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  2. What are you doing that your laptop will be out of your eyesight unattended? Common sense and keeping your laptop on your person at all times on campus will do you more good than a cheap piece of vinyl.
  3. LukeSavenije

    First Workstation Build

    what workloads? budget? does every second make a difference? have you thought about warranty support? and there's only 2 msi motherboards i'd trust with a 9900k... and i don't think you've selected that one
  4. mineblaster

    I got some RAM for my server... and then some...

    i might want 128gb of ddr3
  5. invrtdsmr

    RAM or SSD First?

    well, i guess ssd is the best choice thank you guys!
  6. handymanshandle

    How Fortnite's success lead to intense stress at Epic Games

    Where have I heard this story before? Oh yeah, Valve. Cry harder with that wad of cash, Epic.
  7. Dr. Historic Low

    NES unstable video

    What type of fun? Real fun or sarcastic fun? What's wrong with convenience and clean video?
  8. invrtdsmr

    RAM or SSD First?

    well, i guess ssd is the best choice thank you guys!
  9. Wh0_Am_1

    First Workstation Build

    First, what does your business need these workstations for? (the reason I ask is because the workload will greatly influence the part selection) Second what is the overall budget for the build?
  10. homeap5

    windows woes

    Can you describe it a little better? Is your laptop shutdown itself right after you turn it on and boot? Or it shutdown when it supposed to sleep?
  11. Coaxialgamer

    NES unstable video

    Where's the fun in that? I payed 30 euro for a bad experience. If i wanted convenience and clean video, I'd do that.
  12. LukeSavenije

    How Fortnite's success lead to intense stress at Epic Games

    i mean, i actually rather have a weapon disabled, and come back after a while, fixed and everything something epic didn't do for me
  13. mariushm

    Motherboard help

    type the actual maker and model if you want help. header is often called something with FP in name, from front panel it's almost always in the corner of board ... and should be legend / text nearby saying reset, hdd led, spk etc...
  14. mineblaster

    Is this server build possible?

    theres the evga srx for lga 2011 and asus boards for newer dual socket xeons but it looks like the fastest you go stock is 4GHz turbo and maybe the base colock overclocking gets you to 4.5 if you lucky i would look into 7980xe if or some other extreme edition for the clockspeed you need.
  15. Dr. Historic Low

    Performance issues with HDR

    Did you do a clean install using DDU, then install the newest driver? Or did you just update to the newest driver without using DDU? Storms last a random amount of time.
  16. Rueben1985

    can i use

    i was looking into using the mini pci-e slot for it but when i go looking for the (part) dock,cord and stuff i get lost as there are a few to chose from, any ideas as to which one i should be getting?
  17. emosun

    New builder who dis?

    they didn't tell me what color yet so I just started painting the house purple till they let me know
  18. Mick Naughty

    Dual 2080's or a single 2080ti

    Id go 2 cards myself. Never had issues until hardware limitations.Better performance, isn't close at all. But given how people don't like hearing they fans, one card would be better. And as a cpu wont handle a pair of cards. It would be a waste. If you have the budget for one great card and the system can handle that, go for it. But less isn't always more.
  19. Hi Everyone, Just looking for a second opinion on a build I am about to start. I was tasked with purchasing a new workstation for the business I work for. After pricing out some pre built I decided we would be much better to build it ourselves. I am fairly comfortable with the actual build process and am not worried about that aspect. I am just looking for a second opinion on hardware. So far I have: Cpu: i9 9900k Motherboard: MSI MPG Z390 Carbon Pro Ram: Corsair Vengance LPX 3000 4x8gb Cooler: Noctua D15 Case: be quiet! Silent base 601 PSU: Corsair HX850 platinum Video Card: PNY RTX4000 Fans: 3x Noctua A14 I chose this case because it will be used in a professional environment and I like the fact it is quite and doesn't have a window. Also I think it looks nice. The PC will be mainly used for editing 4k video in premiere pro and rendering medium sized assemblies in solidworks. Budget wise it is fairly open within reason and I am located in Ontario Canada. If anyone has suggestions I am open for suggestions Thanks Ryan
  20. LukeSavenije

    Best cooling for a Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550

    or a 212 black (rgb/normal), 33 esports, 34 esports, or many more but that isn't needed here
  21. most of game dev industry is like this, and its awful. i went into programming with the idea of making games, but fuck this tbh
  22. SzaboAttila

    Macbook pro

    MB pro mid 2014 vs 2017 which one is the best value? Does it worth the extra few hundred dollars to buy a newer mac?
  23. What can anyone else expect from a purely money-driven company? This game is made purely to be addictive and make money. It's not the games success, it's the executives.
  24. Sauron

    Favorite Linux Distro and Why?

    Arch Linux. Out of everything I've tried, it's the distro that most consistently stays out of my way and just does what I want. Gentoo has many of the same pros but I don't really have a reason to compile every package and my hardware (specifically my laptop) isn't fast enough to make the compilation times negligible; besides, if I really want to build something with my own flags I can do it through the AUR. What software do you use? 'cause if it's any sort of python you should get on the venv gravy train! pythonX.Y -m venv ./ source venv/bin/activate to work exactly with the python version you want (X.Y) and the specific pip packages you want, regardless of distro -edit- relevant
  25. Coaxialgamer

    NES unstable video

    It is a French NES: fortunately it uses the same connector as the SNES, so i got a spare cable recently. I'll try the contact cleaner, however it's likely that I'll need to remove the entire AV/power unit and shield and check if the actual circuitry looks good (bad caps are a thing after all). Worse case I'll just buy a new connector and solder it . Shouldn't be too difficult (but it will be a pain). Thanks for the suggestion though
  26. meanwhile in 1999 a game studio released it's first and only patch for a 2 year old game that is an optional download as the game mostly works fine without it
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