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  2. chckovsky

    I can hear my rad fans at 400rpm :(

    You could play with the configuration (push or pull). I doubt buying quieter fans would make much of a difference, the variable here is likely 100% the radiator.
  3. shazammm

    NEW PSU Tier List

    what do you think it lacks to be a tier A psu?
  4. Winchill

    LG 34UM68 - Refresh rate overclocking 'Out of Range'

    Any luck with this? @MayorPotatoSalad ... I want to get rid of the overlay as well because my 34UC88 appears to have a stable 90hz overclock.
  5. LoGiCalDrm

    Windows 2000 Installer doesn't recognize USB mouse/keyboard

    Do you know if those ports work in any newer OS installer? Or at all?
  6. Enderman

    CNC Machine for Custom Reservoir

    A cheap one is in the tens of thousands, the ones professionals use are hundreds of thousands.
  7. Humbug

    Are these temp good?

    Those component temps are fine. But check how they are under load.
  8. Enderman

    Help with Audio Interface/Amp-Dac etc

    The scarlett solo already has a headphone output, you don't need another dac+amp.
  9. NunoLava1998

    SSD Suggestions

    I upgraded from that exact SSD (although 240gb not 480gb) to a very good NVMe and I don't notice a difference. Launching programs are slightly faster but you have to notice it on purpose
  10. chckovsky

    1080 ti under performing

    My first guess would the locked i7 not delivering enough single thread oomph. Spotty is asking the right questions.
  11. ElecTroN9

    Boot issue

    I don't know if it's the right section or not. But if it's not I do apologize. So here is the thing, I recently bought a PC and I got these specs: i5 9600K 3.70GHzNvidia Geforce RTX 2070 WINDFORCEHyperX Fury 8x2 3200 MHzASUS PRIME Z390-PARCTIC PENTA TR 33COOLERMASTER 700W250 GB Samsung SSD2TB Seagate HDD And whenever I wake up and turn on my PC my PC will turn on, the lights will turn on, and the fans will turn on for roughly two seconds, and then the pc turns off for roughly a second or two and then turns back on and proceeds as nothing happened. I do not know if it's an issue I should worry about. Please help me out, thanks!
  12. LukeSavenije

    SSD Suggestions

    hm... not bad for such a ssd
  13. ki8aras

    Are these temp good?

    oh hell naw
  14. Enderman

    I can hear my rad fans at 400rpm :(

    There are quieter fans from noctua, bequiet, noiseblocker.
  15. NunoLava1998

    SSD Suggestions

    It does have DRAM cache. 32MB apparently
  16. VegetableStu

    Thunderbolt 3 and external gpu

    you might need to design the device from the ground-up to present itself to the host PC as two thunderbolt devices and any PCIe devices downstream as a x8 host plus extra drivers for the PC to understand what's going on with those two thunderbolt connections in which at this point you'd better be paid for that R&D TL;DR: not readily, not realistically
  17. LukeSavenije

    SSD Suggestions

    it's a dram? i thought it was a slc?
  18. Spotty

    1080 ti under performing

    What games? What FPS are you getting? CPU & GPU temps? Monitor plugged in to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
  19. LukeSavenije

    NEW PSU Tier List

    i do, even the 550 it's a little loud, whines because i put a 1070 ti on it, but does it's job
  20. When i was still air cooling i had three Corsair ML120s as case fans and couldn't hear a think at 600rpm so when i decided to build a custom loop i bought three more. Even at 400rpm i can now hear them and i can only assume it's because of the air travelling through the radiators. Is this normal or have i simply bought the wrong fans and/or radiators? I'm starting to regret moving to custom water, i feel like i've made one mistake after another.
  21. LoGiCalDrm

    ebook converter

    Reading up, thats pretty tight drm. And going around any DRM is considered piracy here, so we really can't help you more. Calibre works with Adobe Digital Commons and Google Books. But thats about all I can say. You can google details about how to get it running. From what I read, most VBK users either print from that service or screenshot. Neither is good, but thats about all I could find with quick look.
  22. Abzilla

    1080 ti under performing

    Hi, this is post is here because it’s a bit of all components. So I have a GTX 1080Ti Asus ROG strix OC (really high end 1080ti) with a i7 4790 not overclockable, 16gb of ddr3 1600mhz ram and my games are struggling to play high settings at 1080p which is really frustrating as I paid around 1k for my gpu during the bitcoin craze last year. I am thinking about upgrading my motherboard, ram and cpu to something quicker like a i7 9700k and some new gskill rgb ram. Do you think this will solve my problems?
  23. GoldenLag

    Will This work out?

    Yes i oreffer not wrecking the system tl fit a GPU. Abd knowibg i havent recommended a horrid userexperience to a person on a strict budget. I can agree with min-maxing. But not with system that have bad components and create a bad userexperience
  24. Acedia

    WiFi repeater

    Somebody Herr claimes the raspi can be both Client and AP at the same time https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=138730
  25. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    @MNet so i'm still wandering around the internet just to find out which RTX 2080 laptop is actually the coolest. We figured out that the zephyrus is one of the coolest, but is it actually THE coolest? I rely on tour knowledge
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