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  1. that xiaomi is good. i own it and i dont have problems with it. either the xiaomi or asus zenpower 10050mah. they are almost identical(same battery cells) get whichever is cheaper
  2. s3ns3

    Best GPU match for an i5 6500

    i5 6500 would bottleneck a 1070? you can put 2x1070 in sli with that i5
  3. i really like the reference design
  4. s3ns3


    but you can. you just replace the toothpaste with thermal paste. whats the big deal.
  5. because you should have got an i5 for that money. also sell the 8320 and mobo and get an intel motherboard
  6. s3ns3

    Tesla Model S gets a facelift for the 2016 model year

    i dont think so. i think he means that the back should be in line with the front. now that he pointed it out,it does look weird. a way cheaper audi looks better
  7. s3ns3

    What Phone Should I Buy?

    go with the iphone 6s.its still the fastest phone out there you`ll have 5 years updates.most galaxy s6 users still waits for android 6. no bloatware,very optimised software and 3d touch is very nice to have
  8. this isnt about what people wants lol. no. this is like nvidia selling the gtx 980 ti below production cost so lets say 200$ so that nobody buys amd gpus anymore. to drive amd out of the market on purpose
  9. s3ns3

    Tesla Model 3

    i'm not asking for a dasboard like bmw i3,but damn,give us something. it looks so frustating to use and look at while driving
  10. last year preety much all 'popular' phones had average battery life. iphone 6/6s about the same with the galaxy s6 and yeah g4 worse than both
  11. s3ns3

    CS GO Scammed ! (600$)

    then you`ll pay the dude a car repaint and a big fine. seriously you gave the knife out of your will. he is legit
  12. s3ns3

    CS GO Scammed ! (600$)

    since you gave him the knife,out of your will(couse thats what happened here) you gave it for promised candy,the guy is legit
  13. its a nice tablet fastest ~10'' out there whatever but i think its priced a bit to high. it should replace the ipad air 2 at 500$. i mean tablet market is in decline and they charge 100$ more than regular