air (although a 2014 Macbook Pro is a better buy IMO) is perfectly fine.
  7. I dont know what to do?!

    If you have a copy of 7 or 8 then the activation loop hole still works.
  8. Apple Mac mini

    Matters how serious he is about it. The Macbook Air is a very weak system and it will take quite a while mattering on how many effects and the length of the project. Without know exactly how serious he is it is hard to give a precise answer which is why I went for price to performance.
  9. Apple Mac mini

    The Mac Mini is by far the worst mac product in the product stack beside the MacBook Air and Mac Pro(At new price. Used is still bad but there really is nothing else that packs as much power at that size in the OEM market). The Mac Mini just isn't made to video edit. You need a powerful GPU (Preferably AMD when hackintoshing or upgrading a tower Mac Pro) to be really good at it. The Cores seem to help but not as much as a powerful graphics card. I stand by a last gen Mac Pro or even a hackintosh with a AMD graphics card.
  10. Apple Mac mini

    How? It's an all in one. If you have enough space for your monitor then you have enough space for an iMac. Other than that I do not recommend buying ANY mac at new pricing besides the 5K series and the iMac Pro just due to the limited used market and the overall price to performance being worth the price.
  11. Apple Mac mini

    Honestly an iMac is better than the current minis. You could also save a little for the Mac Pro. Both would out preform it.
  12. Just RMA'ed my EVGA 980ti

    EVGA and around late june to early july. Like I said, perhaps he will get a Pascal card but if they have a 980ti that is what he will get. Just how things logically work.
  13. can Mac users be tech savvy

    Of course they can? What kind of statement is that? It's just preference. I'm finishing my second year in Computer Engineering (Over half way through however) but love my 2014 13" Macbook Pro, my 5820k and 980ti, and I also own an iPhone X after I fucked my 6. I'd say I'm pretty tech savvy but I really enjoy the experience of the Apple ecosystem.
  14. Just RMA'ed my EVGA 980ti

    That isn't true. I had to RMA three 980ti's (Possibly a cable problem on the last two) and received multiple different 980ti's. This was only a few months ago. If they have a 980ti that is what he will get.
  15. Intel's Response to 2nd Generation Ryzen CPU's

    I'm not jumping behind it. Why are you trying to read between the lines when nothing exists between them? Without any actual competition from AMD, Intel was able to focus almost completely on power savings and clock speed improvements instead of core count because the former would affect the average consumer much more than cores.