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  2. jstudrawa

    New pc having fps problems

    Explain to me what you're seeing, because I see him get 118 FPS on LOW, then 75 FPS on high. You said you're getting 65-78 on high. Seems in line to me?
  3. Yeah i have only 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers, very odd seeing 4 ohm, although dayton make some floor standers and bookshelfs which are 4 ohm.
  4. I really want to know what headlights and front bumper this is, they look amazing together.
  5. Constantin


    From what i have seen till now with those AMD CPU's, 3200Mhz is the sweet spot
  6. Stefan Payne

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    Probably not. Either it works or switches off. Since be quiet is pretty good in the protection department its not very likely... Though it might be possible, if you run the Card with -50% Powertarget.
  7. Such cameras typically have a fixed bitrate or an average bitrate that's relatively fixed... For example, let's say camera records at 40mbps ... that means camera uses 40 megabits / 8 megabits in 1 MB = 5 MB per second for the video part. Add around 200 KB per second for audio and other crap, and for safety round that up to 0.5 MB and you have 5.5 MB/s or 5.5 x 60 seconds = 330 MB per minute or 330 x 100 = 33000 MB or /1024 = 32.2 GB for 100 minutes. ALTERNATIVELY, if you already have the video camera, just download a video from the camera, look at the time in the video then check file size ... divide file size by number of seconds and you get your MB/s and from there you can estimate 100 minutes.
  8. Choink

    New pc having fps problems

    heres one his ram is slightly better... would this be a problem I only have 13.4gb of usable ram out of 16.
  9. Could get a decent stereo amp and bookshelf speakers, then logitech make a little bluetooth receiver.
  10. Yeah but this is a jaguar dealership not bmw lol
  11. _d0nut

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    Vega is super power hungry so 400W might be pushing it. PCPartpicker says v56 and 2600x alone takes about 320W(this is with TDP ratings, card may or may not pull more power than TDP) so there is very little headroom left. 1660Ti is better choice as it provides more headroom for power and is same performance
  12. Derkoli

    Starting Home Theater project

    You need just an avr, it has amplification built in. The sub has an amp built in so it only recieves signal from the avr via 1x rca
  13. Derkoli

    Best TV for my budget (1-3k)

    Yeah i only get burn in on my LG olded after leaving it for like an hour with a really bright image displayed
  14. > Awesome Hardware 185-B 31:58

    Paul: Try deleting your facebook, wait for your next birthday and see how many remembered

    Paul: I tested this recently: not many people remembered


    I did. Try ZERO, Paul. LOL

  15. jstudrawa

    New pc having fps problems

    Those frames seem pretty good on thos settings. Can you link the videos you're talking about, where people with similar gear are getting better frames in those games? Btw, your RAM is on the slow side for Ryzen. 3000 or 3200 would impact your performance a bit.
  16. Wonder if that amp actually has a decent output rectifier transformer unlike the other one monoprice sold..
  17. Fun fact, I’ve put almost exactly 25,000 miles in the Accord in the last 14 months since I’ve been logging mpg with Fuelly. That plus the couple thousand I put on the Tacoma before I sold it, and the couple thousand I’ve put in the Tundra means I’m still driving as much as ever.
  18. Turtle Rig

    Which GPU for my PSU?

    He will be fine with a 400w. if he chooses the 1660Ti. However if it was me I would drop a 500w PSU to give you some headroom in the future if you want to OC the CPU and the GPU. Or you buy a 3080 in the future then for sure go with a 500w so the PSU isn't huffing and puffing. Like fibberdipper said you will make it, but I personally like giving the PSU some headroom.
  19. Bugses

    Open-back wireless headphones/headset

    Yeah, Stax is ridiculously expensive. I still got my PC37X and I also forgot about a pair of AKG K702 I got laying around. Are the HD58x or HD6xx an upgrade over any of those two? Because I can use both, just not for longer periods of time. To be honest, I find the AKG more comfortable than the Sennheiser I got.
  20. Hi guys, I have had an issue for several months where my Mic and Speakers/headphones stutter/spit when I'm loading my CPU. I even today changed my audio interface to try and solve it in case it was hardware and it's actually worse. I currently have a Behringer UMC202HD, it's got the latest driver installed but I tried older ones as well with no luck. I've tried every USB port including my front panel and have messed with the buffer size etc. It has become slightly better after setting windows to prioritise my audio driver over other programs, but still creates an extremely annoying cracking and popping in my input/output. It can happen under any load from 50% to 100% in games for example, and audio will even stutter slightly when I open programs like chrome, in sync with the slight rise in CPU usage. Using Aida 64 I was able to determine it only actually happens when the cache is stressed, as oppose to the CPU itself, as when I took the cache out the test it stopped. If anyone has any idea how to solve this it would be much appreciated, as having crackly audio in games is horrible and my friends get pissed off at my mic crackling as well.
  21. MrFixitBlankFace

    Moderators on the forum

  22. MrFixitBlankFace

    Moderators on the forum

    So here we marvel over the mods. Worship the mods And fight for the power of the mods
  23. Quadriplegic

    Moving from NA to EU, question about power stuff

    Off-topic, but this is the happiest outlet I have ever seen
  24. _d0nut

    Overclocking 9900K?

    I'm pretty sure NHD15 and Dark Rock Pro 4 is somewhere around 240-280mm AIO performance, so a 360mm AIO should still slightly outperform them temps wise, but acoustics definitely goes to the air coolers
  25. ilkork92

    Laptop won't recognize new RAM.

    Update and SOLVED: Finally, today I got this 2x4GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10600 Kingston RAM and everything's fine, the system recognized both of the modules. I even ran a windows memory diagnostic, no errors there. The difference in speed probably played a part here (incompatible Mushkin ones were PC3-10666 and new Kingston ones are PC3-10600). The other is that the Kingston modules have 4 banks on each side (8 total on one dimm), whereas the Mushkin ones had 8 banks on each side (for a total of 16 on the dimm). Don't know if that made any difference or if it was just the PC3-10600. System properties, msinfo32, dxdiag and hwinfo images here.
  26. _d0nut

    Overclocking 9900K?

    Not in moderation. You can go for slight overclocks, instead of pushing it to the max OC possible. Basically in overclocking, more clock speed means more power required, so your goal is to get the highest possible clock(or an overclock you're happy with) and the lowest possible voltage to keep that clock stable(less voltage means less power draw and less heat output) -It's not hard but it's could take quite a long of time, since once you add a few mhz and volts then you have to stress test the cpu to make sure it's a stable overclock, which could take around 15-30 minutes. -Depends on what voltage you set the CPU to be. -For gaming I wouldn't bother with much of an OC since a 9900k at stock speeds already has a decently high boost clock, which should be enough for gaming -Yes -Don't know what you mean by overdraw power, your motherboard can provide a lot of power to the CPU since it's has high end power delivery and you have enough wattage in your power supply to do so. I wouldn't go ham on the voltage though, it could fry your CPU if set too high
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