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Day Thirty Four - It's The Final Countdown!



Well, who would have thought it, only 24 hours are remaining, I don't foresee any crazy changes before the final bell but no matter what happens you should all be proud of what we have done together. An incredible amount of scientific work has been worked through and it is always good to remember why we are doing this. Thank you to every single person no matter how many points you have produced during the last month or so. 


Let's see how the team is looking overall, it's been an insane event on a calibre we have not seen before during Folding Month, over the last 24 hours the team managed to produce 2,119,843,990 points, for this last week of the event that number goes up to 12,863,997,363 points and for the event as a whole the team has produced 72,960,395,478 points. On the Work Unit front the team folded through 5,819 Work Units over the last 24 hours, that goes up to 34,536 Work Units and the event total so far is 194,432 Work Units. Over the event as a whole, we have had a stupidly massive 9,789 days of activity, not a metric I report often but I just thought it was worth looking at today. As for the daily breakdown, the top ten produced 41.99% of the total, the top 50 managed 71.92% and the top 100 took on 87.08% of the points for today. Those percentages as numbers are 890,214,948 for the top 10, 1,524,615,881 for the top 50 and 1,845,962,792 for the top 100. 


The top ten isn't really all that exciting today so we will do the usual zoom through them, Mxyzptlk has certainly got himself a crown, and although the event is not over it is just not possible for him to lose the throne. He takes the rank of first with 4,796,669,557 points. I don't think he will be breaking into five billion points before the end of the event but he sure as hell will be getting close. jakkuh_t may be outproducing the soon-to-be king but there is just not enough time left for him to take the throne. He takes the rank of second with 4,059,680,877 points. Shlouski is the last on the podium and like those ahead, he does not look like he will be failing to take home a medal before the end of the event, he takes the rank of third with 3,913,671,161 points. Justaphf is filling out number four on the table, taking the rank with 3,604,735,996 points he certainly has something to celebrate even if a medal is not on the cards for him for this event. miker07 is in fifth place and takes the rank with 3,556,653,593 points, following him by a great deal of distance is Alex Atkin UK who is in 6th place and takes his rank with 2,738,371,966 points. A few paces behind him is Gorgon who takes the rank of 7th with 2,373,687,065 points. _Rlocke is taking a nap today but even with that, he takes up the rank of 8th with 1,619,653,301 points. vsteel is taking up 9th place with 1,242,682,919 in the bank and finally, we have the honourable gatekeeper, firedfly is taking up the post today but he may lose out on a top ten rank by the time everything is said and done, right now he takes the rank with 1,148,598,346 points. 


Looking for some action we don't have to go far, with both Schnoz and Conman1700 gaining three ranks each to take over 32nd and 33rd, they take their ranks with 455,862,667 and 451,961,045 points respectively. IkeaGnome gained six ranks to take over 80th today, I see him climbing further over the last 24 hours of the event but for now, he takes that rank with 193,595,568 points. will0hlep has been mentioned a number of times during these blogs but he has yet again climbed a further five ranks to take over 90th with 172,589,009 points. sazrocks is really sprinting for these last couple of days of the event gaining another massive 14 ranks to take over 104th with 146,280,002, I truly believe they will be taking home a top 100 rank by the time the event closes. 




Please click on the link below to see the full list of ranks for the event.

For this event all of the ranks will be on one link, there will be individual sheets added for each day, you can navigate these at the bottom of the window. 


Folding Month VI Daily Stats


Please remember that this is a friendly event, but we are all folding away for Science, AND GLORY! 


I'm really impressed with the numbers we are seeing here, Thank you to all who are involved and who make this worthwhile every year.


Remember we are a team first and individuals second, so give thanks where thanks is due and hit that reaction button when someone helps you out.


Be wary of the minimum participation requirements of this event.


20 Days with activity*, 500,000 Points & 40 WU

(*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)



Happy folding,



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