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Retreat camera stuff

So I took my dads Panasonic GX85 out for 3 days in the middle of nowhere and learned alot. ISO I really am bad at guessing ISO range of the camera so some photos turned out with more grainy  camera gear is more tough than I thought It was rainy someday and I accidentally had a camera case in the rain with no camera just a lens with camera battery/charger.   yeah ISO 6400 is way to high for this. (Probably becausee I came


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Drop Carina 60% Build

Drop Carina 60% Build A Fun & Easy Build with RGB Flair!       Intro:   Right now this is a really popular market segment, 60% layouts are all the rage and the Carina seems to tick all the right boxes.       What’s the deal with 60% layouts? 60% layouts have risen in popularity mostly due to the growth in the custom keyboard space. They are a great choice as you can enter the world of customs for a fraction of the price compared to other la

sub68 AMA

So after a day here is some questions. @TheCoder2019 asks No, but I take the approach of Mr Rogers  Basically I respect your view and am normally ok to it. @Prodigy_Smit asks Proper German Sausage A remote controlled car it broke after my friend took it to a treadmill.   If you missed asking just comment below and I will answer


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Award Ceremony

Well here we are, at the end of our little five day sprint. It went by super fast and half the team ended up unavailable due to illness or work.  So massive, MASSIVE Thanks to @cbigfootWho honestly did 70% of the work on this one. Really, He carried the event this time around and deserves all the thanks we can give him.    I'm not going to talk too much hear as this is a low effort mini event but can we all just appreciate that somehow, Den-Fi managed to win again... no-one could have

Part 2: The Teardown

I used my iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and the official iFixit Teardown Guide to take apart the PS3.   I put a PET Recycling bag on the floor in my room to catch all of the dust and most importantly the disgusting brown smoking debris. I had the Window open all the time and wore Latex gloves in the whole process. I cleaned my iFixit tools afterwards with Alcohol screen wipes. It took me around 2 hours to take the Console completely apart as I had to take breaks to conduct the Guide and make


J. Herbin - Perle Noire* Lamy - Blue Lamy - Blue-Black Lamy - Black* Lamy - Turquoise Lamy - Green Parker Quink - Blue Parker Quink - Blue-Black Diamine - Oxford Blue Diamine - Aurora Borealis* Diamine - Meadow* Diamine - Amber Diamine - Oxblood Diamine - Imperial Purple* Pelikan 4001 - Brilliant Black Pelikan 4001 - Royal Blue   * Represents what I no longer own.


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Part 1: The Loot

So here we have: Playstation 3 Slim Model CECH-2504A, confirmed in working condition. Two Controllers, the Blue one has tape on it with the Black one being the more disgusting looking. I'll probably just end up buying a new one instead of trying to clean these if they turn out to be way too much of a pain. High Speed HDMI Cable USB 2.0 Type B charging Cable for the Controller(s) Special PS3 Connector to S-Video (or RCA) plugs Cable  48 Games with just o

Day Four

Den-Fi continues his reign of terror at the top of the table and GOTSpectrum is hanging onto 20 by the skin of their teeth. We could be seeing some movement on the ranks in the last 24 hours with chaozbandit, Meganter, Bhoriss, Spotty, crippledcortex, Giggity and Favebook among those who could be taking another rank or two in the closing hours of the event.    But I think for the most part the ranks we are seeing here are looking about set. But as you all know your rank is not overly r

Day Two

And here we are on day two of the event. Things are looking pretty solid with some decent numbers so far.   I'm not going to list ranks honestly as you can see for yourself, but can we all just appreciate the top ten ranks production levels for today.      https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jf2HE4c1I0sFvc6dQ3Lc4M2WERW6cD-_VlWP8lYSAUE/edit?usp=sharing

Day One

So here we are, the first day of results.    I'm not planning to write all that much for this small five day event but I just wanted to thank everyone who has come along. You are all awesome and should be proud of the time and dedication you put into the fold. I was planning to do this last night but I fell asleep at my desk. Which is why I'm awake at such an early time. Turns out the new meds really do make me drowsy(no alcohol required)!    Miker07 takes the lead with 36.1


Jinhao x450 - M* Jinhao x750 - M Jinhao 159 - M* Parker Vector - M Parker Jotter - M Parker IM - F Pilot Metropolitan - F* Hongdian Black Forest Classic - F* Hongdian 6013 - F* Lamy Al-star - M Lamy Aion - EF Lamy Joy - Stub 1.1* Jinhao 992 (Clear/White) - F* Jinhao 992 (Black) - F* Jinhao 992 (Green) - F Jinhao 992 (Blue) - F Jinhao 992 (Brown) - F Jinhao 992 (Orange) - F Faber Castell School - M  


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The magic school bus studio gear.

I just found this vid so here we go. mics: Nueman U87- well its the industry standered https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/U87SetZ--neumann-u-87-ai-set-large-diaphragm-condenser-microphone-nickel AKG C414- nice mic that some YT's uses *cough* pewdiepie https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/C414XLS--akg-c414-xls-large-diaphragm-condenser-microphone Cans: all AKG I see all only K240's   so that's it.


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Has JGSDF gone too far with recuiting

So I was looking though japans millatery stuff and there one of there helicopter's is literally a recruitment tool with a waifu pasted on the side(and someone in cosplay). The helicopter is a bell AH-1 ( US development for Vietnam(every country is phasing them out for the Apache even japan is manufacturing though fuji heavy)) The plot thickens the base where they have aircraft is JGSDF Camp Kisarazu There bells are named after the base and had a dedicated illustrator doing i


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So I have noticed/tried to find the different mics and headphones of THE FIRST TAKE so first pics than just dumps of mics and cans . So mic list Pentatonix is using I think are AKG P120 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/P120--akg-p120-large-diaphragm-condenser-microphone Little glee monster is using Sony C-800G https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/C800G--sony-c-800g-large-diaphragm-co


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audio company talk

he has good points one is beats just went downhill after apple bought them. basically same with AKG after samsung bought them. I feel like AKG is gonna go down hill sort of like they are hopefully going to keep there headphones but samsung has been doing horrible implementations but it could also be they haven't done this before  


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the mandlorian

I love the concept art at the end credit scenes. I think it would make good backgrounds so if any body has a way to get them let me know.  


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Sony MDR 7506 testing part 2

I discovered that my fiio a-1 amp makes the 7506 better in a way I can't describe. Even though they are easy to drive just a tiny bit cleaner amp helps. I also discovered that both my phone and sony MP3 player have messed up headphone jacks (This took me like three tries to write this because my computer crashed firefox that many times(I think it was that I need to close fourm and reopen it again)


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Testing mdr 7506

Since these are retro why not test them with a cassette player. So my technics m85 mk2 playing starwars episode 1 soundtrack. Duel of fates sounds good. I also got the reviews photos too.    


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