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  1. Currently have my 2060's and 1070 turned off for now. Trying to save money on power. It costs £60 a month to run those GPU's. Also, I feel gifted.
  2. Feel sad that my 2080s is out performing my 3080.
  3. What does GPU-Z state in terms of the PCI lanes allocated to the GPU's? For example, my 3080 is running on four lanes at 4.0. I don't know what riser cable I'm using, but I've never had issues with it. I can't seem to find my order. You could set the PCI setting to 2.0, and monitor the GPU temps. It'll be bottlenecked, but the elevated GPU temperatures will show if they're actually doing something.
  4. The 3070's could be spiking in power at times. My 3080 has spiked over 400 watts. Check the PCIe bandwidth use in HWMonitor. *3080 amperage peak of 34.438 amps.
  5. Currently running 5 dedicated GPU's, and a sixth (1050 Ti) to render my desktop and videos. The mini's are the Gigabyte RTX 2060 MINI ITX OC. They have the same core as my 2080 super, TU104, and I'm able to overclock it, clock for clock, with my 2080s. It's stable, even with the power limiter at 78%. I did pull a 1070 out recently, as it was proving to be unreliable. The limitation of the cores was considered when I bought the 5600x comparing to my older 3700x. I'm going to monitor the performance, and see if the 1050 Ti is slowing down folding performanc
  6. Got a Ryzen 5600X. The performance of my GPU's has slightly improved. For example, my 3080 has not been this close to 6M PPD (On Windows), ever. Interestingly, the CPU is clocking itself to 4.6 GHz, and using all cores on Folding, drops this. This is affecting the GPU performance, that was first noted a few months ago. My system overall PPD is around 13M, however, I do believe it could still go a little higher, with a little more optimization. Will have to see next year, what, if any, GPU's I buy. Need something to replace my 2060 mini's. If nothing is avai
  7. Guess what took a dump today? Both of my 1070's. The 2x and 3080 GPU's are perfectly fine. It's just the 1070's that I have that are unreliable. One of them has been removed, and a GT 710 took its place (To render my desktop). I have ordered a 1050 Ti, as 3440 X 1440 on HDMI seems compressed or something. There is a lack of colour. Interestingly, removal of 1 GPU has had an impact. Such as, all of my GPU's are performing better. For example, the 2060's have never gone over 1.9M PDD since I lowered the power limit, until now. Even my other 1070 is performing better
  8. Oof. 580K points, yes please. I'm liking this new work unit, 17320.
  9. Guess I'll have to "Experiment". I do have Linux installed as a duel boot...
  10. I see that a performance boost still exists when folding on a Linux system compared to Windows. Does that mean that, if I ran Folding on a Linux system, I'd probably get an average of over 16M PPD? In terms of the hardware monitoring of my AX1600i, I see that the 3080 has topped over 400 watts on the single PCIe power, maxing out the connector. Now for that 1070 that randomly failed on me. It's been 10 days, and the card has been running without issue. All I did was reboot Windows. Interestingly, It's the slowest GPU in my system, even after my
  11. My system is stuck with 13M PPD. Might go over 14M tonight, will have to see. Sprint #6 might be in effect, I do suspect. Getting good moonshot work units lately.
  12. Project 13440 a new sprint? Nothing showing up on Lar_System's database it seems.
  13. Interestingly, I never had an issue with my HX1000i. It was always plug and play, without issue. The only change I did was the power supply, and I get all sorts of issues now. I wonder if the data from the AX1600i is different from the HX1000i, in terms of what data is on the link. The only differences between the two supplies, is increased power rating, and improved voltage ripple. They must have tweaked the link.