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  1. So, my qc 35s fell into the sink the water running. i let them dry for 3 hours and its been 4 days since. Here is it's state right now, it works perfectly except for 2 problems. 1. The volume up/down and pause buttons are dead 2. The headphones cannot connect to new devices, only work with my mac and andriod phone which it has been paired to prior. My problem is I have other phones and PCs that I would like to connect my Bose to, is there any solution to this?
  2. Ok, so long story short, I made 50,000 dollars via sport betting on Cloudbet, a website that uses BTC to bet. Now, I have about 8.9 BTC and would like to transfer it to somewhere safe, I plan it to use to help pay my college tuition. Should I put in a private BTC blockchain wallet, should I put half in wallet and half in a bank account, I can only legally have 5000 USD in my foreign account, without them asking for taxes. How shall I approach this, I sure as hell can't leave it in the site, and have to withdraw it.
  3. SO I dropped my macbook pro this morning and the top shell got bent a bit and there was a bit of screen bleeding and the macook didnt close properly, so stupid me tried to fix it myself with a spoon, and cracked the screen a bit and 7-8 are of the screen on the left is now black with lines forming first there was only 1 now its 3, yellow lines, should I not close it? WTF should I do? is there like a spray to stop the spread? or like what to do is it gonna spread or what
  4. Long story short, I moved to India last week and lost the stand screws to my Asus 144 hz monitor, so I put it up a couple of books temporarily, and to my bad luck the monitor fell on my keyboard and one of the keys cracked the display up. So I am wondering if I could only use the good portion of the screen, I really cant buy a new one as it costs 25,000 rupees (350 USD) here. I will put an mspaint drawing to illustrate my situation. So Can I use Nvidea control panel, windows display settings or some third party app to achieve this?
  5. My S9+ doesnt receive an incoming call when on the always on display (sometimes) it works sometimes but its inconsistent. Incoming call goes directly to voicemail. Checked all phone settings, what could be the problem
  6. So I heard that Apple replaces screens for free when I take it to a store if the screen's coating is coming off. They model is 2015 13 inch MacBook pro. And so I need a proof of purchase when I go to the Apple store, I bought this used.
  7. I mean my Budget is below 700, I already have a decent gaming Desktop, just looking for a solid laptop to carry around and something that will last for a while.
  8. It's i5 8 gb ram, good esthetic condition, he came down to 600, should I take it or keep looking?
  9. Yeah, I came across PXC550 as well, are those better that these two?
  10. I am currently looking at refubrished Bose 35 for 200 USD and MDR 1000X for 140 USD. Which one should I get? I really intend to stick with them for a couple of year. I have had previously a bad experience with the MDR XB Sony Headphones since the hinge broke after 3 months, are the MDR 1000x durable?.
  11. The computer is probably gold deprived. Meaning that the computer doesn't have enough gold, you should probably add some gold of your ornaments or something. Melt it using a candle on to your GPU or RAM and that will get rid of the gold deprivation. YOu could also put 3-11 drops of alcohol or water or gold on it ass well.
  12. Hey I bought a refurbished Nexus 6P for 180 dollars, it came today, and it looked NEW with no scratches, but i noticed that the phone turns off even with 60 % Charge, it says "Battery 0 Percent" Android Manager or something and turns the device off and requires me to plug it into a cable to turn it back on and when it turns on it has the same 60% and dies in another 10 minutes or so. I also started experiencing restart loops. Should I return or is there any way to fix this?
  13. And, I am looking to buy a Sprint Unlocked CMDA Phone and put in a Tello (uses Sprint Towers) Sim Card which is also CMDA, will that work