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  2. SigmaDire

    Sell 8086k for 9700k?

    see if this will still honor this tbqfh https://techreport.com/news/33821/amd-offers-i7-8086k-winners-a-threadripper-1950x-trade-in
  3. RejZoR

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    I wonder how the new Core Isolation feature affects any of these exploits. It used to be unusable in 1809, but with 1903 I get same performance with or without it. But I have no clue if it gives particular benefits for any of the recently discovered stuff.
  4. I like how still no one knows what exactly Tati’s problem was lmao
  5. check temperature with HWinfo64, I reckon it's just thermal paste drying up, making things overheat
  6. I know keen Football Manager players who swear by UPS..
  7. Chunchunmaru_

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    Yup, same I usually try to force the upgrade by using the update assistant
  8. Hello! I would like to know your suggestions on the budget gaming PC I am planning to build. I am an online poker player and building this PC mainly for grinding poker, editing some videos, and running somewhat resource heavy heads up display program and SQL database. I would really like your opinions on the build and what more could be done in terms of price cut if anything's overkill or what could be added more to the build. Here is the list : Intel i5 9400f ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition 6GB GDDR5X 2 pcs. of Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000Mhz for Intel 7th, 8th Gen MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus LGA1151 (Intel 8th 9th Gen) M.2 USB 3.1 WD Blue SN500 500GB NVMe Internal SSD - Gen3 PCIe, M.2 2280 Corsair Carbide Series CC-9011050-WW Mid-Tower Steel Gaming Case Corsair VS550 550-Watt Power Supply Thanks.
  9. Ryujin2003

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    I caught that too. Either way, he/she/they/them is an asshole.
  10. RejZoR

    EE to launch UK's first 5G service in May

    And I'm here perfectly happy on 4G with 3000 minutes of calls, 3000 SMS and 25GB of data for 10€ at 50/10 Mbps or 11€ for 100/50 Mbps. I buy my own phones anyway in retail. Much rather pay for it once and be done with it than having constant relatively big monthly expenses on something... What exactly does one do on a phone to need 1Gbps or even to really utilize 150Mbps? Only thing I see is doing backup of images and 4K recordings. I don't understand why would anyone watch 4K video on a phone to require such bandwidth since screens are just too tiny for it anyway. Not to mention it gives jokingly low data plan of 10GB ?! It just makes no sense. With high speeds you need huge data plans for them to even make any kind of sense.
  11. bradwiggo

    Paint is getting an update!

    Which again is wrong, not all apps are laggy on my low end laptop. You keep repeating this and it will keep being wrong. Why would I care that my laptop is low end? Do you really think I would blame microsoft for the fact I only spent £200 on it? I'm not an idiot. You clearly didn't read my post that you quoted. I literally said "obviously there are non Microsoft apps that lag on low end hardware as well,". I'm clearly not trying to say it's only microsoft apps. You disproved your own point by quoting my comment. To clarify my position: There are many apps that are laggy on low end hardware In my experience, Microsoft apps are included in this (specifically microsoft Metro apps), however there are also non-Metro apps which are laggy There are quite a few apps that aren't laggy on low end hardware (although obviously if you try to run windows 10 on a PC from 20 years ago, everything would likely be quite laggy) This is all in my personal experience, but it seems there are other in this thread with the same experience too, so maybe it just varies user to user I have nothing personal against Microsoft, nor am I blaming them for my decision to buy a cheap laptop. By lag, I don;t just mean it performs actions a bit slower, I mean there is actually noticeable lag when you click something, and sometimes the programs will crash. Note: Apologies for the badly formatted quotes, I'm bad at formatting on this forum.
  12. LogicalDrm

    Will there ever be Tapatalk support?

