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    The Witcher
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    Kaer Morhen
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    Hunting for monsters.
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    Like all Witchers, I am a monster hunter for-hire.
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    Intel Core i5-4690K
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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    32GB Kingston HyperX 1866MHz
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    MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti Gaming 6GB
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    Acer P235H and Dell E2210
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    Corsair H80i
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    Onboard Audio and Razer Blackshark
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    Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
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  1. When SLS is gone, I can guarantee you that the entire Singapore will be at the IT Show making the crowd more worst than it is already. Speaking of IT Show, has anyone gone down yet? Today's the last day. Damn, I'm really gonna miss going down to the store and bargaining with the guy over the counter for a discount.
  2. So far Monero and Sumokoin has responded that they will be forking the coin so as to remain asic resistant. Electroneum is still on the fence about the asic as the CEO mentioned that they will implement Monero team's improvements "as appropriate". Monero's CEO tweets: Before the release of the Baikal miner fpga Regarding the Antminer X3 (Tweet is unavailable because bitmain blocked him) Sumokoin subreddit sticky:
  3. I have a clevo laptop with a 1060 in it. The cooling system is pretty solid and it cools down the GPU to about 75C when I'm mining Zencash or verge. The fans might wear out faster than usual but a fan should be a cheaper replacement than a gpu itself. Either way, don't really expect much return from mining. Another thing to note is I only mine when my laptop is in an air conditioned room.
  4. Be careful with this. They allow anyone with the wallet address to update the threshold which is pretty insecure. Was hoping they would do a system like nanopool where they ask us to put our email in the username to allow us to change the payout limit or even ask us our public ip address to change the limit like flypool does.
  5. It is but you can mine it using GPUs apparently because it is based on monero and there are also pools out there for electroneum.
  6. I use spacepools for my etn mining since it has vardiff compared to the static diff on nanopool. As for miner, I use xmr-stak and it works well, but I'm on nvidia so yeah.
  7. Even though I do both mining and folding, I still feel that the two topics were separated due to the conflict of interests. I've had friends who were miners asking me why I run folding if it does give me money at all because there was no benefit in doing so compared to mining so that's one of the reason why I'd love to see the two topics separated.
  8. I actually switched to mining Zencash on both my 1060 and 980 Ti. I took a look on whattomine.com and apparently, Zencash is more profitable than Zcash so I switched over to mining Zencash on Suprnova on both my rigs. Been getting a few more dollars than what I was getting when mining Zcash so there's that.
  9. Don't forget, if other think the same way as you, they'll put their farms to ETH mining and the difficulty will increase because of that. If you do plan on mining ETH, don't use nanopool as they're known for, again, stealing hashrates. I suggest Ethermine pool.
  10. I would actually suggest adding the 1050 to your zcash mining. It pulls a decent 200 sols/s. Other than that, maybe monero or electroneum.
  11. Yeah I've heard stories about alienware laptops having really solid cooling. Maybe set the fans to full or something to keep the temps down but other than that, you're pretty safe. I fold on my clevo laptop as well and it has a beast cooling system that can handle the heat very well
  12. It's the same for me as well. My miner will usually hover around 450 sols to 460 sols but flypool reports higher or lower. The average hashrate is usually reported around 450 sols tho. It might be to do with your adjustments because my hashrates stabilized after mining for about 24 hours on flypool. It will initally read a pretty low hashrate then start climbing. Yeah send me a copy of the console output and your wallet address as well.
  13. Glad you got that settled out. Yeah I fell for their gimmick of the 0.001 payout as well but I just changed it back to 0.01 anyway because nanopool has theirs set to 0.01 as well. Both nanopool and flypool may look like the same hashrate but the stealing comes in when it pays out the shares. Would it be possible if you could maybe give me your wallet address so I can see the hashrates on flypool's website? You can PM me if you want. Just want to compare with my hashrates and payouts is all.
  14. For now, I'm keeping my Zcash since it's rising in price but normally, I use shapeshift.io to exchange the Zcash to Monero which I am planning to hodl for 2018
  15. With flypool, you should see a lot more shares compared to nanopool, I switched over and man the shares just keep getting flooded. My payout on both nanopool and flypool is set to 0.01 ZEC and with nanopool, I get paid out once a week while I got paid out almost thrice a week. I suspect nanopool has been stealing my hashrate as well. Flypool has instructions on the main page so it should be quite simple to write up another bat file.