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  2. Trik'Stari

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    A fair point. I'd still trust my government FAR more than the Chinese government, or any communist government for that matter.
  3. That's NOT normal at all ! I have 743 MS (not ping but framerate) on CSGO, and EVERY single games !!!! What I have try 1- Change my GPU, gtx 1060 to a 1070ti. Stutter is still there. 2- Change ram to a Corsair vengeance 16 GB same problem. 3- Update my bios, same problem. 4- Turn off v-sync, try fast sync, the same problem. 5- Install games on my HDD, same problem + SSD same. 6- Disable HPET (on windows), Global C-States Control disabled same problem. 7- ram speed 2133 to 2666 same problem. 8- default setting on the BIOS same problem. 9- Buy a brand new SSD same problem. 10- try Intelligent standby list cleaner ISLC and ram MAP same problem. 11- Check the temp of my CPU and GPU, everything is fine '60'C CPU, GPU 55'C (in gaming). 14- update my bios to the last version, same problem. I reset windows 10 times (for real) since July 2018 that's NOT normal at all to try to fix this problem, and yes my drivers is up to date. And finally, I buy another motherboard, and the problem is still there. No joke, I prefer to have 30 fps constant that stutter. What I have NOT change. 1- CPU 2- PSU. 3- Monitor 4- Keyboard 5- Headset (of course)
  4. lee32uk

    new build any useful suggestions?

    The Gigabyte Z390 UD is a better board for less money. The D15 is the same price and already has two fans. An NVMe SSD won't really make much difference for gaming/web browsing. You probably don't need 32GB Ram either unless you are doing editing. A 550W/650W is more than enough for that setup. A Corsair RMx should be cheaper. You probably don't need all those extra fans, plus 80mm ones are pretty useless imo. Stick with 120mm/140mm. A 32" 1080p screen might not look that good. I would stick with 24" or go to 1440p for 27"+.
  5. truckerlenny


    yes the brown and beige
  6. wasab

    What Os should I use ?

    A windows 7 machine needing a windows 10 also means a license fee. $100 for a Windows 10 on a first gen Intel atom netbook that probabaly itself costs just $100 back in the days is a very little price to pay? I doubt the system is even usable. Don't jest.
  7. How to get into an elite undergraduate institution, law school or MBA program 1. Have "good enough" raw stats (GPA, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.) 2. Have extracurriculars related to either being a "victim" OR an advocate for "victims" 3. ???? 4. Profit. It's literally a formula for filtering out "icky" people who hold different values (basically whatever was trendy among the elites 30 years ago). Of the people I've met at game companies in strategic roles - 3 from UChicago Booth, 2 from Yale SOM, 1 from Northwestern-Kellogg, 1 who hustled during undergrad to get into Microsoft and then bounced to Activision/Riot/EA There are a LOT of activist types who are being elevated to roles of influence. At some companies, like Google, you actually have "diversity, inclusion and equity" as a criteria for your performance evaluation. If you think the wrong way, you won't get promoted because you "aren't inclusive enough" or have a different opinion on what constitutes fairness (e.g. thinking that the immigrant from China or India faces higher struggles than the URM from the US).
  8. No two and a half quart puddle of sadness on the ground so looks like we're good to go!
  9. The same way the US has never toppled governments, invaded other countries for resources under the guise of "peace" and spied on other countries citizens. Right?
  10. Firewrath9


    wait, the noctua brown and beige? lmao
  11. Pro4TLZZ

    8700k high temps

    Will the dark rock 4 fit Corsair vengeance rgb pro ram? I can't seem to find the specs on Corsair's website
  12. Mira Yurizaki

    How practical is 1 CPU 2 Gamers?

    The only reason I can think of when it should be seriously considered is if for some reason you cannot get two separate sets of motherboards, CPU, and RAM, but have two sets of hardware for everything else.
  13. SpookyCitrus

    new build any useful suggestions?

    I know you said you're already set on the parts but that i7 would be overkill for your uses, I'd say go for a 9600k it would be perfect for your needs and is better paired with the 1660ti as the 9700k would be a slight bottleneck, also unless you're doing some serious 3D modeling or video editing then 32GB of ram is also pretty overkill 16GB is all you'll need. You said before moneys not really a problem so if you are set on the 9700k I'd recommend a 2070 over the 1660ti. And as for the cooling I think it will be fine.
  14. truckerlenny


    i like the color of the noctua fans lol im paying for the looks.
  15. MorbidNature

    Macro Keyboard - Same Keys?

    So I've recently bought 2 wireless numpads to work as wireless macropads. First works great, but the second one has a little "bug" to it. (bought 2 different types for different uses) The 3 of the top row keys which are the " ( " key, the " ) " key, and the $ key all conflict with each other which i try to reassign them in HIDmacro as if they were the same key - but in normal use, they work just fine. There is a "Del" key also in that row that works perfectly fine when reassign. I'm assuming it something is the hardware they remapped something or other. Question is it something i can get around or just leave those 3 keys alone (the rest of the numpad works fine)
  16. Trik'Stari

    Intel, Qualcomm and other chipmakers cut off Huawei supplies

    While I do agree, you saying I am foaming at the mouth would fall under that manner of argument. I still think you are absurdly wrong about how the US has changed. We were a vastly different society with vastly different beliefs and vastly different ideals and goals in the 1800's. Some of them, I think we should go back to. We should be focusing more on ourselves and less on the rest of the world. More on self reliance and less on global trade. Maybe trade with Central and South America at most. I'm certain those nations would JUMP at the chance to replace China in terms of taking over manufacturing for us. Although I could also say "why not bring manufacturing back to the US?".
  17. Firewrath9


    please capitilize your I's, it helps alot with reading. You could save some money with non-noctua fans, perhaps be quiet Pure Wings 2.
  18. NumLock21

    Videocard revs up and then cuts display mid game

    How long did you own the card? Less than 30 days go directly to newegg and ask for a replacement.
  19. hello, I want to know if this is normal for 144hz monitor? I put it on 120hz because it felt weird sometimes and now it happens much less but still today i felt super weird and i took some pics. the monitor is AOC G2590FX its connected with dp cable
  20. xg32

    AMD Software killed my GPU

    it's not just AMD GPUs, i've had both amd and nvidia gpus flame out on me, consumer electronics quality control is just crap, make sure you have warranty. RTX space invaders and Gigabyte vega 56 are both recent examples.
  21. wasab

    What should I name my PC

    Name it pikachu
  22. Dan Castellaneta

    Any suggestions on Old(er) games to play? On Steam.

    There's a PC version that was released. If you've got no issues with getting a copy off of eBay, then that'd be a great way to play it. Although, assuming the thread's context, that probably isn't what you wanna do.
  23. Firewrath9


    welp, then Maximus XI Apex/Extreme is the only good Z390 ASUS, but if its stock speeds, it should be ok. (the Z390 TUF)
  24. porina

    BOINC Pentathlon 2019

    https://boincstats.com/en/stats/-1/user/list/0/100/94311853 If this is the right place, you're position 112, I'm a bit below at 123.
  25. I live in South Texas and I want a desktop.
  26. TheJanitor55

    Videocard revs up and then cuts display mid game

    I'm new to computer anything, do I go through Newegg for that or straight to Asus?
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