    There's case to be made about people with shitty mobile connections, or connections at all. Those do still exist. But as mobile browsers have option to disable images, worth of any app just loading website is kinda close to zero.
  13. As far as I know all the Intel CPUs are affected... But reading about it more I'm not sure: In Table 2 it shows what processors they where able to get data from (AKA "mount"): Now, just because they couldn't mount the 9900K doesn't mean it hasn't got the same flaw as the others. Some more malicious might already have figured out the flaw. If I were you I would wait to see what AMD brings to the table with Zen 2 at Computex this weekend.
  14. _Hustler_One_

    Looking for a wireless mouse!

    @Hiya! G502 wireless vs G Pro wireless, which one do you think has a better value than the other?
  15. AluminiumTech

    Zero day exploit in windows 10 1903

    Wait. I'm very confused. Is the hacker a man or a woman? cos there's 2 references to being a woman but then 3 references to being a man in the quoted section of the source.
  16. Delicieuxz

    How to remove windows defender?

    You can permanently turn off Windows Defender in the Windows 10 settings, the group policy editor, and by using the registry. Here's a guide showing how: How to permanently disable Windows Defender Antivirus on Windows 10 If you have Windows 10 Pro, disable it in the group policy editor by doing the following: 1. open the group policy editor 2. navigate to: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus 3. double-click the policy titled "Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus policy" 4. set that policy to "Enabled" and then press OK to close that window You can re-enable Windows Defender later by just undoing that group policy change.
  17. Taf the Ghost

    YouTube Is Changing the Way It Displays Subscriber Counts

    There are some big niches on YouTube one really doesn't want to run across.
  18. Humbug

    Valve releases Steam Chat App

    Looks technically good but why not just roll this into the existing steam phone app? Seems dumb.
  19. I mean I sold the car months ago so yeah im fine lol
  20. Princess Luna

    1080ti (used) or new 2070?

    Forum'ing at late night Diz? You do know the 1080 Ti is on average 30% faster, sometimes significantly more up to 35%~ on DX11 and sometimes a bit less around 25%~ on the latest DX12/Vulkan titles and the 1080 Ti has 11GB of VRAM vs the 8GB on the 2070... GDDR5X vs GDDR6 here doesn't matter all that much as these cards aren't bandwidth limited at gaming for the most part. I'll blame it on sleepiness so you're forgiven
  21. Chevy_Monsenhor

    Best story game you've played?

    Yakuza Zero, just soooo good, i no joke nearly cried at the end.
  22. Kedohawyr

    What SSD would you guys recommend

    If you have the money you should get 500GB. Those and 1TB SSDs currently enjoy the best price to GB ratio, with a 250GB you're paying more for less. As for the drive it depends on price. I'd be looking at whichever is cheaper in your region (look for sales), a Crucial MX500 or a WD Blue 3D. You should also, if you have a compatible M.2 slot you don't mind filling, at this point consider a budget NVME drive. Their prices have really come down to the point that they are starting to compete with SATA SDDs. In particular I've recommend you check your local prices for the new WD SN500 Blue. It's slow for an NVME (about 1000MB/s real use) but unlike previous budget NVMEs it doesn't collapse under sustained reads/writes making it all around superior to any SATA SSD. More importantly I've been seeing it on sale for the same price as the Blue 3D making it a no brainer if you've got the slot for it.
  23. Why would Linus suggest someone to read a book while kayaking? Most of the time it's safe, but those things can tip easily making you lose your life or worst your phone. As for the laptop, why the hell would you put RGB in it? You're never going to see that on in a cop car having a miniature disco party in the cabin, that crap is going to be 100% off...
  24. NineEyeRon

    What SSD would you guys recommend

  25. This is commitment on Youtube's part. When you ignore all the really serious issues like trolling of channels on music rights and retarded appealing process for that and go for the most petty one no one gave any fucks except PewDiePiew's 9 year olds (and me) who found some fun in sub count wars with T-series which was funny. This one.
  26. seon123

    Enough or overkill ?

    There is no RM550i. The RMi starts at 650W.
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