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  2. I have been reading that it should be easy to clone and swap if the drive comes with a sata-to-usb cable (I don't know if the MX500 includes it). Also that I could log into a Microsoft account and have my system checked so reinstalls wouldn't require a key (I upgraded W7 so I don't know if that key would activate a clean W10 installation), then again I don't know either if Microsoft would consider it the same machine after I swap the drive. Anyway, I don't mind the work, I'd get it running eventually. Here you have a screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo for both my laptop (a composite 'cause it would fit in the screen) and my desktop. I've used it for a while on my desktop but didn't think of running it on the laptop 'cause I'm dumb like that. The desktop has been sitting at Current Pending Sector Count 1 for a while now, it hasn't given me any problems so I'm optimistic. I was told it could be a sign of prompt death or it could fix itself nex time it goes over that sector, but that if it starts ramping up then it's clearly marked for death. Soooooo the 104 count on the laptop (sorry, didn't remember to switch it off hexadecimal) doesn't look so good. Which is... great? 'Cause if the drive is so far gone all the more reason to think it will improve miles with a new straight-up better drive. As for the laptops I actually saw those and wrote in the original post about MSI laptops at 1100€ but then I saw the panels where TN and scrapped that. Which is a pitty 'cause a Nitro 5 with those same specs and a 144hz IPS display ramp up to 1600€ in the official store (with a 200€ discount hopefully not already applied, so that would be 1400€?), quite a bit more money. The SSD seems like a no-brainer 'cause as Kpite said I could eventually take it out of the laptop when I'm done with it and put it in the next computer, so I lose nothing by going that route. With that and Stadia and GeForce NOW on the horizon I could see myself going without a gaming rig for a while. I still don't know how to work around the screen though. I could open a new thread about that but I don't know if I should do it in the Displays section or the Phones and Tablets one . I've been checking the Asus portable monitors but those are pretty weird, and work with DisplayPort over USB C or to a lesser extent A, and I don't think this laptop is compatible with that. Every other portable monitor I've seen it's an off-brand solution that would render dubious results. Anyway it should connect through HDMI. I wouldn't use it on the go, just want to be able to pack it on my backpack with the laptop and not move with an extra huge box, so it's perfectly fine (even preferable) for it to be plugged to the wall for power, in a true desktop-replacement fashion. So it's between that: bigger, more expensive screen tethered to the wall and the laptop resting on a desk and can be used regularly as a second monitor, or smaller cheaper screen that runs on it's own and I can take to bed and would only be used to watch video and read comics. I guess I'll keep using the phone until I find the ideal candidates on either side and make a choice. Thanks for the replies!
  3. The hard drive is at the bottom front of the pc underneath the shell, as i use an NZXT S340 so it's at a completely diff location. Yeah, I'm really torn between it being either the cooler or motherboard.
  4. noobboss

    Is my gpu underperforming?

    Its very close to 100, always bounces around 95-99, but the lowest I've seen is 93
  5. Man if i had stupid amount of money i could burn , i'd buy a DGX station & put it inside a glass case which has a rotating table inside on, Place it on to a corner of my room & have it fixed there with subtle lighting from all possible angles illuminating the thing like a jewellery. every night I'd watch it turn & turn , see it shine in all it's glory & go to sleep like a baby falling asleep watching the shiny night stars, expert it's nvidia.🌟



  6. Epimetheus

    Bottle neck prevention

    isn't he talking about the 4770? Or did he write the wrong cpu?
  7. Hey guys, Looking to go for the i9-9900K on a Asus Prime Z390-A and 2x32GB memeory modules. I dont plan to OC the PC straight away but might do so in the future with a all core 5GHz possibly, or maybe a syn all cores in the Asus BIOS. What air cooler would be better. between the Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 and the Dark Rock Pro 4. I would most-likely change the fans with a Corsair MLfans for the better static pressure and airflow. at this time not considering a AIO as they are quite expensive. If i had to go AIO i would consider the NZXT X42 if it could do the OC as well. Crazy how a i7 5960X would need a Dark Rock Pro 4 but now might need that for a i9 9900k ? Will also be using Artic Silver 5 as Thermal paste. Thanks
  8. choggy2840

    Looking for laptop recommendations.

