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  1. Siri remind me in a month about Apple banning Unreal Engine from iOS because Epic wants to complain about the meaning of the word "button".
  2. Speaking as a dev that works with SQL Server connection strings constantly, I have to ask the question: HOW DOES A CONNECTION STRING END UP IN A FUCKING EMAIL HOW DO YOU DO THAT HOW ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT CAN YOU EFFING BE
  3. I'm sure there were systems that weren't compatible with Windows 10 that got the upgrade notification for that. We'll see how this goes.
  4. Oh boy I can't wait to be pestered constantly to update to Windows 11 and then have the installer tell me my hardware isn't eligible and quit, and then repeat that process for months. It's like they want us to forget about the TPM nonsense or more likely they want people to go buy new computers.
  5. For reference just in case people don't realize how much money that is, that's 99.7% of its value lost in 6 years. Good luck with the pivot OF. Lmao
  6. Parsec isn't just for playing games, it's also used by enterprises as a more comprehensive remote work solution than traditional remote desktop. Unity's probably buying them to sell a package deal to developers. Buy a Unity license for your game, you get Parsec as well. Now you don't have to pay a lease for a real office, you can just have everyone work remote via Parsec.
  7. Notice they don't say the brand(s) that agreed to do this. That's very important.
  8. It would be the case for a simple observer view, but there's stuff like Beat Saber and VRChat that have (optional) separate viewpoint cameras that would indeed be a third viewport to render.
  9. With a normal game on a normal computer running on high graphics, the computer is rendering 3D graphics from one camera view in realtime at a resolution for the monitor (let's say 1080p for instance). High graphics looks good for you because the monitor is kinda distant from your eyes and you can see the whole thing at once. On something like a Valve Index, the computer must render two slightly different 3D images from two camera views each at 1440x1600 resolution at high graphics. It's doing twice the work (or potentially more, say, if you're streaming with a third "observer" came
  10. Oh no, how horrible. What will I ever do without ads that track me everywhere I go and track everything I do on a per-minute basis? How will [CORPORATION] sell me [PRODUCT] unless they can also sell all my personal information while they're at it? GOOD. Junk ad farm apps out. Quality applications that developers are required to care about because otherwise people won't buy them, in. Fuck the entire """free app""" paradigm. If it's free, then you're the product, every time.
  11. Cool. My upgrade to an iMac is ensured now. Fuck you microsoft.
  12. Man... I've only had this hardware 3 years and now I'm gonna have to abandon it so I don't lose security updates in a few years. Nothing is disabled in my bios and I have no bios updates or anything like that. Between this and the hardware shortage my next Windows PC will probably just be a prebuilt. Who the hell at Microsoft thought TPM 2 was a good thing to **REQUIRE** for an upgrade? Talk about instantly making hardware obsolete.
  13. I'm so infinitely glad my Oculus Rift S broke. Holy shit.
  14. Andrew Lee, the founder of Private Internet Access. The articles are rather sparse on info, likely reflecting the lack of info we have overall. The speculation is that he slowly seized more and more power over Freenode Limited (their holding corp) until he took full control recently.