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  1. Source: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/203879/When_a_free_game_promotion_went_all_wrong_Wadjet_had_to_pull_the_plug.php
  2. Hello guys! We have a small facebook group about indie game bundles and video game discounts where we post and update deals from humble bundle, groupees, indieroyal, bundlestars and more. I would just like to invite you guys to join if you're interested. Here's the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/gamebundlesandsales/ Thanks!
  3. http://www.gamerassaultweekly.com/2013/05/17/final-fantasy-8-getting-a-hd-remake-for-pc-in-japan/ Anyone excited about this?
  4. Credit card, debit card, school ID, TIN id, used xbox live gold and points cards, casino coin, 2x2 photo, voters id, and around $4 lol.
  5. Ok, I'm getting the Corsair TX 650M. Thanks guys!
  6. I have looked into corsair's psu line up at their website. The minimum wattage for their ax series is 760w and 650 for their hx series. hx 650 looks good but would I benefit from the 80plus gold power efficiency since I think 550w is plenty for my build too. I'm also looking at the CX M series from corsair, are those any good? I see that they are a lot cheaper and plus they are semi modular. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hi guys, I wanted to change my cougar rs 550w psu to something that is modular and that has black sleeved cables. 80 plus certifications would be a bonus too. My current setup is 2500k @4.4ghz, msi z68a g43 g3 motherboard, 16gb ripjaws x ram, antec p280 case, xonar dgx, 120gb ocz vertex 3 ssd, 750gb western digital caviar black, and a gtx 460. I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card soon too, but I'm not going for any multi gpu solutions. Any suggestions on what PSU should I get?
  8. Me please, xserdraziel13_666@hellokitty.com thanks!
  9. Try Typer Shark, it's a fun game and it help me a lot in typing.
  10. Rhythm thief is a fun game for the 3ds, Tales of Abyss is also a good one. Also I'm waiting for these games to be released. Castlevania Mirror of fate and Luigi's Mansion 2.
  11. PC needs more fighting games and some jrpgs.
  12. I own a PS3 and I only played 2 games on it which is Tales of Graces F and Uncharted 3. Now it's collecting dust sitting next to the tv, I plan on selling it tho.