    I had heard that it was loud but like I said that doesn't bother me although have heard can get hot but so long as it doesn't throttle and will look into the ThinkPad also do you own a GA502DU?
  9. What monitor? What version of HDMI does it have? What does it state in the resolution graph? Most probably yes, if you drop the res to 1080p you should be able to do 120hz over HDMI 1.4, but if it has anything more ancient than 1.4 ...
  10. 5x5

    Bottle neck prevention

    The 4790 is good enough - get that. 150 euros is not worth it for the 4790K considering the 4790 is half the price for basically the same performance.
  11. I've finally hit an impass with my Focus ST transmission.... My only option is to have it shipped to someone who will actually do the rebuild for me. Anyone know the best way to ship a transmission? Most likely by small pallet jack, though I've seen some people assemble cardboard boxes and use regular ground shipping which I'm not too keen on.
  12. Epimetheus

    Bottle neck prevention

    as i can see in your other posts you have an overclocking motherboard. In that case i think that if you plan to oc then get the 4790k, if not the 4770
  13. It's a solid computer - a bit loud under heavy load but considering it's thin and doesn't throttle or heat up - it's what you can expect. Alternatively, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme is a solid option if you can live with a 1650
  14. will4623

    LTT forum "banning" game

  15. MyGetthoRig


    I don't but I can find one but not at this moment...dammit i was just about to olay games and this thing happen
  16. GrockleTD

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for having a swirly pfp
  17. Epimetheus

    Bottle neck prevention

    It depends if you're planning to overclock and if you have an overclocking chipset in the first place
  18. APasz

    DisplayPort vs thunderbolt.

    Thunderbolt simply carries the DP signal. So it depends on what version the DP signal chip [I can't remember it's actual name] is. And the TB adaptor.
  19. It's definitely not the pump from your H75? If it's from the CPU/Mobo area then the only thing I could think of is the cooler or the retention lock for the CPU... Edit: I didn't think about the HDD because of the location, but thanks GrockleTD for reminding me, the HDD does usually tick as it boots up and starts to read/write from storage. It could just be the sound of the HDD.
  20. Try unplugging your HDD, see if it persists
  21. Catchears

    LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for not having a cat with cowboys and not quoting classics without quoting classics.
  22. re read i said rt is like aa not a gimmick and better visuals(graphics) is part of performance fps isnt only thing that matters if graphics didnt matter than why the heck is everyone modding and trying to play at better graphical settings
  23. choggy2840

    Looking for laptop recommendations.

    Quick update currently considering the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G GA502DU as the price is very attractive and great battery life of anyone has any experience.
  24. I'd say most of these problems could be related to the overheating issue, no matter how you look at it, 90C on a CPU is not healthy. There's most likely a bunch of dust you could clean out if you wanted, or take to some IT shop (store) and have them clean it. That'd bring down the temps, when you say "I felt the heat coming out", were the fans spinning? Cause it'd be a pretty big giveaway if the fans didn't spin at all and the CPU was being passively-cooled.
  25. GrockleTD


    Well, do you have a different system you could test it in, see if it some weird bug?
  26. Ryan_Vickers

    Nice 60fps cam with nice colors?

    In a recent survey/study, it was found that there was essentially no perceptible difference between the colour quality of different consumer DSLRs* when set to the same settings, and that when people did prefer one image over another, the difference was due almost entirely to nothing more than white balance setting. Furthermore, if you do any grading in post, which you generally would do with video, whatever the camera's natural output is becomes irrelevant anyway. I mention this because I take it from your requirements that you're looking for something mainstream and not professional hollywood level, and so I think the results from that test applies. At any rate, according to a relatively recent Reddit post, he uses a Canon 60D
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