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  1. Adobe confirms a full version of Photoshop is coming to the iPad

    It still is a start, but I do agree it is more aimed at casual users. However I do see this being more powerful for pen users vs what is currently available on the iPad.
  2. Adobe confirms a full version of Photoshop is coming to the iPad

    Isn't the pro already pretty well calibrated if you turn off truetone?
  3. Today Bloomberg released a report that a report that Adobe was working on a full fledged version of Photoshop for the iPad to be released this October. And Adobe did confirm they were working on the app, but didn't confirm anything on the dates. This news was kinda unexpected to me, but at the same time isn't a huge surprise considering what Apple is trying to do the iPad and Adobe trying to gobble up more of those yummy CC subscription $$$. I can see this being huge for students and more casual users, but with the iPad being limited to 4 GB of RAM larger files will be problematic without a significant memory upgrade. If this pans out well I could easily start seeing companies like Microsoft and Autodesk start fallowing suit with full apps on the iPad. The Verge
  4. I hope LG gets it's shit together for this. The screen on my X is incredible, and I would hope the LG panel would be comparable. And 6.5" X is very appealing.
  5. Lol guilty as charged 😂
  6. HAHAHA this made my day. I’ll take any weird apple bug over this shit lol
  7. Fallout 76's Beta will be a Timed Exclusive for Xbox One

    Todd did say "Starfield is definitely a big single-player game," during the Noclip doc, and with how big and complex this game is described to be I have a feeling that they won't split resources on a multiplayer mode. But in the end who knows. Game isn't out until probably Q4 next year, and we know hardly anything about it.
  8. Fallout 76's Beta will be a Timed Exclusive for Xbox One

    Idk it looks pretty fun. According to the noclip documentary it was originally going to be including in fallout 4, but deciding to spin it off into it's own game after the scale it was developing. We are still likely to get a fallout 5 after TES VI, and if I remember correctly post release content support for this will be handled by the TESO devs.
  9. Forza Horizon 4 confirmed running at Native 4K on Xbox One X

    Didn’t Forza 3 run at 4K/60 one the One X?
  10. Two iPhone X Models Confirmed

    Having is plus size model of the X is appealing, but we'll see. I am loving my X, and will probably keep it until the next go around.
  11. Well this sucks. This kind of vertical integration between and ISP and major content provider is the last thing we need, and all this on the cusp of Net Neutrality being killed off. It's a match made in hell. Hopefully the the justice department pushes for an appeal, otherwise this is going to turn into a shit show in the not too distant future. The Verge
  12. Battlefield V - EA just announced Battle Royal for the game

    I could see battlefield taking more of the PUBG crowd who aren’t really interested in Fortnite for one reason or another. Personally the building mechanics of Fortnite are a turnoff for me, and something from DICE would be interesting.
  13. Battlefield V - EA just announced Battle Royal for the game

    Likely the other way around.
  14. Battlefield V - EA just announced Battle Royal for the game

    Should be interesting, and I wonder how they will spin things. More choice is always better.