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  1. I'm beaten, but not defeated. My 3080 now has a 2080 Super floating in its face.
  2. Well, it's game over. One of my 2060's (The one only getting 2 PCIe lanes), decided to code 43 on me, then this happened. The 3.3 volt line got burned. I'm in the middle of moving house, all my tools are already packed
  3. 11M isn't too bad. Had to deal with a Video Scheduler Internal Error BSOD. Probably caused by a bad x16 pcie extension cable. Updated the drivers on my system anyhow. Downtime was just over 1 and half hours. I suspect the fault is still present, as my 2060 is only getting 2 PCIe lanes. This is still an improvement, as yesterday, my 2080 Super was only getting 1 lane, despite been plugged into a 4 lane slot. Another thing about my performance, I cannot explain as to why my 3080 is underperforming, substantially. It's getting all lanes.
  4. Ok, bye @cbigfoot Thought I mention the 760K point work unit from another thread,
  5. Just a wtf moment. 760K points for a single work unit?
  6. A little late to the party. Forgot to install 3 GPU's. They literally blew dust out over the place.
  7. I'm getting WU's again. Babysitter hasn't kicked in, in a while.
  8. After a little while away, I'm back! I don't mind the lack of WU's right now, as it's saving me money on the electric bill.
  9. Here's my last hurrah. I can't afford the electric at this time, as my air conditioner is running and taking up the bills. It'll be back online in 3 or so weeks. This will be the longest in a year, that the system has had computational tasks turned off.
  10. 5th, not bad. Contribution is everything.