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  2. But, Asus says it doesn't have to be water cooled!
  3. ive downloaded halo on my laptop from pirate bay and it won't scale to 16:9 aspect ratio... if i force it on the intel graphic setting, it just stretches the game. it's a 4:3 but stretched to a 16:9 aspect ratio... how do i fix this? it happens to all the games i've downloaded... like red alert... gta sa.. and even plants vs zombies..
  4. is this build finalized, like have you purchased any of the parts other then the case?
  5. and oh, okay my pc remains a brick. its the 2 month-aversary of bricking
  6. My motherboard's UEFI can set each of the 10 onboard SATA ports as hot swap. When configured that way, drives connected to those ports show up under the remove hardware menu (where you go to remove usb devices). I have almost all my SATA ports set for hot swap enabled, except for port 0 which has my primary boot drive.
  7. YES. It definitely includes the Crosschill EK III hybrid VRM waterblock.
  8. It has a built in waterblock for a VRM they should spend $10 more on so it doesnt suck as much Not sure why they decided not to use the waterblock by using an AIO for the CPU, but hey they also deemed $10 worth of controller and powerstages too much for a $300+ board so maybe a custom loop is worth too much effort on a PC they give away for marketing reasons.
  9. So, how do the vrm's stay cool if there isn't water flowing throw it?
  10. it comes with a vrm water block for only the vrms. nothing else
  11. If I understand correctly - this only happens when you turn on the PC. If you can get it to boot to Windows, does the CPU 'stop' being detected? I.e. how long can Windows run for without an error related to your motherboard/cpu problem? Are you getting the same issues with your old CPU?
  12. Does the Formula mobo have a built in water block or not. I have asked Asus on both Facebook and Twitter and I can not get a straight answer. The closest thing I have gotten was: Asus North America: "We include water cooling capability to the motherboard on our "formula" motherboards. You don't need to, just an added functionality if it fits well with your design." Either it has one or not. If it indeed has one.. Wouldn't it need to have water flowing though it so the VRM's won't overheat? If it doesn't have one, where do you get it (can't find it at EK) and what keeps the VRM's cool in the mean time? Asus recently gave a system away with a Formula included but, it didn't have lines hooked up for cooling. That is why I asked. This newbie is completely lost!
  13. Hahaha wow! Didn't know that! That might be the reason why it was cheaper than the others! Good idea! I'll see if I can make some time next week and try to install it on the NVMe (and check for drivers update). I'll keep you updated!
  14. memory usage is about 28% voltages are all on auto i haven't changed any of them
  15. As in an official psychiatrist/therapist-diagnosed case of depression or self-diagnosed depression? The former, I don't have anything to say. The latter, I suppose I did? I held deep-seated grudges and got violent/suicidal thoughts when things got mentally or emotionally stressful. It's good now, though. What worked in my case was looking up to an inspiring role model (my tutor), looking on the brighter side of things, listening to uplifting/inspiring music, and smiling. A smile and an open attitude goes a really long way.
  16. It might be a little difficult to clear the CMOS with a laptop - did you contact HP support? They might have encountered this issue before. Best to check this before starting - HP might use a standard BIOS for all its machines, and although you might see an option to enable virtualisation, your CPU may not support it.
  17. The Galaxy S4 failed to install LineageOS. The best i could do was Android 4.2 or 4.3. What a TOTAL waste of time. One thing that stood in the way was the partition, but the websites with partition files are sketchy as hell. I was just googling and found this https://www.androidauthority.com/lineage-os-devices-908496/ Looks like the Samsung S5 is the oldest supported. Some other candidates are the Google Pixel and the LG G2. That's about it for mainstream.
  18. is my machine good enough for running a VM? I am planning to run Ubuntu / arch just to do some experiment with DE/WM s etc.
  19. Cool stuff, especially the H100i! I've never tried liquid cooling, mostly because I'm unusually paranoid of the possibility of a leak. Whenever I try and experiment with liquid cooling, my brain gives me this equation: Good luck with your build.
  20. I'm no computer genius, but I'm fairly knowledgeable have fixed many of my own computer issues, as well as those of friends. I've built several and know my way around them well enough to be able to properly diagnose and fix problems. So of course the question to myself was, "Why not try to find old computers from those who pretty much do nothing with them, pay them x-amount (or pay them x-percentage of the profits to lower my risk) and flip them on Ebay?" But sourcing any has been WAY easier said than done. I called every single school in my area for example, including multiple universities. Either they don't have any on hand, have people who already handle this for them, don't pick up the phone, or completely ignore me and don't call back. My final option that I haven't tried yet is my local scrapyard which said they get a fair amount of computers coming in but their condition is all across the spectrum from trashed to like-new. The manager said he'd be fine with working something out for me. I'm maybe going to stop there on Saturday. The only thing that sucks about that is that there will probably be quite a mix of hardware. One thing that is going to be great is that in a school, a lot of the machines you're going to obtain from them will be similar or even the same, other hand maybe a few variations, so you could stick them into a single Ebay listing for example. Not really the case with a huge mix of different stuff. Still, it's one of my last options. I haven't called any of those other places in several months because I got so incredibly fed up with their antics (not the people who already have partners for this, but the ones who ignore you or never answer) that I gave up for the time being. Jesus, if I could somehow get a single medium to large business / institution to supply me, I'd be in REALLY good shape. Hell, I'd love to fix their computer issues as well if the pay is even a quarter decent. I think it comes down to this: I'm willing to hustle, but it's getting the opportunity that's been tough. For those of you who did this kind of thing, what tips you could give me on sourcing hardware or even repair jobs / clientele? Thanks!
  21. Underclocking? That's a new issue. I wonder if you should bump the base clock up to compensate (basically, a very slow overclocking.) However, this isn't something I'm experienced with, so you may want to wait for another forum user to weigh in. Good luck solving your GPU issue.
  22. I tried that too. Even launching the game in borderless window locks the mouse to the screen, but it isn't focused, so I have to alt tab and then it functions like a normal borderless window, but the cursor is still there. Even after a complete uninstall and reinstall it still doesn't go away. My last chance is to just try it on Win10 instead of Win7, but it's infuriating because it was working perfectly fine to start with.
  23. it does still waste power to have the cpu running at full blast all the time, something I would suggest though is using ryzen master to monitor clock speed in the division and try to tweak settings in that if it isn't giving you the correct clock speed.
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