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  1. Great Roast, now the Stream constantly skipping and buffering needs to be looked at but still good, missed a couple of good zingers due to the stream cutting in and out :(.
  2. OMG! sorry fanboy moment. The famous one has spoken!
  3. mine worked for like 30sec and went down again Gonna go watch Rush Hour for the 10000th time.
  4. Its back up now, but it was down for a few minutes.
  5. I pay for floatplane and can see the videos and subforum....
  6. I saw the WAN show and they said that the ThinkPad 25 video was up on floatplane but I cant find it? Does someone have the link?
  7. I appreciate it but I have had problems having it printed in PLA and such. I can get a texture and color closer to the default radio knob by using the black and flexible plastic off shapeways.
  8. not as of yet. I've been using Shapeways mainly because they can get a level of definition that would cost me thousands of dollars.
  9. If you could I'd appreciate it, I dont for see any problems but I wont know for sure until I send it off to be 3D printed.
  10. So its just taller up and down? If so thats no problem as far as I can tell.
  11. As far thats the best I am aware of, I pulled the file from Thingiverse at this link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:405126 There were two files in there, Im speaking of the one with the rounded top.
  12. Well originally just Win 10 3D viewer. before I printed it it looked fine. I dont usually model so other than the viewer I dont have a program for it.