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    Buffalo NY. USA
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    Maximus Hero X
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    32GB Trident Z RGB
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    EVGA 2080ti FTW3 Gaming Ultra Hybrid
  • Case
    PC O11 Dynamic XL ROG edition
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    1tb 970 Samsung EVO NVMe
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    850W Gold Corsair
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    Acer XB271HU and Acer XB241YU
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    Corsair H150i Pro
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    Drevo Calibur V2
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    Corsair Master Mouse 710
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    Corsair Void Pro
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Having trouble with getting WUs for the last 2 days...if this keeps up you will ketchup. I need to mustard up another pc.
  2. @Hopefulfrank trust whatever jonny says this man is a PSU god
  3. https://fancyappliance.com/sceptre-c248w-1920rn-review/
  4. Again no there is no type adaptive sync whether Free sync or G-sync in that monitor.
  5. My guess would be dirty power coming into the PSU
  6. It is not. There is no type of adaptive sync built into that monitor.
  7. sounds like a new component might be bad then. try (if you can) swapping keyboard and mouse. doubt it will help but stranger things have happened.
  8. Did you delete the partition than reformat? If so it appears it would be a component causing the issue.
  9. Price Vs. Performance I wish I had gone AMD and I literally just put this rig together. IMO, save a few bucks on a *bit* tamer CPU and get a better GPU. And if encoding isn't necessary ask EVERY big YouTube, Mixer, or Twitch streamer why they encode if it isn't necessary.
  10. To be far in all of this I am basing MY 9900k at 5.0Ghz with 2080Ti vs my friends 3900x at 4.6Ghz and 2080Ti. His settings vs mine are damn near identical in OBS and his stream is always much clearer than mine. We both transcode down to 900p and play at 1080p. His FPS is about 5ish lower than mine while streaming and about 15 behind me while just gaming.
  11. I have to dumb down my graphics to stream. I didn't buy a really high end GPU to play at 1080p.
  12. TBH This is the reason I upgraded my Maximus Hero X to the XI. I had done a lot of reading on the VRMs working, but would cause issue if I tried to push my 9900k to 5.0Ghz. In the end I did get the Hero XI. I am at 5.0GHz at 1.170V. I have a Corsair H150i keeping it cool. Max temp in P95 for 12 hrs. was 81c. I mainly game and when I F@H I Just use my GPU.