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  1. Novation Launchkey MIDI-keyboard Record KS-10 Standard Keyboard Stand Record HP-41 stereo hodephones
  2. Rig name: None. Cpu: Intel Core i7 5820K Gpu: EVGA GTX Titan X (SuperClocked) Ram: 32gb HyperX Fury DDR4 2666 mhz
  3. Fantastic. What a stunning piece of work. Nice going on the non-standard color scheme as well.
  4. My favorites include and are limited too: ChipCheezumLPs for their awesomely in-depth run walkthoughs and repository of knowledge about the games they cover. TheSw1tcher for being the funniest group of people on YouTube hands down, they may not be very good at games most of the time, but they'll make you bust out laughing guaranteed. I do not have least favorites as I've never watched anyone that wasn't my cup of tea and I unsubscribed anyone long before they started to seriously irk me.
  5. Played though all Souls games again and here is the summation, wonderful Fashion Souls: Demon's Souls: Dark Souls: Dark Souls II: Bloodborne: Dark Souls III:
  6. This is correct. Both are required by most mods. Some others that are basically required are all the unofficial patches. As for things beyond that, I'll give you my subjective list of required mods: All aMidianBorn textures by CaBaL120 The Skyrim Community Uncapper by Elys Immersive HUD by Gopher moreHUD by Ahzaab Skyrim Project Optimization by rgabriel15
  7. Indeed. I've seen several people including Digibro talk about it as if it has peerless characterization and is among the best anime ever created. It's quite absurd.
  8. I completely disagree. But you are entitled to that opinion.
  9. Granted they are both far better than Fairy Tail, they're also pretty fun to watch. But they've already got lots of content already and strictly superior shows could be made or extended instead.
  10. So many better things could be produced but you want a third season of that mediocrity?
  11. The only thing on that list that has a guaranteed must watch from me is JoJo. The rest will have to prove they're worth it.
  12. A toss up between my Titan X and my ROG Swift. They were both about the same price when I bought them.
  13. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Limited Edition Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Yakuza 4 Yakuza 5 Yakuza Dead Souls
  14. Definitely. Haven't missed a mainline release yet and I don't plan on starting. Heck I've barely missed getting spin-off titles.
  15. Avericious


    Well, you should. It's not like it is hard to use. Click sort and then scroll down the list to see if there are any conflicts. It tells you what doesn't work and links relevant patches and solutions. It takes most of the guesswork out of modding Skyrim. Not using LOOT is basically shooting yourself in the foot.
  16. Indeed. As fun as it is, the second season relies a little to heavily on super-mechs that make tactics useless.
  17. What is the big deal with discord. It's just a bunch of shitposting getting moved out of the thread and into this application instead. I don't come to this thread for the off-topic shitposting. So that suits me fine, but I won't go over there and indulge in it.
  18. Yes. It's a decent enough comedy. It squanders most of it's potential, but it passed the time amicably enough when I watched it.
  19. Because it's not popular. Despite the obvious inferiority of black and red versus a toned down or more neutral color scheme, it continues to proliferate PC builds to this day.
  20. I accidentally wiped terabytes worth of content I'd spent years scraping together once. Never again.
  21. Some low end HP laptop my school provided me in eight grade, which was in 2006. No idea about the specs as I didn't care and it worked well for my purposes at the time.
  22. Dark Souls III Deus Ex: Mankind Devided Mass Effect Andromeda Shadow Warrior 2