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    Tampa, FL
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    I am a Sophomore in high school, where I'm lucky enough to do inventory for computer components and build them!
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    Intel Core i7 4790k
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    Asus Maximus VII Hero
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    16 GB (4x4gb) Kingston HyperX Fury @ 1866
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    Asus Strix RX 480
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    Corsair Vengeance C70
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    1x Crucial M500 256 gb, 2x WD 2Tb Black
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    Corsair RM1000
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    1x Dell IPS 24" 1080p @ 60 Hz, 1x Asus 21" 1080p @ 60 Hz
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    Corsair H100i
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    Corsair K70 RGB Cherry MX Brown
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    Corsair M65 RGB
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    Logitech z523
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Yes, as well as a hard power reset via the switch on the PSU.
  2. I'm away from home and my desktop back home has stopped working. I've been trying to get it going for the past few days but to no avail. The PC has standby power (motherboard lights are on) and many accessories have power as well (keyboard etc) but no response to the case or mobo power buttons. Power Supply is a Corsair RM1000, only a few years old and has been run almost exclusively with a UPS. I've heard from a few sources that this is typical of a dead power supply. Any one else have any ideas?
  3. what are you on about? Sure, some are down, but that's just regular day-to-day variation in cost. The only thing that has seen a tangible drop in value is ETH after the whole blockchain debacle this week.
  4. What do you mean by this? UPS' are surge protectors too. They will do the same thing that surge-protecting power strips do: kill themselves before allowing a surge to move on to other connected devices. My UPS actually has two rows of 5 outlets: one is labled "Surge and Battery" and the other is "Surge Only." So yeah, a UPS would definitely protect against a power surge. OP, your power supply died protecting the rest of your components, acting as a surge protector on it's own. if you want to protect the PSU in the future, you can buy a surge protector power strip, which will blow a fuse if a surge is detected, protecting all connected devices.
  5. Erm... both would support Crossfire. No real reason why they wouldn't, it's 2017. SLI, I'm not sure about.
  6. Install it over your Windows installation, assuming you have the option of re-installing windows later. Speaking of... have you tried re-installing Windows on the SSD? if it's an install you were using with your old motherboard that could be why it's being so pissy now.
  7. Feel free. Looks like you've made your decision, not sure why you asked in the first place. Noctua fans are really expensive and are ugly in my opinion, even the new style. But hey, you do you.
  8. It could potentially explain, perhaps your older system is using IDE. How old is that other board? Either way, this seems like an issue is between the Motherboard and the Operating System... Have you loaded defaults in the BIOS? Maybe one of the other drives has an old version of windows on it, and it's trying to boot onto that. Check boot order?
  9. If you're just gonna stick to the two it's coming with, keep them the way they are. If you want to add more, add them to the front as intakes before you add any to the top as exhaust. You want to have equal or positive air pressure, so you should never have more exhaust fans than you do intake, though having the same of each is okay. and if you're looking to replace all of the fans, I'd suggest Corsair's new SP120 RGB fans. If you think those are too pricey, stick with Corsair's AF120's. Either choice will give ample airflow. Remember that if your fan is up against a radiator or a heatsink, you should be using Static Pressure optimized fans over Airflow fans. the new SP120's I'd say are an exception, as I use mine as airflow fans and they perform really well.
  10. Those stock fans that you are "obviously" not going to use are not bad fans. At all. If you don't like how they look that's one thing, but SP120's don't suck. They blow
  11. Sounds like your image of Windows might be broken. Have you tried loading any other operating systems like Ubuntu onto either SSD? where did you get your version of Windows? What version is it? Also check to see if the boards are using AHCI or IDE, and switch it. maybe that will help? Let me know! EDIT: re-read it and understand it's Windows 10. my bad
  12. Have you tried a factory reset? from what I've seen that will fix a lot of the problems people are having... Also, if you're opted into the Android Beta, un-enroll. There's a chance the beta has some bugs that could be affecting you.